Well, its not like I ever doubted that Muammar Gaddafi was crazy, so this is not big news to me.  And, frankly, its too long and too discombobulated to publish in its entirety here, but here is the link to the “letter to the world” from the “Leader of the Green Committees Movement” (sic).  You can read it here:
should that site be taken down by some over-zealous NATO thug, you can also read the document here:

Gaddafi really reminds me of Saddam Hussein.  He is an almost *ideal* “bad bad bogeyman” for the USraelian Empire and a clown down to the very last minute.
His son, Saif al-Islam, appears to be a far more articulate and charming guy, not to mention intelligent.  Maybe the risk of seeing a buffoon like Gaddafi being replaced by leader like Saif al-Islam was part of the calculation to attack and occupy Libya?
Just a guess.  What do you think?
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