In the context of my previous SITREP, you can see that I am totally opposed to a lot of German policies in general and to the German policies regarding the refugees and the migration crisis in particular.

When I say that the German people have an obligation to help, I mean that the German people as a community of individuals have an obligation to help those in need, because all the individuals that constitute the German people have this obligation as a person. Just because they are a person, not because they are German.

Our European neighbours all have exactly the same obligation, as has everybody else. That does not mean that we have to take in refugees from all over the world no matter how many might come. But it means that we need to help within our means. And just giving shelter is not enough.

These people are not victims of natural disasters, but victims of political decisions. For over a decade now “the West” lead by the USA have unleashed a campaign of terror on the Middle Eastern world.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria have been torn to pieces. People robbed of their security, livelihoods and futures flee and naturally wealthy EU nations are a magnet for them.

I think that we should first and foremost help them win back their homes and stop further destruction. And while Germany has not played much of an active combat role in these wars, Germany has done very little to stop its allies. And actually done a lot to assist the war efforts.

Rammstein is one of the most important US military installations outside the USA. On German soil.

Article 26 GG:

(1) Acts tending to and undertaken with intent to disturb the peaceful relations between nations, especially to prepare for a war of aggression, shall be unconstitutional. They shall be made a criminal offence.

The military campaign in Iraq in 2003 without any doubt qualifies as a war of aggression and has deeply disturbed “the peaceful relations between nations”. So by the standards of German constitutional law even taking part in the preparations for such a campaign is a criminal offence.

One might think that allowing and subsidizing a huge military base in Germany that is used for such a war of aggression could be a problem for those responsible. But apparently it is not.

This is not even discussed.

If the Germans took their laws more seriously and demanded respect for them, there might be less chaos and suffering in the Middle East and fewer refugees to deal with.

My point is that the Germans have to work towards solving the problem at it’s root, in so far as that it concerns them, and in so far as they have influence. Most of the migrants are not on the move because they want to plunder EU social security systems and assault white women.They are running from the consequences of crimes our supposed “friends” committed. And we did not even try to stop them.

We have, in a way, become the wiedergänger of the character that we have been conditioned to loathe. The spineless object that is too afraid to stand up to the intimidating Nazi bully, too afraid even to acknowledge the existence of the Nazi bully.

Instead of just taking in the victims of the Empire we need to stand up to the Empire and stop being a part of it. The first step would be removing foreign military bases from our soil and leaving NATO. Followed by war crime tribunals. That would be my Alternative for Germany.

But that is not on the ballot.

This however was:
Results for state parliament elections in Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt:

Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt:

germany 1

The good news is that the governing coalition of SPD and CDU (on a federal level) has lost across the board. Even better news is that SPD lost to AfD in two of the three elections.

The SPD still thinks of itself as the other big “Volkspartei”, but under Merkel they have been reduced to utter insignificance.

I can in no way endorse the AfD for its (largely non-existent) political program in general, but much like Trump in the USA the AfD looks like the only possible protest vote.

People vote for the AfD because they despise the other parties and the political establishment in general, not because they endorse the AfD’s political program.

The AfD is the new “dirty child“ not even the former “dirty child” (LINKE) wants to play with.

But in Sachsen-Anhalt we already have “Greek” results in Germany. AfD and LINKE on the “far right and left” of the political spectrum have 40,5% of the total vote. CDU and SPD have 40,4%.

But the “non-voters” (“Nichtwähler”) still won all the elections:


germany 3


germany 4


germany 5

ECB / monetary policy:

The ECB’s negative interest policies makes holding physical cash more and more appealing for commercial banks. [source]  [source]

The key quote: “Well, the Bavarian Banking Association has had enough of this financial dictatorship.

Their new recommendation is for all member banks to ditch the ECB and instead start keeping their excess reserves in physical cash, stored in their own bank vaults.

This is officially an all-out revolution of the financial system where banks are now actively rebelling against the central bank.”

Handelsblatt took a pretty clear stance: [source]  [source] [source]

One of the top reinsurers worldwide, German based MunichRe, turns to Cash and Gold: [source[source]  [source]

But please do not worry. Draghi has everything under control. Germans are generally very happy to know that a Goldman Sachs lackey from Italy is in charge of their savings… What could possibly go wrong?

Human Rights / Saudi Arabia:
For some obscure reason Dutch lawmakers have banned weapon sales to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: [source]

This is outrageous.

How dare the Dutch lecture the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the current head of the UN human rights council, about human rights?

Just because in the KSA peoples’ extremities and or heads are chopped off, if their opinion happens to conflict with the authority’s dictate, suddenly there are human rights concerns?

Come on. The Dutch need to relax.

The Germans happily sell weapons to the KSA: [source]

So it must be OK.

The problem in Europe these days is that the EU finds itself in a situation in which it’s rules do not work anymore.

Not that they ever worked to begin with, but it felt good to pretend these rules would be applied, should they ever need to be applied. That they would ever have to be factually applied was never part of the deal it seems.

Rather than protect the European borders from being crossed by people that are not allowed to cross the Schengen borders, the EU would keep on strangling Greece to death.

Apparently the EU can agree to pledge about 3 billion EUR as a bribe for Turkey to stop sending even more migrants over the Turkey/Greece border, but cannot agree to give Greece about 3 billion EUR to keep the very same migrants from crossing this border, as is Greece’s duty according to their contractual obligations within the Schengen framework.

Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft, that posed no serious threat to Turkey, for an alleged violation of Turkish airspace for a matter of only seconds. The kind of violation of its airspace by Turkish planes that Greece has had to deal with for a long time, without downing planes and killing pilots.

Turkey sends migrants and overwhelms Greece? – Turkey gets 3 billion EUR from Greece’s “friends” to protect borders.

Greece is in deep trouble and overwhelmed by migrants sent from Archenemy Turkey? – Turkey gets 3 billion EUR from Greece’s “friends” to protect borders.
Meanwhile Turkey is busy hushing up the Armenian genocide, and furthering the age old Kurdish genocide attempts with the “blackmail-proceeds” of sending victims of the genocide to Europe.

The West’s stance on Turkey and Russia is pure hypocrisy. Erdogan reveals himself more and more to be the irresponsible, crony dictator that Putin is often portrayed as in Western mainstream media. He attacks the press, the legislature, the judiciary, is involved in illegal oil and weapons trade and wages war against an oppressed ethnical minority. He meddles in his neighbours affairs, shoots planes out of the skies and uses defenceless victims of his crimes and their suffering as bargaining chips for obvious blackmail tactics in “negotiations”.

And the EU lets him get away with it.

What kind of idiot could promise anything to Turkey in return for the promise of Turkey to take back illegal migrants on the basis that the EU accepts the same number of other refugees from Turkey?

This way Turkey still has the same incentive to allow the flow of migrants. Every refugee that makes it to Greece means they can get rid of one mouth to feed and increase pressure on the EU. Plus Turkey gets promised money, ostensibly as compensation for something that costs them absolutely nothing.

That does not make any sense. And for Syrian refugees it means that they have to buy each others’ tickets. How unnecessarily cruel.

From a more general point of view, I think that borders can only be defended in an ethically acceptable manner from one side. It is acceptable to deny someone entry to your domain but unethical to confine them within it.

The European Union is very unpopular in Europe.

I wonder why?

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