Check out this video of diplomats of the EU (and a few others) laying flowers on the location where a Belarusian recently died:

This action is truly breathtaking in its hypocrisy and total delusion.


Well, for one thing, these guys don’t realize that their reputation has been roadkill ever since they “guaranteed” the deal between Ianukovich and the Urkonazis, a deal which, as we all know was broken the next day.  I would even argue that the moral authority of EU leaders has been exactly zero since they joined the AngloZionist in their war against the Serbian nation.  Oh, and did I mention that the Europeans are also the prime culprits for what happened in both the Ukraine and Libya?  Bottom line – unless your IQ floats somewhere in the low 70s, you know that the crocodile tears of EU politicians mean absolutely nothing.

But it gets “better”.

The guy who died did so while trying to toss some kind of home made bomb at law enforcement officers.  That makes him a terrorist, at least under US law.

Apparently, when a bad terrorists screws up and kills himself, that makes him a good terrorist.  At least in the eyes of the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire.

Can you imagine what would happen if, say, the Russian, Venezuelan, Iranian and Chinese diplomats came to every location where a wannabe cop-killer had been killed (by his own mistake or by cops) in the US or France?

It is also rather funny to see representatives of countries like the USA or France (which both brutally beat up and even kill demonstrators) giving lessons in “democracy” to a regime which killed far LESS people than in most “western democracies”.

Back to the real world now.

The reason why western diplomats engaged in this totally silly PR action is not the outcome of some kind of clever plan.  Not at all!  This is yet another case of “to a person with a hammer everything looks like a nail”: they engage in this behavior because that is all they are halfway good at.  Yanks and Israelis like to kill lots of civilians, Europeans love to virtue signal how “dignified” and “civilized” they are.  The fact that nobody takes them seriously anymore does not bother them one bit (they are mostly utterly unaware of this).

Truly – the Old World became the (cheap, or even unpaid) prostitute of the AngloZionist Empire.

How utterly disgusting.

Right now the Empire is basically reusing the “Ukrainian textbook” on Belarus.  All we miss is Nuland handing out bagels to rioters.

I can all repeat that left by itself Belarus will never be able to withstand the combined forces of the Empire, at least not in the long term.  A full return to Russia is the one and only possible option for Belarus to be free.

The Saker

UPDATE: I have just heard that all the Russians arrested by the Belarusian KGB have been returned to Russia.  This is very good and extremely important, as it shows that Lukashenko did not dare hand over a single man to the Ukronazi regime.  Excellent!

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