Spring on Zarechnaya street theme song performed in Zaporozhye

Old Maple in Kharkov


November 27th 2016, people are singing Smuglyanka-Moldovanka  inside the Odessa train station


Смуглянка-Молдаванка Smuglyanka-Moldovanka “the dark haired Moldovan girl” is a song immensely popular during the Great Patriotic war 1941-1945 and ever after.

Смуглянка, песня из кинофильма “В бой идут одни старики”

This is a movie version from the film “Battle For Old Men (Tried Fighters) Only ”
(“Only experienced pilots flies to the sortie”)
about the group of the Soviet fighter-pilots in 1944.

This song was sung during
an air combat. Especially a good effect was when a Soviet fighter attacks a column of the
German ground troops with this song.

A young Russian guy sees a beautiful dark-haired Moldavian girl in her garden, gathering grapes. he asks her out for a date, but she refuses and tells him that everybody in her village is leaving to join the partisans and he should also join them.

He follows her advice, goes into the woods to the partisans’ camp and meets his beautiful dark-haired Moldavian girl there. She says to him: Hi, there, my darling.


Meanwhile, on the same day November 27th, inside the Kievskaya train station in Moscow a group performed a Malorossian Cossacks song Распрягайте коней, хлопцы. Cossack song, Unhitch the horses, boys

 Raspryagayte, Khloptsy, Koney

here this song performed by – Kuban Cossack Choir Eng subtitles

same song with interesting illustrations

Video is called:  Cossack family will never perish

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