The drivel the German mainstream press fabricates is really hard to swallow.

I think it is worthwhile to compare the reporting about MH17 and the recently downed Russian airliner.

In the case of MH17 it was difficult and took days to get to the hard facts on the ground. But the press could (and did) not wait to roll out a prefabricated media campaign, that without any doubt concluded that Russian backed separatists had shot down the airliner with a Russian made missile.

Bild cover 19.07.2014: “Is Putin responsible for these victims (lit. dead people)? – Grave accusations from Merkel and Obama”

Bild cover 21.07.2015: “When will the world finally stop Putin? – The death rocket came from Russia – Putin controls the separatists … ”

Spiegel titles with “STOP PUTIN NOW!!” and portraits of victims on 28.07.2015:

No group claimed responsibility for the incident. And the alleged perpetrators had no apparent motive to shoot down the plane.

The story did not make sense at all.

Why did the “Russian backed separatists” shoot down the airliner? What could they hope to gain from doing so? Might they have done it by accident? By order of Putin?

At least thinking about the motive must be a no-brainer for any self-respecting journalist; but nothing like that was to be found in mainstream reporting.

The only two halfway plausible scenarios if the Russians are somehow behind this would be:

It was an accident of some sort, but the political implications of admitting the mistake are seen as so problematic, that the Russians decided to cover it up.

It was a deliberate show of force and a threat by the Russians to NATO, that they have the means, and more importantly the will, to indiscriminately kill civilians just to make a point.

(Sort of similar to the use of the atomic weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which, I think, was first of all important for the USA to send a message to the Soviet Union, rather than to win the war against the Japanese, who were willing to surrender anyway.)

But in the German media it was just: “It was Putin! He eats Ukrainian children for breakfast!”

No questions asked or answered…

Now a Russian plane has crashed.

And a terror organization that is almost undeniably funded by “the West and/or it’s allies” (what is referred here usually as “the empire”) has claimed responsibility.

But the German press is very careful about not pointing fingers.

Saying that they have to wait for the evaluation of the black boxes and do not want to fuel irresponsible speculations.

The press reports that they think it is unlikely that the IS terrorists have anti-aircraft counter measures that could shoot down a jetliner close to cruising altitude.

I would not be so sure, but be that as it may, I think it is probably easier to smuggle a bomb aboard a plane.

But this time the story of the actually confessing terrorists at least makes some sort of sense.

I think the reporting of the German press regarding the downing of the Russian aircraft and the stark contrast to the reporting of the MH17 tragedy is notable, because it shows that the mainstream media in Germany is not at all interested in telling the truth. And not even in selling papers. If that were so they would at least sensationalize everything equally.

But they do not.

There is no neutral reporting, everything is interpreted through an ideological filter. They are invested in selling a narrative.

If the facts do not fit the narrative they will be omitted, underreported, distorted or lied about.

Other “convenient facts” might be made up on the spot.

Sources who fit the narrative will be reported as fact, while sources conflicting with the narrative will be dismissed as lunatic fringe opinions if they cannot be suppressed completely.

Anyone who can look at the reporting about these two incidents and not see that the mainstream media in Germany is totally corrupt, biased and dishonest must be blind on both eyes.

The refugee situation also continues to get more and more ridiculous.

The CSU had put some pressure on the government regarding this question, including threatening to sue the government in the highest court of the county (as reported in my last sitrep) and culminating in the threat to leave the governing coalition if an ultimatum deadline for last weekend was not met.

The article is very interesting and cites a lot of the facts regarding the situation that I would otherwise mention anyway. I strongly recommend reading it, but I think the author is dead wrong in his conclusion.

It is highly unlikely that Merkel is going to survive this politically. And I am sure she knows it.

The negative social impact of the sustained and uncontrolled influx of migrants to Germany in violation of European and German law will be so severe and painful that sooner or later enough people will demand a change of policy.

The political establishment just wants to put the sacrifice off for as long as possible to keep their game going for as long as possible.

When fear and anger in Germany begin to reach a tipping point Merkel might just step down on her own, or appear to be overthrown, whatever works best to install a successor who can keep on doing the same thing for as long as possible.

The cohesion of the German government was demonstrated once more this week when German minister of the interior Thomas de Maiziere declared that Syrian refugees would no longer have certain privileges over other migrants:

The SPD immediately disagreed and assured everyone that this was not the German governments position.

“Refugee Coordinator” Peter Altmaier said he had not been informed.

(Merkel had earlier installed Altmaier as a Coordinator for the refugee crisis, in effect demoting de Maiziere by openly not trusting him with one of his core responsibilities.)

The German chancellory had government speaker Mr. Seibert announce that the official policy had not changed and that de Maiziere was wrong, but still has the full faith of Merkel.

Meanwhile Wolfgang Schäuble, the “Schattenkanzler” (shadow chancellor) openly sided with de Maiziere

(Interessting reading on Schäuble:

This really does not look like a stable, coherent government to me.

This is a complete travesty of a government and actually tyranny.

Which can be demonstrated by the simple fact that the political elite is still debating possible new laws or policies, but the executive is no longer enforcing existing laws and regulations.

In effect the government has declared that laws will be respected as and if their experts see fit.

As a person you are of course subject to the law. The state can hold you accountable for rules that you might not even agree with and have voted against.

But the state cannot be held accountable even by its own laws and standards?!

People in Germany are afraid to speak their minds because they are afraid of being labeled Nazis, while the next fascist takeover has already started.

It bears repeating:

GG Art 16:

Article 16a
[Right of asylum]

(1) Persons persecuted on political grounds shall have the right of asylum.

(2) Paragraph (1) of this Article may not be invoked by a person who enters the federal territory from a member state of the European Communities or from another third state in which application of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is assured. The states outside the European Communities to which the criteria of the first sentence of this paragraph apply shall be specified by a law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat. In the cases specified in the first sentence of this paragraph, measures to terminate an applicant’s stay may be implemented without regard to any legal challenge that may have been instituted against them.

But who would want to uphold the law if that meant starting a war?

Other News:

Beate Zschäpe, only surviving member of alleged right-wing terror cell NSU (national-socialist underground) has announced that she will testify on Wednesday.

She has refused to talk for the last two and a half years.

Some Background on the NSU:

There have been a lot of theories about the involvement of the German intelligence agency “Verfassungsschutz” in the whole NSU issue and talk about connections to the predecessor network of “NATO stay behind armies” (Gladio).

Lets see what she has to say and what is reported of it, if anything.

Big news from Catalonia: Catalonia’s parliament has voted to start the process of seceding from Spain.

Madrid is not pleased:

David Cameron has spoken about the reforms he thinks are necessary to keep the UK in the EU

The key issue as reported by the BBC are:

Protection of the single market for Britain and other non-euro countries

Boosting competitiveness by setting a target for the reduction of the “burden” of red tape

Exempting Britain from “ever-closer union” and bolstering national parliaments

Restricting EU migrants’ access to in-work benefits such as tax credits

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