A day after I tried American food in the first time, I woke up covered in eczema, something I never had before. Thinking that I got infected with some horrible tropical disease during my flight, I went to see a doctor who explained to me that I had an allergic reaction to food and gave me some meds. The idea that one has to take meds to suppress immune system just to be able to eat poisonous food was bizarre to me. Any attempts to talk to other people about this were futile because they thought that it was weird that I found it bizarre.  For them it was “natural” to take meds just to have a slice of bread with butter and a chocolate candy. The majority of Americans have food allergies, they were saying. It’s not food allergy, I remember suggesting. It’s a reaction to poisonous substances in your food. Turned out I didn’t know what I was talking about because as they  informed me the American food was the best, cleanest and most healthiest in the world!

The first time in my life I encountered the Matrix, or the fog of false ideas and beliefs that the Western people, especially Americans mistake for the real world. In this case, they find it completely natural to eat toxic substances as food and to take medicine to keep their skin from falling off as the result of this toxicity.

I recall this every time I see statements about the American military being the best in the world.

These last two weeks we all got a thrilling opportunity to witness how the American political and military elites are literally undoing each other, and not in a good way. However, one thing  is to read about this on thesaker, and it’s a completely different story to hear the same statements coming from the horse’s mouth. The horse in this case is Rosa Brooks, a former senior advisor to Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy.  One of the Three Harpies who are about to conduct the next Hunger Games: “Hillary Clinton as President, Michele Flournoy as head of the Pentagon and – the most terrifying words in the English language — Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.”

Rosa Brooks just gave a birth to a book about the place of the US military in the country and in the world. The book is called  ‘ How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales From the Pentagon. It’s being  peddled by such neo-liberal war hawks like Lawfare Institute and Brookings.

The book is about, well…. everything, like ” security issues, piracy, military detention, strategic deafness about Africa, stability operations, drones, covert operations, cyber, nonlethal weapons, the militarization of foreign policy, and much more.”  

However, to us the most relevant is that Rosa Brooks outline in her book “the structure of national security decision-making on a day-to-day basis and the many offices of government and officials—far beyond simply the Department of Defense and a handful of intelligence agencies—involved in making them.”

That confirms my suspicions that the US military perform services for a multitude of the private institutions and persons, and that it,  in its essence, is the very large mercenary armed formation that doesn’t have a unified command. In the US the relations of its armed forces and its civil authorities are marred by mistrust and misunderstandings at the senior levels of government.

Just one episode: “an account of dealing with a civilian counterpart on the National Security Council, for example, who simply called up one day asking—telling—the Pentagon to shift a surveillance drone platform from whatever it was doing for Central Command, to monitor political events in Kyrgyzstan bears reading in full (pp. 307-311). The NSC staffer evidently thought calling for shifting a surveillance drone and its support was something akin to ordering up a Big Mac; moreover, he seemed not to understand that neither he nor Rosa had the authority to order Central Command to do this.

Her experience illustrates that there are civilian officials who should (and need to) know better—not only clueless as to how the military works but also having a skewed understanding of what “civil-military relations” really is supposed to mean. And that’s just within the national security community of the executive branch; the gaps in understanding and trust are often even larger when extended to the whole of government.”

After proving beyond the reasonable doubts that the US military serves many masters, and being run by the multitudes of the independent “command centers,” Rosa Brooks went on stating that  Americans view the military “as the only reasonably well-functioning public institution we have these days [and,] as a result, Americans increasingly treat the military as an all-purpose tool for fixing anything that happens to be broken.”

This book actually puts the end of our argument about the extension of the Presidential executive power. The US president doesn’t make any decisions and doesn’t have any executive power when it comes to the US military, contrary to the US Constitution. This makes the US armed forces unconstitutional armed formation.

Another Rose Brooks’ provision that of interest to everyone in the world is that the American society and military entered the state of perpetual war.

“How Everything Became War’s central premise here is that, historically, the human condition has typically been a binary state, that is, at either war or peace. This circumstance, she contends, is fundamentally different today because of the rise of potent non-state belligerents and technology-empowered terrorists. She makes the not-implausible argument that since today we live in a world that is not quite peace and not quite war, current law is inadequate, because it grounded in an unrealistic binary. She contends that today nations seek to implement mechanistically either the peacetime legal regime or the war convention, despite neither paradigm quite applying to contemporary reality. This leads her to advocate some sort of new, hybrid set of laws to address this blurriness. “

For this, of course, she blames Russia.


Completely in accord with the above-mentioned book, just was announced that a heavy-armored brigade combat team (ABCT) of the US Army will arrive in Europe at the start of 2017, part of a Pentagon military buildup ostensibly aimed to attack Russia at some point.

On October 4th, Brzezinski, who thought to be long dead and buried, came to life somewhat in a form of a tweet:

Zbigniew Brzezinski@zbig Oct 4

“In its waning months, Obama admin should privately reiterate to Russia that any Baltic incursion would mean war. Not a threat, simply fact.”

On his twitter profile Brzezinski is photographed gnawing on its own upper extremity. I guess that’s what the undead do for sustenance. That and drinking blood of the innocent.

We know this psy-op formula to always blame Russia in what the US plans to do itself. There were so many talks about the Russia “invading the Baltics” the three states that were formed on the historically Russian Baltic regions in the 90s. These countries have been de-populated after they became occupied by NATO, and economically dependent on vanishing Russian trade and the hangouts from the EU. Russia spends billions on building new ports and railroads to avoid the Baltics, especially when it comes to oil and gas transfer. In the next two years these “countries” will completely lose any revenues from Russia using their ports.   By 2020, the EU also plans to discontinue its hangouts.  Add to this the fact that the Baltic “states” are being run by the outright Nazis and NATO, and you get the picture of why they are chosen by the Washington and Pentagon’s next region of anti-Russian provocation.

I believe that this provocation will start with the groups of specially trained people to stage a civil unrest pretending to be the “Russian patriots.”

This Brzezinski’s  tweet and the large armed forces of the US military, NATO forces, forces of non-NATO members like Finland, all concentrating in this corner of the word tell us that something big is about to take place there, and while everyone is looking at Syria, we have to keep our watch on the Baltics.

Ukraine has been somewhat successful psy-op operation to initiate the armed conflict using military specialists acting as two groups fighting each other, but ending up killing volunteers and civilians. and claiming that it was an “invasion” of the Russian army.  There is no doubt that the American strategists will try to repeat this scenario. Of course, they should be aware that the Russian public analyzed and dissected every move, every day of the Ukrainian crisis and every person involved in it. The understanding how this American and European provocation worked is very high, so there will be no real volunteers. We expect some Russian citizens who work for the US government to get involved and to declare themselves to be “Russian patriots.”  We have seen several documentaries about these before the Parliamentary elections.

Also, the Russian national security services are very well aware of all this. Serious work is underway in Kaliningrad region and on the border areas to stop any unlawful human traffic across the border, especially in case of unrest in the Baltics.


This week Russia’s decision to create a no fly zone for the US military and it’s supra-national terror army has been met with wide support of the people around the world.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the decision to deploy S-300 anti-air missile system in Syria came after receiving leaked data on US intentions to bomb Syrian airbases. 

The Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in today’s interview,  “The S-300 appeared there [in Syria] after experts close to the American establishment had started leaking information…that the US could hit Syrian airfields with cruise missiles.”

Washington’s first reaction was to threaten Russia militarily and politically, accusing it in “war crimes.” However, the very next day the White House retracted all the statements of its officials.

Washington backed out on its threat of using force against Syrian government, and also Syrian and Russian military.

10/6/16: White House Press Briefing

Starting at 11:00 Josh Earnest explains that Washington will concentrate on political and diplomatic efforts to resolve the “Syrian crisis.” 

On Friday, October 7th, the US State Department spokesman John Kirby backpedaled John Kerry’s statement on launching an investigation into “war crimes of the Russian Federation.” “No, and the secretary did not allude to that today,” he told reporters when asked if Kerry was ready to say he believed Moscow to be guilty of war crimes.

Immediately following Kerry’s statement accusing Russia in war crimes, the Russia’s Foreign Ministry released a promise to cease any communications with the US Secretary of State.

Considering that Kerry has a couple of months left on his job, to end his political career by made incommunicado by the Super Power like Russia is a sign of his personal failure.

As an ambassador M K Bhadrakumar puts it,

“Kerry must be feeling frustrated that the Nobel went to the Columbian president! What a way to end a distinguished career in politics and diplomacy when there is no grand recognition for the good work done! Kerry leaves the stage of international diplomacy an embittered man.

Lavrov is unlikely to respond. What can he say, after all? Kerry overreached to reverse the tide of history and the result was fairly predictable. No matter his valiant attempts, he couldn’t erase the geopolitical reality that the US is a power in retreat. Not only in the Middle East, but also in Asia-Pacific.”

The collective “West” including the US, UK and EU members are throwing the threats of political, economic and military retaliation against Russia on everyday basis… only to take those statements back the next day.

 October 5th Germany announced to introduce more sanctions against Russia.

October 6th, all German fighter jets on Incirlik base lost screws and couldn’t fly.

October 7th, Germany announced that they never made any calls for more sanctions against Russia for Syria.

October 7th,  Russia announced that it “might” go back to have its strategic outposts in Cuba and Vietnam. BTW, not just considering.

On Friday October 7th, Russian mission to the United Nations has presented an alternative (to France) draft resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council.

Also on October 7th, Russia’s Defense Ministry had released a detailed step by step analysis of the Russian military actions in fulfillment of the Russia US agreement on Syria.   

This is fully expected to be ignored by Washington and Pentagon, but it’s out there for everyone  who is interested.

Since February 27, 2016, in order to reduce the level of violence, and cut the number of victims among civilians, a regime of cessation of hostilities has been established across Syria,” Antonov said

“The Russian Federation and the government of Syria have ensured imposition of the regime of cessation of hostilities in required terms. American partners have only managed to convince some formations of the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ to stop fire, whereas over 100 gangs continued active hostilities,” he said.

Antonov said that over the February 27 — September 1, 2016 period, a total of 2,031 violations of the regime of cessation of hostilities have been registered on the part of “moderate opposition” detachments, which has resulted in the death of 3,532 Syrian army soldiers and 12,800 civilians. A total of 8,949 servicemen and 25,642 civilians have been wounded.”

Washington has not ensured observation of the ceasefire regime by the opposition during a new truce effective from September 12 in line with Russian-US agreements.

We have once again ensured observation of the regime of cessation of hostilities by Syria’s government forces, and organized monitoring of implementation of agreements with the use of video cameras and drones in real time mode.

At the same time, he said, detachments of the “moderate opposition” violated the truce 302 times on September 12-19. “A total of 83 civilians died, another 252 people were wounded. Government troops lost 153 people,” he said.

The deputy minister said that despite constant violations, Russia twice extended the truce regime — by 48 and by 72 hours, as a result of which the overall duration of the truce totaled seven days.”

We all are well aware of the real reasons for the US hysterics. The American, Israeli, and Saudis mercenaries fighting in Syria.

The statement came in response to comments made by US State Department spokesperson John Kirby at a press briefing on Wednesday. Kirby said that if the war in Syria continues, “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down” as “extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities.”

Speaking on Thursday, Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said: “Once again we declare that we are fully prepared to continue the dialogue with the American side and carry on with the joint actions to combat terrorists in Syria.”

“However, even the slightest hints of a threat to our soldiers and Russian citizens must be excluded from this dialogue. The matter of safety of Russian citizens, wherever they may be, is not up for bargaining. It is our main and unconditional priority,” the spokesman stressed.

Washington, which supports the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria, has previously promised to separate rebels from the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization, but has not yet lived up to that obligation.

Regarding Kirby’s “threat of potential losses” to Russia in Syria, Konashenkov pointed out that Moscow is well aware of the whereabouts of American “experts involved in operational planning and supervision of the militants’ actions.”

That’s why we hear the squealing of the slaughtered pigs, because pigs are getting slaughtered over there, for real…

President Putin has given you enough leeway to get out and to save your faces, you refused and started promising us that you will attack Russian cities. Ladies from Pentagon and CIA have forgotten that Russia has been fighting jihadists on its territory since 90s, and won.  Russia has an anti terror army equipped like no one else. Your ISIS terrorists from Haifa, London, Brussels and Washington won’t have time to pack their bloody comrades into body bags and flee. This is our promise, ladies. Keep those adult diapers in hand.”  That’s my freelance interpretation of Russia’s Defense Ministry’s statement.   

The State Department especially confirmed that it was them who shoot down our fighter jet in Syria. We knew this, the Turkey side admitted that it was an American directed operation, their pilot is in jail now, but it’s still important to hear this admission from the American side.


They don’t have any more time and conditions to make all those videos with so called “ISIS threats to the world.” Now, Admiral John Kirby acts as the terrorists’ spoke person.  You know what he reminds me, every time I look at him? He looks like a wet mouse. You can tell that his clothes are drenched in cold sweat.

However, write the following into your personal copy of the Farmer’s Almanac: the louder screams and gnashing of teeth coming from the Anglo-Zionists, the closer we are to victory over them.


October 5th, will stay in history as the Putin’s Ultimatum to the US day.

October 8th, President Putin answered the question of why the US and the collective West want to destroy Russia. he said it’s because of their fear.

I would also add greed, as the other reason.

One of the zerohedge commentators had even more interesting thought: because the West enslaves people and don’t want people to know what the real freedom is. He wrote:

“I met a nice Russian project manager today (pretty too) – I asked her how many months paid maternity leave do women get in Russia – it’s 3 full years!!!

Compare to our slaves here in the USSA.

And it’s the government who pays it – not the company.

No wonder Uncle Satan wants to nuke them  – you should have seen the reaction when I told a group of about 50 American project managers about this maternity leave in Russia – they were very surprised and impressed.”

Meanwhile, pro US terror army sources keep furiously reporting on the Russian warships traversing the Bosporus back and forth, like Grisha class Corvette 617 “Mirazh” that passes the Bosporus on its way to Syria on October 7, 2016 in Istanbul.  According to them there are no other fleets in the world but Russian.

No media reports of  the Navy drill in Mediterranean involving fleets of eight European countries that has started on October 3rd. Armed forces of Sweden and Finland,  Italy, France, Turkey, NATO,

Participating units include the Italian Aircraft carrier ITS Cavour, FREMM frigate Carabiniere and Todaro-class submarine Pietro Venuti which was commissioned by the Italian Navy in July this year.

France deploys the lead ship of its Mistral-class landing helicopter docks LHD Mistral while the Netherlands is contributing with the landing platform dock HNLMS Rotterdam. Spain will be represented by the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship SPS Juan Carlos I and frigate SPS Numancia.

Turkey has its landing ship, tank Osmangazi and the United Kingdom, Belgium and Portugal participate with troops ashore.

Apart from EAI member nations units, NATO’s standing mine countermeasures group two (SNMCMG2) are also involved in the exercise.

About 4000 men and women engaged, 8 ships, 1 submarine, 9 aircraft AV8B Plus and 18 helicopters are “exercising” under the control of Italian Navy Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Donato Marzano while the Cagliari Naval Base will provide logistic support.

With all these maritime activities going around, the Western media absolutely ignored war losses that the US and its allies are having.

On October 1st, An American Navy HSV-2 Swift cargo vessel that was “rented” by Emirates for their war against Yemen that was hit by a C-802 missile, which is the export upgraded version of the Chinese anti-ship missile YJ-8 in the Bab al-Mandab strait off Yemen’s coast.

The UAE is a member of the coalition fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen

The single shot hit probability of the Yingji-82 is unknown, though one unreferenced source claims it to be as high as 98%. To achieve one shoot one kill that means that, the system was operated by very well trained crew. Was Chinese advisor there? We do not know for sure, beyond reasonable doubt.

Yemeni resistance forces destroy US HSV-2 Swift hybrid catamaran vessel with Noor missile

Images of the sunken ship

US dispatches warships after UAE vessel is hit by missiles off Yemen’s coast

Terrorists groups in Syria are receiving new shipments of Grad rocket launches and other lethal aid from the US


Russian media overview

Russian analysts and experts has been on the top of their game this week, releasing dozens of great and really good insightful articles.

In conclusion…

October 7th is President Putin’s birthday

It’s exceptional when one person is capable to bring hope and feeling of self-worth to so many people…


Thank you for your time,


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