I got this email yesterday, I am posting it with the author’s kind authorization. There is “another West” which is ignored by the Hegemony’s rulers, but which is still real.  There is a Russian saying “one righteous person saves the city”.  I am grateful to Sara for her efforts!
The Saker

Dear Saker,

I had an appointment in London yesterday, and combined it with a visit to No.10 Downing Street, or rather to the gates of No. 10. I stood, a sole protester, on my own in front of the police guard and behind the crash barriers and held up a notice saying: “Bombing of Syria – a War Crime. Not in my Name Prime Minister”.  Passers by and lots of tourists read it, and various people agreed but appeared sheepish.  One policeman in particular was very supportive in that he let me stand there, and rebuked an aggressive man who started waving his phone at me and saying “Rubbish” to me.  When I said “Goodbye” to the policeman he wished me well and told me to look after myself. Mm suggests he did not support the bombing of Syria on Saturday.

It reminded me of protesting in 1999 against the awful, criminal bombing of Yugoslavia.

I hope, as you say the voices of we who are “submarines in the desert”, or no longer sitting in Plato’s Cave ( a great apt allegory) will add up.

Am outraged at the support given in Parliament yesterday to Theresa May by most of the politicians – the elected representatives of the people .With a few exceptions, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, a true statesman and decent human being, most British MPS are brain washed, unprincipled and corrupt.  Tony Blair is still not behind bars.

I so appreciate your incisive articles and exposes of the truth behind the lies.

Very best wishes,


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