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‘I’m not interested in whether a racketeer like Lime was killed by his friends or by an accident. The only important thing is that he’s dead’.

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The Old Vienna

Vienna, City of Destiny, is at the heart of Central Europe, Mitteleuropa, between Western and Eastern Europe. It was the city which my father, who had fought since 1941, got out of in 1945. Had he not got out, I would not be writing these words now.

In history the city is where the Congress of Vienna took place in 1814–1815. This was an international diplomatic conference called to reconstitute the European political order after the downfall of Napoleon, the product of the French Revolution. Dominated by Russia, Prussia, Britain, Austria and France, it was a turning point – the first genuine attempt to forge an international order, to frame a ‘Concert of Europe’, and to bring long-term peace to a troubled Continent. Whatever the shortcomings and criticisms of that Congress, it did create relative peace in Europe for a century. Since then we have only had war.

However, cultured Vienna was also the city where both Hitler and Stalin lived at the same time in early 1913. They could have met. Perhaps they did, without knowing it. And in 1914, when Vienna became the city which made the spark which lit the powderkeg of Western rivalries, from whose consequences the world has not yet recovered and is still fighting in the Ukraine today.

The Third Man

Vienna was also the city in the 1949 film, The Third Man, reckoned by many to be among the ten greatest films ever made. It portrays a post-war, black-market, out-of-joint Vienna where the mood is cold, dark and hungry. It tells the story of an American racketeer, Harry Lime, who was ‘about the worst racketeer that ever made a dirty living in this city’, responsible for the deaths and insanity of hundreds, including many children, through his cynical and amoral greed: ‘Nobody thinks in terms of human-beings…The dead are happier dead. They don’t miss much here, poor devils’, says the murderer about his victims.

Lime is ‘the third man’, who grins cynically from out of the shadows. Trying to escape from the sewers, where, symbolically, he has sought refuge, Lime ends up being killed by his onetime friend, Holly Martins, a regular, good-hearted, but, as is so often the case, very naïve, American. And here we are now, 73 years on, not in Vienna, but on the world stage, once more facing cold, dark and hunger, racketeered by the third man global elite, headquartered in the sewers of the USA, who grin cynically from out of the shadows.

Like Lime, the global elite also want Europeans (and indeed the whole world) to sell their souls to them, in exchange for heat, light and food. Otherwise, Europe will suffer cold, dark and hunger. But Europe is already suffering from cold, dark and hunger and some Europeans at least understand that it does not need to sell its soul for heat, light and food. There is an alternative to the racketeering American gangster, Harry Lime. It can keep its soul if it wants.

Cold, Dark and Hunger

Thanks to the third man who imposed ‘anti-Russian’ sanctions on Europe, the prices of oil and gas in Europe have rocketed, often more than doubling. There will be cold for many in Europe from this autumn onwards. However, the third man is also post-modern man, who believes in nothing, except the cold of cynicism. Europe is starting to feel the cold, not just physically, but also in its soul, and that is the beginning of an emptiness which ruins human lives and ends them prematurely.

Thanks to the third man who imposed ‘anti-Russian’ sanctions on Europe, the lights will be going off in Europe. There will be darkness for many in Europe from this autumn onwards. However, the third man is also the man of darkness of the spirit, who does not know so many basic things, for example that injustice and greed are wrong, that mothers are not economic units, but the most important people in the world, and that what goes round comes round.

Thanks to the third man who imposed ‘anti-Russian’ sanctions on Europe and had the wheat blockaded in Black Sea ports by American-backed Ukrainian separatists. There will be hunger for many in Europe from this autumn onwards. However, the third man is also the man of hunger, who does not know that human-beings cannot live by bread alone, that there is even such a thing as spiritual nourishment, which is why much of the Western world is nothing but a spiritual Sahara.

The New Europe

Once the third man-racketeer Harry Lime has been killed, perhaps necessarily by a new Holly Martins, this whole American Nazi/NATO/EU nightmare of the present ‘Ukraine’ will end. The New Ukraine will be a small country of some fifteen million people and Europe will at last understand its century-old delusions.

Then Europe will need a Second Congress of Vienna. There the rules of peace could be laid down. Such a Congress would be dominated by the three cultural groups of Europe, each of which is dominated by Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant cultural reflexes, regardless of the lack of practising faith and minorities with other reflexes. Together they represent the 750 million Europeans, in three almost equal groups, most represented by 36 countries: Russia-Romania-Ukraine-Greece-Belarus-Bulgaria-Serbia-Georgia-Moldova-North Macedonia-Cyprus-Montenegro; France-Italy-Spain-Poland-Portugal-Hungary-Austria-Slovakia-Ireland-Croatia-Lithuania-Slovenia-Malta; Germany-Britain-Netherlands-Sweden-Switzerland-Denmark-Finland-Norway-Latvia-Estonia-Iceland. (Those countries with indeterminate identities, like Belgium, the Czech Lands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Albania etc we do not include here, they would have to choose which group they identify with most). A Second Congress would be a turning point – the last genuine attempt to forge an international order and bring long-term peace to a troubled Europe – and indeed to a troubled world.

Once Harry Lime is dead, we shall tell Holly Martins to return to the USA. Now with some experience of the real world, he may be able to start sorting out some of the massive problems and iniquities there. And we might well repeat these words from The Third Man to that naïve and blundering American:

‘Stop behaving like a fool…Go home, Martins, like a sensible chap, you don’t know what you’re mixing in. Get the next plane’.


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