Dear friends,

Never has it been more important to continue the fight to stop the Empire’s war as it is now rampant and pervasive. Good people need to join and fight this battle, and the good news is that we are most definitely making a difference.

I now appeal for your support in the form of donations.

Regular readers know how difficult it is for me to even ask for money, yet, the time has come that I have to approach our readers to support The Saker financially to help continue to make a difference and to:

We were fortunate in that we did not need to do a summer appeal for funding and our last appeal was in March 2018.

We are totally in the hands of our readers as The Saker is fully reader funded.

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This is what makes The Saker different.  In a time where we see either/or analysis, Putin-worshippers and Putin-bashers, or Russia-worshippers and Russia-bashers the Saker blog offer a critical but still fundamentally pro-Russian outlook and analysis.  This is quite unique, really.  The idea is not to make the ideologues hate us for it, or to make one or the other side happy, but to help our readers understand all the complexities of Russia and her situation in the struggle against the AngloZionist Empire.  The same goes for Novorussia/DNR/LNR: we fully support their struggle, but we do so critically and we are not afraid to draw attention to real problems when they appear.   Likewise, we are extremely critical of Orthodox “Judaism”, Zionism and Israel, but we absolutely refuse to join into the sophomoric Jew-hating fest seen on some pro-Russian websites.  Keep it simple, stupid, is not what we do at The Saker because we do not shy away from complexity and nuance

The Saker is about the only one that follows a policy as follows:

  • We never use advertisements, no annoying pop-ups, there is no paywall and most important, we are truly independent: we do not accept funds from anyone that has an agenda to steer The Saker into an ideology.
  • There is no news aggregation at The Saker (except in the minor “watch list” category), so, the blog is unique. We present to you, the readers/analysts/students/watchers of geo-politics, original work specifically written for the Saker blog. Cross-posting is done rarely and then only by special agreement with, and with permission of, giants in the field such as Pepe Escobar.
  • We post articles from expert guest authors, not just the same repetitive 1 or 2 full-time in-house resident pseudo-experts. This improves the quality of information at The Saker immensely.
  • Our guest authors have very different (often categorically opposed) views and beliefs and the Saker blog does not follow one single political/ideological line, unlike many. Here on the Saker blog, you see every possible view.
  • The Saker writes at least one full length weekly analysis, or an in-depth interview with voices that need to be heard and want to hear about the real state of the Empire’s war.
  • When events demand, the Saker does time critical updates. Most recently we had the missile strikes on Syria earlier in the year and now we have the Israeli ‘mistake or extreme miscalculation‘ and we have been covering that, but not presenting woolly theories that do not match the reality on the ground (or in the air).
  • The Saker Blog has been tremendously enhanced by exclusive translations of the very best Russian analysts (like Ruslan Ostashko or Rostislav Ishchenko). This is by agreement with the translators, the original work is offered, and we do not just take these off the Internet.
  • We encourage serious discourse and for this reason the comment section is carefully moderated and trolls and other discussion hijackers are mercilessly sent to trash.
  • Finally, we have no powerful backers and no accounts to give to anybody and we therefore don’t have to seek popularity or cater to any one political line: we call things as we see them.

Regarding blog: The broader Saker Community is still growing. In this year we’ve added the video translation section, and the community co-operative (standing on its own feet) is available for book sales, publishing or editing services and we are able to avoid resellers like Amazon completely, when necessary. This small community site now offers to our authors translations from French, Italian and Spanish as well.

My congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the commentators that keep the level of discussion professional, heartfelt and always very interesting. My appreciation and thanks to the moderators for the frequently underappreciated task that they do, even sometimes under stress.

I now need “ammo” for my battles in the form of donations to continue. If you are able to give a donation, your generosity is deeply appreciated, but if you are not able to donate, a prayer from your heart for me is the most valuable gift that you can give.

The Saker

PS: a good friend just suggested that I re-post this video.  Yes, good idea.  So here is another way of making my case to you:

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