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The Yellow vest crisis is gaining steam, specially by exposing the hypocrisy of these elite sectors: the media and its journalists and experts, the government and its police, the judiciary and its powerful prosecutors. The Yellow vest crisis makes them completely freaking out and that can be clearly seen in their reactions. Responding with batons and grenade shots, lawsuits and mass incarcerations, sarcasms, insults and systematic denigration of the movement, all these reactions, worthy of a paranoid state, only lead to exposing, in front of all the French, those so-called elites who, moreover, are thinking that they are social-progressive and are THE rampart against fascism. Totally blind to themselves. The show is quite ugly to see.

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Do you see it Macron? The movement is drastically loosing steam

Act 14, Saturday the 15th of February: According to the Ministry of the Interior, 41,500 people demonstrated in France at 7:00 pm. According to a police syndicate, at 3:30 p.m., there were already 230,000 demonstrators.

The police violence

Each new act brings its share of police violence, even if it seems, according to those on the ground, that it is slowing down. The government may be beginning to understand that they cannot discourage the people and that they are therefore counterproductive.

In homage to all the wounded of this popular revolt, here is the most touching video. Fiorina, 20 years old, lost an eye due to a grenade caught in the head while, as she recounts, she was on the sidewalk opposite the hooligans. The CRS did not target the hooligans but those across the street, as she explains. Doctors will soon put a prosthesis to give her back a more normal appearance.

On this video we see a cop throwing tear gas at elderly bystanders not even wearing a Yellow vest.

This one is a presentation of the different victims who have been amputated or lost an eye

In this one we clearly see nurses being attacked with tear gas while treating an injured person.

In this one, a young girl simply sitting on the floor is violently arrested and handcuffed. She will be taken into custody.

And this one, produced by the Human Rights League, shows a collection of treats that the CRS gave to the Yellow vests

This one is a must see because it shows a Yellow vest, which is trying to push other mates to throw stones, arrested by the police. He then says, “No, no, guys, I’m with you”. Of course the police don’t believe him and keep pulling him. An officer arrives, says a few words to them and, then, they simply release the guy. This video shows that the police are blending in with the Yellow vests and trying to stir up violence.

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This piece from Le Canard Enchainé, a critical and always well informed newspaper, titled “a communication to break everything” says: “For more than 4 hours Thomas P. broke a bus shelter, banks and insurance companies windows, burned a Porsche and even an empty police car. The breaker was arrested at the end of the demonstration. But why in the end if he had been spotted from the beginning? Because when the police officers who spotted him asked for help from a specialized service, they refused on the grounds that they were too busy elsewhere.” The piece ends saying “It would have been a pity to deprive the Tv spectators of such a show”.

More scenes of police violence:

So, of course, as violence attracts violence, sometimes it is the cops who are attacked.

Here too, a police car is being attacked by Yellow vests.

The same scene, filmed from the outside.

But one of the police officers who was in the car said, “They are hooligans. We can see it very well on the video, the majority are masked, we know very well that they are not Yellow vests. We don’t mix it up.”

On the other hand, in this one, we see a CRS who found himself isolated in the middle of Yellow vests without anyone taking advantage of it, despite his very visible fear.

Fortunately, humans also live for love and some even dare to show it to their own torturers. “A yellow hug” as the title of this video says.

However, some heavily wounded Yellow vests have decided to file a complaint for “voluntary aggravated violence by a person in charge of the public authority, in groups and having caused permanent mutilation, and complicity in aggravated voluntary violence against X and against Mr. Delpuech, the Paris Prefect”.

For its part, the European Parliament voted by 438 votes to 78, with 87 abstentions, in favor of a resolution that “condemns the use of certain types of weapons with reduced lethality by police forces against peaceful demonstrators, such as kinetic impact projectiles and instant tear gas grenades”. The name of France was never mentioned during this vote, even though everyone has understood that it is this country they were talking about.

The next day, it is the UN that voted, openly naming France in this case. The organization politely says that the country should “rethink its policing policies”. “We encourage the French authorities to open channels for dialogue in order to reduce the level of tension and to recognize the important and legitimate role that social movements play in governance,” it concludes. As for the anti-hooligans law, passed urgently by the National Assembly, last month, it states: “the proposal for an administrative ban on demonstrations, the establishment of additional control measures and the imposition of heavy penalties constitute severe restrictions on the freedom to demonstrate. These provisions could be applied arbitrarily and lead to extremely serious abuses.”

Before, France had the reputation of being the “country of human rights”. It seems that the Macron government is doing its best to make him lose this title.

Media as a bulwark against the movement

We regularly see Yellow vests invited on the TV sets but the scenario is the same. A Yellow vest against several opponents, who systematically call the movement violent, anti-Semitic, racist, backward and uncultured. These surrealist debates show above all the complex of superiority of these so-called journalists and “experts” and their inability to remain neutral in the debate, as their profession would request it. For example:

BFM – Victoire par K.O d'un gilet jaune à 4 contre 1

C'est encore un étonnant moment de télé que nous offre ici BFM.Ils sont 4 en plateau, dont le présentateur, pour évoquer la violence, la bêtise, l'essouflement et j'en passe du mouvement. Antoine Léaument est seul (youtubeur @Le Bon Sens et responsable numérique FI), mais calme tout le monde avec une simple question de bon sens. Un ange passe.C'est surtout consternant sur le niveau des journalistes vedettes comme Bruce Toussaint, des édictocrates comme Bruno Jeudy ou des "experts" interchangeables qui passent d'un plateau à l'autre.

Posted by Perspicace ? on Saturday, February 16, 2019

“Yellow vests are people emotionally on the brink,” says one of the journalists, “they are aggressive, I know it because you see them on TV sets”. “They are the kind of people who give free rein to stupidity, intolerance, ignorance, uh… anything we want…… “, the second journalist insists. This is how the “debate” begins. Then the only Yellow vest present replies that the Yellow vests are there because they can no longer get by economically. At 1mn27 he asked: “Explain me how, in concrete terms, you are doing, with the RSA [a social welfare], to support a family of 3 children”. 10 seconds of silence. He goes on to say “no one knows”.

As a result, some Yellow vests tried to attack the press. A group tried to enter the premises of a local newspaper for the simple purpose of putting up posters and throwing a stink ball to make the newspapers smell like what it is writing about the movement. Others are pushing journalists away during the demonstrations.

This image shows Macron’s links with the bosses of the French press, which are the richest French, who also run all the polling institutes, and explains why he was elected thanks to this same press and that he continues to be supported by it, even if he regularly complains to the contrary.

No photo description available.

After calling the Yellow vests far-right hordes, then hooligans, the press is now trying the black sheep of anti-Semitism. Suddenly and simultaneously, the word “Jew” appeared on the front window of a Parisian bakery specializing in bagels, then swastikas in an Alsatian cemetery, then a French writer of Jewish origin, who openly displayed his hatred of Palestinians, was called “fucking Zionist” but the media preferred to hear “fucking Jew”. These miscellaneous facts was immediately overhyped and presented as if they endanger the country and its inhabitants. A demonstration, gathered mainly by politicians, has been held in Paris to protest against “a resurgence of anti-Semitism not seen since the Second World War” according to Macron’s own exaggerations. The next day he took the opportunity to propose a resolution stating that anti-Zionism was considered anti-Semitism, i.e. that criticizing the Israeli state, the only apartheid state in the world, would be considered a crime. This amounts to calling someone who criticizes Gabon’s politics a racist. Totally ridiculous… All this has nothing to do with the Yellow vests movement and yet the TV channels cannot help but make the confusion, especially since those who screamed “fucking Zionist” wore them, so it is for them proof that the Yellow vests are anti-Semites, therefore unfortunate extreme right-wing people, therefore dangerous villains that should not be supported. And who knows if a good diversion could make you forget these Yellow vests, which are definitely too visible in the media. It may well be that we soon see the few Yellow vests invited being permanently banned from the media landscape.

Because the government’s great fear is that the passive population, the 55% of French people who support the movement without participating to the demos, will finally join them, and it will no longer be 200,000 demonstrators but millions who will take to the streets. So they have to do everything they can to make them lose credibility before that happens, and the press does it wholeheartedly.

Two-tier justice

On February 12, the Prime Minister proudly announced these figures: “Since the beginning of these events, 1796 convictions have been handed down by the courts and 1422 people are still awaiting trial” (…) “more than 1300 immediate appearances have been organized and 316 people have been placed under arrest warrants”. Just for demonstrating against the government. This is what can be called an expeditious justice. But it is above all a biased justice because:

A baker, not a demonstrator, was immediately taken into custody for refusing to sell bread to a police officer during a Saturday demonstration. The baker says he refused the sale because the policeman came into his store armed. The policeman denies it. Anyway, it’s immediate custody for him while Benalla is still free, tanning in Morocco.

Expeditious justice, he was sentenced two days later, for this serious crime, to 70 hours of community service, 10 days during when he will have to close his bakery. Meanwhile, Benalla still has time to maintain dubious commercial relations with a few Russian and Chinese oligarchs.

As for the boxer of CRS, Christophe Dettinger, he was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 18 months suspended, just for boxing a CRS shield. Ultra-fast condemnation here too, as everyone has seen.

In the same week, two criminals disguised as police officers who tried to extort money from the public has just been fined and freed, therefore being able to resume their “work” immediately. This leaves the unpleasant feeling that justice is on the side of thieves and that it is, on the other hand, merciless with poor honest demonstrators.

As for Eric Drouet, one of the initiators of the movement, the prosecutor has asked for a month in jail and a 500 euro fine for “organizing undeclared demonstrations”. However, these demonstrations do not have any organisers as they are spontaneous and spread throughout France. Eric Drouet is arrested almost every Saturday.

For throwing potatoes during a demonstration, this farmer Yellow vests was given a 6-month suspended sentence and banned from going into town. Come on, one less Yellow vest on the streets.

So that kind of “justice” inspires that kind of caricature:

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It shows some business leaders who are still facing justice with no verdict yet or who got a lenient one; Sarkozy, a former president who is involved in some questionable financing cases, including one with his former buddy, Gaddafi, whom he had made killed to better thank him; a police officer who boxed a few demonstrators to blow off steam; Benalla, top right, dressed as a real/false cop and Christophe Dettinger, bottom left. The question above says: “Among these personalities, which one will go to prison? The answer, everyone knows it since only the Yellow vest boxer will be jailed. The others are still at large (except Benalla, who was still free at the time of the drawing) despite harms far more serious than two punches to very well protected CRSs. France is a democratic country where justice is independent of money and politics, you thought?

Government and politics on all sides.

The disregard of politicians and their poodles for the population, as they panic and lose all reserve, is becoming more and more apparent. They are naked at this level.

Gaspard Gantzer, former communication adviser to former President Francois Hollande [we now understand why the image of Hollande was so bad], probably wanting to be noticed so he could get out of his hole, let loose: “They have the right to demonstrate even if they are stupid! If we did IQ tests before the demonstrations, there wouldn’t be many people!”, while systematically cutting off the floor to his Yellow vest interlocutor that he refuses to hear. As their buddy from the media, they sweat contempt for this lowly rabble not even able to stay quietly at home.

Laurent Wauquiez, leader of the LR party, Sarkozy’s former party, said, “Undeclared demonstrations, demonstrations that are feared to lead to violence, must be banned. And when the rules are not respected, we must bring them to court.”

Macron’s party no longer even needs to attack the Yellow vests, his own political opponents are doing it for him.

Meanwhile, Macron continues his electoral campaign, sorry, his “great debate”, even if two thirds of the French (66%) consider that Emmanuel Macron uses the great national debate in the interest of the European elections but he will not succeed in “turning” opinion around.

As a result, we see this type of observation flourishing, saying “enarques [Those who have gone through the National School of Administration, the school from which the French elites come out] who have accumulated 2200 billion in debt, 6 million unemployed, 9 million poor and who have signed all the deficits for 40 years say that the Yellow vests are irresponsible”. It ends with this sentence attributed to Einstein: “Do not rely on those who create problems to solve them.”

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The Benalla case

As for the Benalla case, it is taking an increasingly “mafia” style. While he should be in prison like Dettinger, he is photographed on holiday in Morocco, a newspaper reveals acquaintances with Macron’s entourage, then a new story of a dubious contract worth more than 7 million euros, with China this time, emerges. Then the deputies realized that he lied under oath when he was summoned to explain himself before the Senate. Vexed, the senators seized the case that the justice system left lying around and then, miraculously, a few days later, he has been brought to jail. The senators went so far as to say: “that this was a conflict of interest that endangered the presidency of the Republic and the Republic itself. ». Another senator that “no authority reported the violence to the Paris prosecutor. These dysfunctions give the impression that the Elysée [Macron’s office] wanted to keep events quiet to avoid a scandal”. Yet another senator that “The facts of May 1st [the beating of demonstrators] are now the emerged part of the Iceberg. The rest is much more serious.”

In short, Macron is up to his neck in a state affair that directly affects him and in which he is even involved, since he is necessarily the one protecting Benalla to such a level. It seems that the Senate, the assembly where Macron’s party is not in the majority, intends to deal with it. There is therefore at least one political counter-power that is still a little alive. Will he dare to complete its action?

I wonder because, through its spokesman, the Macron government is pointing out the “many untruths” of the Senate Inquiry Commission on Benalla.

“Which ones?” asked a journalist.

“I don’t know, I haven’t read it,” he replied.

And then to add, immediately after having accused the Senate of spreading untruths, “I am not the type to comment without knowing”.

Frightening to think that such people are heading the country.

How for the Yellow vests themselves, finally? Undisturbed by the rage of their leaders, they continue to demonstrate every Saturday, to propose new ideas, to meet in “constituent assemblies”, to debate on the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum, to experiment with new political systems at the level of villages and communes, to communicate with each other so that the dynamic continues until a true democracy, and no longer the oligarchy it has become, is restored in France.

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