These are uncharacteristically strong words form the Hezbollah leader and I wonder if that is not also a way of preparing the Middle-East for a US attack on Iran.

In the meantime, one of the most pathetic US puppets in Lebanon, Amin Gemayel, actually took the risk of condemning Hassan Nasrallah and, once again, that just makes me marvel at systematic way the Lebanese Phalangists always end up on the wrong side of both morality and history.

In the meanwhile, the USN has moved three aircraft carriers into the proximity of the Strait of Hormuz for huge naval maneuvers with the participation of 25 nations.  

The Iranians are also rehearsing for a US strike on Iran.

As for the Israelis, they are still stirring up the anti-Iranian hysteria.

Is there still anybody out there doubting that this is all a lead up to a US attack on Iran?

The Saker

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