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Message from SouthFront:

Unfortunately, I want to ask you to help SF one more time. Our team has been continuing to balance on the razor’s edge while continuation of production of exclusive video and graphics products including as big as Foreign Policy Diaries drains our resources. We’ve got $344,69 since August 25. As a result, we cannot to make ends meet: our bills are unpaid and have already spent a lot to the SF main team members’ money. So, we’ve faced a hard decision what to do: to close the project and stop to produce videos or try appeal for a help explaining the situation.  We don’t expect to get a budget as a “mainstream” think-tank (tens of thousands of dollars), but we hope to get at least a chance to continue our work.

Message from the Saker:

I think that SouthFront has offered us an absolutely fantastic and, I would add, unique type of information: videos with both a summary of events and analysis.  If you check my “war news” section it is something like 99.99% SouthFront and I think that our community ought to help them.

Guys – all it takes is a few clicks with PayPal, Western Union, a bank wire or even with BitCoins!

Please see their donations page: http://southfront.org/donate/

Finally, please remember that SouthFront never charged for any of their services, they have never harassed us with obnoxious advertisements or pop-ups, and they are not hiding their best documents behind a pay wall.  All they do is count on our gratitude and support.

It is easy, quick and you can make a huge difference.

Please help!

The Saker

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