It is the time again that we have to replenish our coffers in order to stay online and effective.

First, this is what The Saker Blog offers:

The Saker blog delivers ORIGINAL material with a regular original analysis by The Saker every two weeks, and shorter pieces with commentary as developments require. In addition, a group of guest writers on various topics keep us informed regularly.

We’ve managed to stay clear of all commercials or paywalls and are still fully user supported.

This means nobody can tell The Saker or his blog what to do, what to publish, or what tack to take with anything. It keeps us honest. We are still one of the few independent blogs in a time where everybody is squeezed to take money from those that want to control them.

The time of Covid-19 materially influenced us all.

At times the blog was under severe stress, simply because our volunteer technical and moderating groups had to deal with the fall-out of Covid-19 in their own lives as well.

In the US, where the Saker is located, chaos may be about to break.

We need to keep the blog online for the duration. The strength of The Saker Blog, is that the volunteers are situated worldwide, so, we are well placed to remain online during times of chaos. But, we need to be able to pay for our technical infrastructure. Our information technology infrastructure structure is expensive, but this is necessary and we hope to keep the infrastructure hardened, during what may be a very uncertain future with challenges that we cannot always even foresee.

The very easiest for us to receive donations, remains with Patreon although all methods on our donation page are still available. 

Technically and administratively Patreon provides the smallest administrative footprint and does not carry much administrative overhead and allows donations worldwide.

So, for every new Patreon subscriber (and the old ones too, you just have to ask us), we will send you the PDF of the new Saker Book, The Essential Saker IV, Messianic Narcism’s Agony by a 1,000 cuts.

The printed Essential Saker IV book is available for purchase.

Be aware in the US the shipping and delivery time has shifted from about 3 – 5 days, to 3 weeks or more in certain instances. For Britain, European countries, Australia and the Pac Rim, book printing and deliveries are not yet interrupted. If you want to use this as a Christmas gift, or have a few for family and friends, you should buy sooner rather than later, or even right now. We cannot guarantee that we can keep this available given an uncertain future, with certain timelines already slipping. We are not Amazon. We are just our own small book publisher as the ‘Amazons’ of the world will not publish what The Saker writes. We are too close to truth.

That is what we’ve done at The Saker Blog, for our readers and our friends and our fraternal brothers and sisters.

Second, now it is your turn. There are so many ways that you can be a stronger part of The Saker Blog.

  • Kindly donate to us if it is possible, and/or …..
  • Buy a book, and/or …..
  • Write your local sitrep for us, so that we can remain informed, and/or …..
  • If you have a few hours free and can donate time, contact moderation (email on bottom of page) in the event that we need moderators, and/or …..
  • Keep the commenting to a high standard and don’t mess with the mods! You may be burning to say something, but someone has to read that. Be aware of the mod rules.
  • Please feel welcome to give us a little feedback on this thread.

If you cannot donate, please pray for us and if you can do both, that would be perfection.

Prepared by Amarynth – Approved by The Saker

Please also see this explanatory note written by the Saker:

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