Scott:  I had today a Q&A session with a talented young patriot of Germany. The following is its summary:

Before I answer the questions, please read my post “Waiting for Yalta-2


Q:  Do you know the guy being interviewed here? Or the program he is on?

Assuming the subtitles are accurate, this is stuff that is hardly ever talked about in Germany. With very few exceptions, Germans are blind when it comes to the issue of German national sovereignty. Or to be precise the lack thereof… But I think it is of paramount importance.

A.: Vesti is a liberal news channel/radio.  However, they also try to interview normal people, politicians and journalists there.

Alexey Fenenko is an associate professor at the Faculty of World Politics of the Moscow State University. Previously, he was a leading researcher at the Institute of International Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2004-2013), a project coordinator at the Academic Educational Forum on International Relations and a co-editor for ˝International Trends˝ magazine (2004-2011). He has a Doctorate in the History of France (2003).

Q.: Where do these guys stand in terms of Russian public opinion? Is the “average Russian” aware of the vassalage of Germany to the Allies on “sort of legal terms”?

A.:  Yes. That’s the general understanding in Russia that Germany is being occupied by the US politically and militarily.

Q.: As a Russian, do you think that in the long run, Russia would be better off with an independent and unshackled Germany? I think the EU e.g. is mainly an institution to prevent a “German Reich”. And when it falls, which will be soon, who knows what could happen.

A.: In August 2014, President Putin said that we can never forget the lessons of the World War II. However, German people cannot be held for thousands of years  responsible for what Hitler had done.  Many Germans had died fighting with fascism, also.

As we say… Putin is always right.

Russia wants to deal with an independent Germany, free from NATO and the US.

Q.: When the Empire begins to lose its grip on Germany and Europe they will simply set fire to it. They have all the charges in place. And why would Russia stop them?

A.:  They would in the past, but they can’t do this any longer. They might be able to create small conflicts like in Donbass. But nothing big.

Russia believes that the European Army with Germany as its leader will be instrumental in preventing any kind of “fire” coming from the US, Five Eyes and Israel.

Europe doesn’t want a war in Europe. The Empire does, because they are not in Europe. The devastation of Europe in a war would solve ALL their problems.

Pay attention, those who scream against the European Army are British Nationals,  Americans, and Zionists.

See, Here’s Germany’s Plan For The European Defense Union

The European Army as designed by Germany, France and Russia will be instrumental in squeezing NATO out of Europe and liberating Germany from American occupation.

Q.:  If I were King of Germany tomorrow, would I go to Putin and ask him to support my purge? The purge that would not even be necessary if my people were not completely brainwashed?

Would I ask for Russian protection if I were to expel US troops from Germany? How else do I get them out of here? Could my army even get the job done? If I need Russia to get rid of US vassalage, would Russia really support me for the sake of my own independence?

A.: Germany has already done this. Germany has already asked Russia to support its struggle for independence from the US and NATO occupation.

This video is an interview of historian and journalist Peter Feist to the German internet channel Quer-Denken.TV.

The idea is to create a new economic and political union with free trade and open borders between Russia, and Germany, France and Italy with secure energy delivery and common markets. China and Kazakhstan have also invested politically and financially into this project. Just think about thousands of Germans who were born in Kazakhstan and lived there and moved to Germany, but never severed connections with Kazakhstan.  Nazarbayev wants them to come back. You understand why…

As expected, the “new democracies,” and also the UK, Sweden, Nederland, Switzerland with their governments and elites completely owned by the US are putting fight against those plans. They won’t be a part of this project.

All the “terror” attacks that you have. All the “workers’ ” protests in France.  A fascist putsch in Ukraine.  So called “refugee crisis” was organized starting with the USAID and UN cutting billions of dollars for refugee camps food programs in December 2014. The demands to sign TTIP, or the second kidnapping of Europe.  All these was engineered to scare Germany and France from their cooperation with Russia.

That’s why Merkel is so determined to deal with “refugees” and to pay off Turkey. She just wants to pass this stage of unrest created by the Empire and to continue with a plan of squeezing the US out of Europe. She knows that an alternative is a war in Europe that the US planned to start.

The US has already lost to Russia and its allies (China, Iran, India and others) to some degree due to  new supersonic missiles, that Russia says to be developing.

The truth is Russia already has them. When Russian military say that they are developing something, it means that they already have it.

Russia can hit any location in the world in 20 minutes and destroy entire countries without using nuclear weapons.

Right now, NATO knows what’s coming and they are increasing their presence in Europe, to make their exit more expensive for Europe and Russia.

The US was given an ultimatum and they are bargaining right now to get more for their withdrawal from Europe.

As soon as NATO is out of Europe, Germany will get all those peace agreements and political freedoms that the US refused to give.

Watch out for Poland, the Baltics, some Balkan countries, Turkey, Ukraine and other US shills. They will be screaming and stinking up the place to high heaven.

Q.: The fact that Russia, by and large, has adhered to international law for quite some time, just means that the Russian leadership has found it more favorable to do so, than not to do so.

It does not necessarily mean anything else, or signifies respect for international institutions. ( I’m trying to say: I would rather see my people’s fate in Putin’s than Obama’s hands, but ultimately I would like to see the German people’s fate in their own hands)

Do you think that for Russia it would be a good move to invest substantial resources in German sovereignty?

A.: Yes, I believe that an independent and sovereign Germany could  become an ally of Russia and one of the world’s peacekeepers. Some time ago, we ceased the occupation of Germany and left. Now it’s time for the US to do the same.

Q.: Do you think Germany can win sovereignty without overt Russian support?

A.:  No. But, Germany has Russia’s support.

Thank you for your time

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