Dear friends,

Today I am posting the “Fall 2016 State of the Saker Community” report and fund drive to inform you and to encourage you to support my work.  To say that I need your support is an understatement so, please, help me to continue providing you this unique space of information and discussion.

First, the good news:

The main news to report today is that the blog is doing very well and has been doing so for a long while already.  While current events do impact how many people visit the blog on a daily basis, the overall figures are excellent and stable. See for yourself on the following graphs created by my webmaster on the basis of our logs:


Raw numbers, however, even when they are good, do not tell the full story.  One special source of joy for me is the high quality of the discussions taking place in the comments section.   Nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but I have to say that I am extremely grateful to the moderators who have succeeded in preventing trolls, provocateurs and even plainly stupid people from hijacking the comments section.  As a rule, discussions here are interesting and most informative.  My special thanks to all those who regularly contribute to the high quality of this blog!

Finally, I am also happy to report that articles from the Saker blog are regularly featured in other publications and even in various books, recently in the USA (Orlando False Flag) and in Sweden (Tankar Om det Otänkbara).

Bottom line: we are most definitely making a difference.

Next, I am working on a very ambitious project to expand the blog into a new section dealing with the history of the Orthodox people and their relations with other faiths.  The main goal of this section will be to present the historical truth about crucial events in the history of the Orthodox people and to provide key historical documents on this topic to the English speaking public.  This is a long term project which will require a new technical solution to incorporate it into the current blog.  The good news is that I have the agreement and support of all the individuals needed for this endeavor.

One more thing.  I am extremely happy with the very high quality of the contributions which guest speakers make to this blog.  I don’t just mean Pepe Escobar, who is a star in his own right, but also the other regular contributors here who are true experts in their field.  I get so many submissions that I have had to make a special “submission guidelines” page which I invite you to check out here:

Now, the not so good news:

First not so great news – the Romanian Saker blog project is a complete faceplant.  The person who wanted to start it simply disappeared.  Not a big deal, but a disappointing nonetheless.  Oh well, that kind of stuff comes with the territory I suppose…

Now the really bad news: donations are down.  Like really, really down.  Badly.

Except to a rather small faithful core of vital contributors without whom I could never maintain this blog (thanks guys!!), the vast majority of the readers do not, alas, appreciate the time and effort put into this blog.  Neither do they seem to realize that I do not use a pay-wall, harass readers with obnoxious pop-ups, populate the front page with paid advertisements or threaten everybody with apocalyptic warnings that I am about to close the blog down due to a lack of support :-)

To those of you who might think otherwise, let me clarify this: I am not, to my great regret, a “paid Putin agent” (even though I am often accused of being one).  In fact, I get no money from Russia at all (although recently I did get one donation, but that was the exception).   So those who think that the Kremlin, Gazprom or Rosoboronexport support my work are quite mistaken: over 90% of my donations come from the USA and the remaining 10% from all over the world (and, no, if you wonder, nothing from Iran, Syria or Lebanon either).  When I think that just one average “korporativ” (corporate party) of an average Russian corporation could pay for several years of my work on this blog I get very, very depressed.


We all sometimes need help!

As I have said in the past, there is a world war already taking place between the Empire and Russia and it is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military.  I fight in the informational part, but for that I vitally need ammunitions in the form of your financial support.  So here is the deal: send me the ammo, and I will fight.  But please do send me the ammo.  If you don’t, you limit my ability to fight (yeah, I will still fight, even without ammo).

Let me give you a practical example:

Right now my “travel budget” is exactly zero.  This year I had to turn down several invitations to participate in various conferences and, even more frustratingly, to meet some rather important people.  In one case, I was literally “rescued” by one very generous member of our community who paid for my travel costs to meet with a person I will co-author a book next year (sorry, no names at this point).  But that was the exception.  For the rest, my travel budget is still zero and it is hard for me to convey how frustrating that kind of “lack of ammo” issue can be (especially when I think of the Empire, Soros & Co. financing their “info-soldiers” with millions of dollars).

So, friend, please, pitch in, take that worry away from me, make me a birthday present (Nov 20) or invest in the future of our planet – whatever your motivation – and send me a tangible sign of your support for my blog.  I can do a lot by myself, but for this I really need your help (there are plenty of options including wires, checks, Amazon gif cards, Bitcoin, cash in snail mail and PayPal)

Thank you!

The Saker

PS: Should God ever send me just one philanthropist/benefactor who would pay me a modest but decent salary to work on this blog I promise not to ever post another appeal for donations.

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