On Saturday March 5th, 2016 France 24 aired an interview with Olena Zerkal for their show Talking Europe.

France 24, a Hollande’s regime propaganda channel, names the Ukrainian deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal as a co-author of the Ukraine – EU Association Agreement.

I noticed a few curious details that I want to share with you.

Keep in mind that Olena Zerkal speaks with a horrible accent and completely ignores even the most basic English grammar rules. (I intend to employ my critical ability here to the max, soon you will understand why.)

At 05:27 of the video France 24 misspelled Zerkal’s name as Zarkal at the very moment on the video when Zerkal says about Donbass that “people living in this areas are the real hostages of Russia. You see… I also belong to the Russian speaking population. And I never experienced any difficulties because of this. My mother came to Ukraine in earlier 60s. And she came from Saint Petersburg. So, I have pure Russian roots. However, it doesn’t matter for me and for my relatives. This situation for me is purely artificial situation.”

[Eve Ervine: So, do you think that the amount of Ukrainians involved in it is minimal? Is that what you are saying? But, there are some?]

Zerkal cont.: “You see, there is a difference… the difference in some kind of intelligence or education. Because most of those who are dealing from the other side... this false government, or something like that… They are people without hi (maybe “higher”?) education, they had a chance just to get very law (maybe “low”?) education. And sometimes it quite impossible to reach even understanding... for instance of this trilateral group… and they are absolutely under their propaganda machine they are like zombies…. they truly believe that we kill infants

[Eve Ervine: “But they are Ukrainians…,. They recognize themselves as Ukrainians..”. ]

Zerkal cont.: “they truly believe in what they see in front of their TVs… and this is amazing because they don’t have any kind of critical sinking ( maybe “thinking“?) [07:07] and they don’t analyze information they receive at all…[At 07:09 the France 24 misspelled Zerkal’s name again as Zarkal]

[Eve Ervine: “There is perhaps a part of this to play in any case... We are going down a very debatable road...”]

As we can see here, France 24, the French government official channel posting an interview with a deputy foreign minister of Kiev junta Olena (Elena, Lana) Zerkal (Zarkal) who in the tradition of Himmler Nazi propaganda says that people living in Donbass “don’t have any kind of critical thinking.” She avoids calling them “Ukrainians” despite of the suggestions made by Ervine. Zerkal gets a response from Eve Ervine, a journalist working for the French government, who agrees with Zerkal’s Nazi statement, but stops her from developing this idea by saying, “We are going down a very debatable road…”

Once again… Olena Zerkal said the following about people living in Donbass:

1. people living in this areas are the real hostages of Russia;
2. there is a difference..the difference in some kind of intelligence or education;
3. most of those who are dealing from the other side
4. this false government, or something like that...
4. They are people without “high” education
5. they had a chance just to get very low education.
6. it’s quite impossible to reach even understanding
7. they are absolutely under their propaganda machine...
8. they are like zombies….
9. they truly believe that we kill infants…
10. they truly believe in what they see in front of their TVs…
11. they don’t have any kind of critical thinking
12. they don’t analyze information they receive at all.

Now, let’s compare Olena Zerkal’s words to the Nazi ideologist:

Fate seems to give us a hint. By giving Russia over to Bolshevism it took the intelligence from the Russian people, which until the present had built and guaranteed its existence as a state.…” Hitler wrote in “Mein Kampf”

Subhuman – is biologically at first glance completely identical to the creation of human nature with hands, feet, a kind of brain, eyes, and mouth. But it is quite different, horrible creature. (zombie?) This is just like a man with a human-like features, situated in the spiritual sense is much lower than the beast. In the soul of these people are violent chaos reigns wild unbridled passion, unrestricted desire for destruction, primitive envy, the most blatant meanness. In short, subhuman. So, not everything that has a human form as well. Woe to him who forgets about it. Keep this in mind.” “Der Untermensch” (The Subhuman), Heinrich Himmler, 1942.

Alfred Rosenberg wrote in 1930: „Das nordisch-russische Blut gab den Kampf auf, das ostisch-mongolische schlug mächtig empor, berief Chinesen und Wüstenvölker; Juden, Armenier drängten sich an die Führung und der Kalmücko-Tatare Lenin wurde Herr”.
“The Nordic Russian Blood gave up the fight, the Eastern Mongolian fought itself up powerfully, appointing Chinese and people from the desert, Jews, Armenians pushed for leadership and the Kalmyk-Tartar Lenin became master..

Let me get this straight: the modern Western ideologists of fascism and other social engineers claim that Hitler attacked Soviet Russia, because Russians were “hostage” to Jews, Armenians and other “Kalmyk-Tatars,” so all armed European nations invaded Russia to “liberate the Russian people from Jews, who treated Russians as sub-humans.” As a result of this attempt twenty plus million Russians mostly civilians were killed by the self-appointed European “liberators.”

Now, the neo-Nazi junta in Kiev backed by the same Germans, the same French, the same British, kills Russian people in Ukraine, who are “hostage to Russia.” All these people grew up and lived in independent Ukraine, but they couldn’t get any education, because they are zombies, they lack any intelligence, unable to understand anything, they don’t have any kind of critical thinking, and they unable to analyze information they receive. Right?

In short, Olena Zerkal describes Russians in Ukraine as sub-humans. See Himmle’ s quote.

Hitler claimed that it was the Jews who treated Russians as “sub-humans.” Oleans Zerkal described people living in Dombass as sub-humans. She also claims to be a “Russian speaker” and have a “pure Russian roots.”

Let’s take a closer look at a woman who calls herself Olena Zerkal. OLENA ZERKAL. Born on June 24, 1973 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Education. In 1998 Kyiv graduated from National Taras Shevchenko University, Law Department. She graduated from the university that I wasn’t allowed to apply, because all my papers stated my nationality as “Russian.” I must say so, that Kiev University was at the time a third grade post-Soviet university with one subject that everyone studied: A biography of Stephan Bandera. That’s explains the painfully poor English of this junta’s apparatchik.

Before Miadan, Olena, which is a Ukrainian name, had a slightly different name, Lana Zerkal. “Lana” is a short for Svetlana. In Russian language media publications she was known also as Elena Zerkal. In Dec 10, 2012 she became a Director of Department for the Interaction with Government Authorities. And the Director of State Department on Legal Approximation. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. O.Zerkal@sdla.gov.ua • lana.zerkal@gmail.com.

After Ukraine shot down MH17, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Lana Zerkal said that “crimes against humanity must be considered by the UN Security Council”

Let’s remember that, when Kiev junta is arrested and Olena (Elena, Lana) Zerkal, as a junta’s neo-Nazi ideologist, is hanged for her crimes against humanity.
In her interview to DW.com in November 2014, Olena Zerkal stated: ”

The sanctions policy has proven its effectiveness in combination with the fall in oil prices. Current market conditions and sanctions has created uncomfortable conditions for the Russian economy. We insist on the strengthening of sanctions, in particular proposed to expand their sphere of gas developments and new technologies, including IT, biotechnology, the chemical industry, that is what can cause most significant damage.”

“The project Northern stream-2″ is a threat to national security of Ukraine,” said Deputy foreign Minister for European integration of Ukraine Elena Zerkal.

Since Olena Zerkal declared herself to be a “Russian speaker” and “having pure Russian roots” and only because she volunteered her ethnic identity for public scrutiny, I decided to look for evidence of her statement.

“Zerkal” is not a Russian last name. And this is not a common name at all. So, I searched in Saint Petersburg, since Olena Zerkal stated that her mother came from this Russian city.

I found two women, Elena Zerkal and Polina Zerkal, one of them is a cheerleader for Saint Petersburg university. A very intellectual occupation. Both of them, judging by their profiles in social media are in love with the US.

In Moscow University I also found two Zerkals, S.V. Zerkal Moscow State University, Moscow, and O.V Zerkal Scientific Center “HYDGEO”.

I found several Zerkals who moved to the US at the beginning of the 20th century.
But the majority of the Zerkals have been living in Israel. Victoria Zerkal is an fashion editor at beinisrael.com. in Tel-Aviv. She has emigrated from Moscow and is very proud to be an Israeli Jew.

Natasha Zerkal lives in Beer-Sheva. Marina Zerkal lives in Petah-Tikva. There is also Nata נטה Zerkal (Samoilenko) זרקל.

Is possible that all those Zerkals from the US and Israel have nothing to do with Olena Zerkal from Ukraine, who is in her own words a “pure Russian” and who calls Russian people “zombies” and demands more sanctions on the Russian people to damage the Russian economy. It’s possible, but I highly doubt it.

I think I have at least one root canal fixed by a Jewish dentist. This allows me to declare that I have “pure Jewish roots,” and to demand to boycott Israel for the occupation of Palestine, and to say that Jews are holding Russian people in Ukraine hostage and treating them as sub-humans.

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