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The story below is about Salah Lamrani, a member of the French Saker Blog team and a longtime friend of our community.  If you make a quick search of his name you will see that Salah has made many excellent contributions to the original Saker Blog too.  For all these reasons, Salah is most definitely one of us, a member of our Saker community.

PressTV writes: France has been repeatedly accused of repressing political speech since Charlie Hebdo attacks more than a year ago. There have been hundreds of people victimized by mere accusations, and one such victim is a schoolteacher who is now fighting for his job and his dignity. Press TV’s Ramin Mazaheri brings us the story from Paris.

Here is, also, an English language (with intro in Arabic) video explaining his ordeal in Egypt:


I urge you all to take action to defend our friend and to sign the following petition:

Hugs to all,

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