by Vaughan Famularo for the Saker blog

Recently, Australia held a plebiscite for the legalisation of Gay Marriage which passed in the affirmative by a reasonable majority of the population.   This article is not intended to debate the pro’s or cons of the gay marriage debate but rather, a new phenomenon we witnessed during the debate, where many large Corporations took a very public and vocal stand, supporting the Yes campaign.

Depending on your stance during the debate, you may have applauded their vocal support however, since when have Corporations taken a moral or political stance over a profitable one?  Have we entered into a period of history where Corporations now see themselves as so powerful and integral to our needs that, they assume an authority to direct us on political or moral issues?   Corporations exist in this world to make money and, to make as much of it as they possibly can. Societies have never relied on Corporations for guidance on any issue.

In fact, we have numerous Government Bodies created to ensure that Corporations obey accepted government guidelines and regulations because as we all know, Corporations cannot be trusted to choose what is right over what is profitable.   We may well remember where this started but I wonder if anyone has envisaged, where it may end?

This is very Orwellian.

Corruption and Bribery

If giant Corporations see themselves as a bastion of wisdom and as a shining light for society, we’re heading into very dangerous waters. Especially, when the only defence we have against these growing monsters are our Governments and the regulations they create for public safety.   We’ve watched consecutive western Government’s, (from numerous nations) generally be leaderless, directionless and, who consistently make integral decisions contrary to the will of the majority of the people.   Governments seem easily swayed by unseen lobbyists who, are nearly always funded by big money.

As Corporations become increasingly powerful globally, it goes without saying that their influence and power increases across borders. Democracy may offer the individual a vote to elect their Government but, a hidden Corporate Oligarchy heavily influences the policies of whoever wins.   We’re used to seeing retired politicians pop-up as an appointment to Corporate Boards and Semi Private Authority’s that are nothing less than, big pay days for a job well done while they were in office.

This is corruption western style. Played out in the open, in front of camera’s with shaking hands and smiling faces, everyone dressed in suits.  It’s not hard to see where real political power lies.

The real danger is what lies ahead. If Governments stop being impartial in drawing up their legislation and secretly combine with Corporations with profit as their only or major goal, God help the people!

Because people will soon become the unwitting Guinea Pigs in a new Orwellian social experiment where, they will not know the dangers or even the game they’re playing, until it’s too late.  Historically, Corporations have never wielded such unbridled power.

The Clinton Presidency changed significant legislation in the US allowing the amalgamation of huge corporate takeovers. That created a market dominance for these Corporations who then had fewer competitors, and watched profits and bonuses grow like they never before imagined.

Just look what’s become of what was once referred to as, The Media. The MSM is now beholden to only six Corporations.   Look at what they now produce. They have raped truth, and when certain facts emerge that don’t suit their proscribed narrative, they simply refuse to report it.

All the signs are now clear that these conglomerates are desperately trying to control how and, what we think.

Information Gathering Works Both Ways

As technology has weaved its way into our lives, it’s given us options on information gathering that we could only dream about 20 years ago. So presently, we have healthy options for our News gathering. We’re not yet totally corralled by the MSM because, we have the Internet to search for differing opinions.

But because of that very clear freedom we enjoy, there’s a huge push to ‘control’ the Internet by abolishing the ‘Net Neutrality Act’. The so called impetus behind this act is to stop Fake News, (most of which coincidently, spews from the Corporate News companies but of course, that’s never mentioned).

As of last night, the Net Neutrality Act was abolished. Who do you think will control the Internet? Well, the biggest Corporations will turn the Internet into a pay to play version of what we now experience. Generating huge profits while controlling what we read, hear and see. A kind of Pay Television model.   The control of your mind is big business because the profits generated will be calculable, complete and your information, will be totally controlled.

“He who Controls Information Controls Destiny” (Newman-Seinfeld)

Our modern life seems impossible to live without our dependence on Smartphones and Computers. As handy as these toys have become, the sobering fact emerged via Edward Snowden, that these technological toys are collecting a huge swathe of data on our lives. Information gathering works both ways!

The data collected is delivered to? You guessed it, some no face Corporation who sets about sorting it using special algorithms, designed to reveal information about our desires, our opinions, our families, friends, our financial state, our political affiliations, our dark side, our light side, what we buy, our likes and dislikes, just about everything there is to know about us.

We’re told that this data will be used to target specific advertising of products that will interest us.

However, a modern day Edward Bernays, could easily use that data to target us in ways that would scare the pants of us if, we realised what control they could wield.  It could be used to manipulate public opinion, on any manner of issues.

If it becomes an accepted practice that Corporations are going to take stands on social issues, continually voicing opinions to try and sway our thinking, the information they hold on us could be a game changer. Used to psychologically herd us into holding certain opinions or, maybe for dividing us into different groups or even for punishment for any expression of individual choice.

The natural progression of having this power goes way beyond targeting us for advertising.
This data could be used to enslave us.

Hitlers SS could only dream about having such insight into our thinking, control of our minds and, the projection of our behaviour and actions.  Much of what I’m suggesting is still somewhere into the future but not very far.

Presently, Corporate power is flexing their muscles and they’re using Government authority to enforce their will.

Governments could become the ‘Muscle’ of Corporate Greed

It’s no exaggeration to see that it won’t be very long before our Governments could take on Godlike powers over us.   We’ve watched the humanistic dogma flood into our society over the past few generations without ever understanding what the effect of this would have on our societies and institutions.

The removal of God in western society, has left black holes of assumed authority where now everything is up for question. Although some of these issues can be advantageous to people, some others may lead to authoritarianism.

For example, there is a universally accepted presumption that Parents have a God given right and authority to raise their children providing, they obey the laws of the land. It has never been questioned.

However, that authority may soon be up for debate. That authority that God once held or, we accepted as God, has been disposed of into the refuse bin of modern history.

Take the issue of what’s become a policy of ‘almost’ forced vaccination of babies and young children within many western countries. Many families now find themselves on one side of the debate or the other. They’re either too busy or just confused, about the conflicting safety reports of some of these Vaccinations.

These big Pharmaceutical Corporations stand to make billions in profit each year providing, they can continue to roll out their ever increasing vaccination schedules, and Governments play the role of their enforcer.  But many parents are questioning the safety and even, the necessity of some of these Vaccinations. Why does a one day old baby need a Hepatitis B injection when Hepatitis B can only be spread through sexual intercourse?

Many parents are choosing not to expose their babies to, what they see as, a very real danger to their children’s health.

Now, this is where the Government enters the argument and enforces Parents to obey the Corporate program.

In some States of the US, parents have been sent to Gaol and their children forced to be vaccinated against their will, all because parents fear that some of the vaccines may be potentially dangerous.

Some US Courts seem to believe that Corporations have more knowledge and ultimately, more authority, than parents over the health of their children.

In Australia, the Liberal Coalition Government recently imposed, what amounts to, a very hefty financial fine by refusing to pay Family Benefits Payments to parents who, refuse to vaccinate their children.

Who can blame these well meaning parents who feel they are protecting their children from what they see, as a very real danger to their children’s health?

Corruption is rampant wherever big money exists and, it’s been shown time and time again, that big money can buy the opinions of Government authorities. The irony is, that these authorities have been put in place to ensure that products or practices, are safe for the public.

Of course, Governments use the excuse of ‘safety for the masses’ to warrant their bullying and God-like encroachment over parents but, where does this end?

It is beyond the scope of this article to debate the safety or dangers of Vaccinations however, there is plenty of independent evidence that’s convincing many Parents, Researchers and Doctors that some Companies are not testing their vaccines using accepted protocols.

Also, there’s a report from a Whistle Blower within the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, that when certain data that didn’t suit they’re claims was uncovered, they destroyed it. (The same practice used by the Corporate Media when they don’t like certain information)

Top Scientists, Doctors and Journalists Talk About the Truth of Vaccines and Vaccine Injury at the National Press Club

Corporations and Governments Colluding is a form of Fascism

How long before we’ll see State or Federal Governments assume absolute rights over children?

How long before we’ll see Pharmaceutical Companies claim that they care more for children than their ignorant, conspiracy deluded parents?

Maybe some of that collected personal data (mentioned earlier) could be dug out and used against them? Will anyone who refuses the Corporate/Government diktat have their data used against them to prove their unworthiness to parent a child?  Unchecked by an honest representative Government, it is simply a natural progression for these Corporate giants to exert as much power as they wield, to try and control society which could lead to a form of psychological enslavement.

We’ve all heard the John Dalberg-Acton quote, “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”.

We are living in a very fast world where technological breakthroughs are exceeding our ability to determine whether they will serve us or destroy us. We also lack genuine Leaders who have the best interests of their people at heart.   The danger is now here and, it’s encroaching at a very fast pace.

Corporate greed has never been as gluttonous and as powerful as it is right now and power, breeds more power. Their tentacles now reach into all western nations and it seems, that Government Bodies who, are supposed to represent and protect us by enforcing safety standards, have been corrupted. What was once the tactics of the Tobacco Companies, to assure us that Cigarette Smoking did not cause cancer, has been used as a blueprint by other industries.

The issue of Vaccination is just one area of concern. There are many others that are appearing on the horizon that society has never had to think about or, debate before.

The long term safety of water fluoridation, the spraying of our crops by Monsanto chemicals or, the consumption of GMO foods are just a few issues that raise serious concerns for millions of people.

Instead of having a public and scientific debate to ensure safety, we instead see cover-ups, studies funded by the very Corporations who make the products or, paid experts appearing in the Media assuring us that everything is okay. Orwellian!

In the case of GMO foods, the US Senate refuses to even allow labeling of products containing GMO’s.

This is not the result of open debate or, of a Government with the safety of the people as it’s first concern. Indeed, its first concern is, ongoing profit.

When Governments collude with Corporations we have a modern form of Fascism. With the technology available today, they have the potential to control society beyond the dreams of Hitlers SS.

The unchained and unregulated Corporation is like a gigantic viral monster who has the ability to insinuate it’s will into every area of our lives. Without a genuine representative Government, this monster will become an ever growing menace that has the power and the will, to rule over us completely, and effectively enslaving us.

Vaughan Famularo: I am a 60 yr old Australian Musician, Speaker and Writer who, with his wife of 38 years has written & produced 3 albums of Original Material.  I spent 10 years speaking mostly in Gaols and High Schools debating the importance of Christianity in our society. It was a hoot!
We have 4 incredibly gifted, grown up children who, we traveled around Asia & Australia with, playing music as a Family Band while they were growing up. (While we were too)
The ugly turn the world has taken inspires me to write.

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