“What is this?”

“This is no fish, neither meat, but Uncle Taras’ zalupa.”

An insulting Ukrainian saying.  


The first time I heard the word “chalupa” I was standing with my back to the wall of a school hallway, surrounded by a group of students. One of them called me “moscal’ and offered me to “try his chalupa” after that they all laughed in anticipation. I had just arrived from Moscow and didn’t understand a word they were saying, but their actions spoke louder than words.

I got enrolled into a high school in Kiev, where my dad was deployed. My family moved around a lot, and I was used to attending a new school every couple of years, so this wasn’t a big deal. What I didn’t count on were the cultural differences between Moscow and Kiev.

I was what we called back then a “botanist”; now the word for people like me is “geek.” Nevertheless, I was a trained athlete and volunteered as a stable hand for the local racetrack; in exchange they trusted me with training their horses. I knew how to handle large animals. Having no time for linguistic enquires, I just hit the guy square in his face. They all turned out to be cowards and ran as soon as fists started to fly.

This nagging feeling that something needed to be done with me didn’t disappear however, and a couple of months later they got their revenge. Our class was walking down to a school basement for a shooting test when someone pushed me from behind.

Accompanied by healthy laughter, I fell down the steps hands first and sliced my palms opened with some chards of glass that were scattered on the floor.  When a couple of minutes later I showed up for class clenching a blood soaked handkerchief, our Basics of Military preparation (NVP) teacher, a retired military officer, screamed at me calling me an idiot and said that I would either shoot for a grade or fail this test, because he wasn’t about to set up a shooting test for me alone.

I took a beaten up AK-47 with ten bullets from him, and looked back at the group of my classmates. I couldn’t tell who exactly pushed me; the basement was dimly lit with the exception of targets on the wall. I laid down on my stomach, steadied elbows, aimed and fired.

After a cloud of dust and gunpowder had settled, our teacher, an old, skinny man with a turkey neck, told me to put the automat down. “If you shoot me while I am checking your score, consider yourself dead.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I am not going to shoot you.’

When he came back, he confirmed that I had hit 99 out of 100. The best score in class. He was curious where I learned to shoot like this, and I explained that my dad had a personal gun and let me practice sometime shooting targets in the woods.

Remarkably, no one tried to challenge me afterwards. A thick rope-like scar still runs across my palm as a reminder of what in any Western democratic country could turn into a mass school shooting.

The next time I came across the word “chalupa” was in the spring of 2014 when after a February “victory of democratic Maidan” but before 400 people were burned alive in Odessa on May 2; a massive influx of cloned insulting images of president Putin flooded the twitter and Facebook.

It was hailed by the likes of CNN as an “expression of democratic outrage with Russia’s aggression.” I researched to see who was behind this and found that this massive bot-attack was organized by a brand new organization based in the US called “Digital Maidan.”

The organization was financed by the Khodorkovky-Soros  “Open Russia Foundation” among others and ran by a woman named Andrea Chalupa.

Further research revealed that Andrea Chalupa and her two siblings are actively involved with other sources of digital terrorism, disinformation and spamming, like TrolleyBust com,  stopfake org, and informnapalm. Ms. Chalupa kept cooperating with the  Khodorovky owned  magazine “The Interpreter.” Now, it’s a part of RFE/RL run by the government funded Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) whose director, Dr. Leon Aron also a director of Russian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

According to research of leaked John Podesta emails done by The Daily Caller,Arthur Brooks, president of the conservative nonprofit American Enterprise Institute, helped billionaire Clinton donor Lynn Forester de Rothschild secure the support of Republicans for Hillary Clinton.”

Back to our Chalupa… She acted as a moderator for a discussion panel on March 11, 2015 at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City in a “panel of experts” discussing the conflict in Ukraine “in the larger context of United States foreign policy.” The panel included Mouaz Moustafa,  featured in the “Red Lines,” named “the award-winning documentary about Syrian activists lobbying Washington and fighting for democracy,” and Michael Weiss, then an editor of “The Interpreter” and now a Senior Editor at The Daily Beast. This crowd shared their insights into “President Obama’s foreign policy.” Let’s not forget that John Schindler also named as a contributor for the Daily Beast.

This historical meeting of liberal and neo-fascists minds was reported to us by Damian Kolodiy a producer for Hromadske International, a TV station organized in 2013. It’s said on their Wikipedia page that is it to be funded by the former owner of the Privat Bank, Israeli billionaire Igor Kolomoisky. He is also known for finding Nazi punitive armed formation “Azov” what deploys mercenaries from around the world to specifically carry on a war in Donbass and to terrorize the civilian population of the rest of Ukraine.

“Chalupa” as a last name most likely came from Poland and means ХАЛУПА, which in turn came from Persian kulba, and means a rundown shack in the Southern and Western parts of Russia.

It also can be traced to a Southern Russian dialect usage of a word “chalupa” or “zalupa”  as  a slang for foreskin, according to the Big Dictionary of Russian language. Also it used to address something incomprehensible and stupid.

As a verb is used to address something that is peeling like paint, flaking and rolling up. Also something that is an annoying waste of time and efforts.

Also, weirdly enough, “ЗАЛ-УПА” Zal UPA means a hall of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. This pun is often used for anecdotes and insults of the Ukrainian fascists being nothing more than an abovementioned part  of male anatomy.

This brief linguistic research shows that ‘chalupa’ is not a misnomer in the case of Ms. Chalupa.

At the time I knew nothing about the Chalupa siblings and their active role in what is now shaping up to be a large scale anti-Trump conspiracy among the USA foreign policy makers organized by pro-Ukrainian activists.

To see the true extent of the presence of the Ukrainian ultra-Nazi ideology in directing the USA foreign policies see George Ellison’s articles published by the Saker:

About the UPA and the OUNb followers in the US politics


Recently, Andrea Chalupa, who is herself of Ukrainian origin, and acts in the capacity of an unpaid unregistered foreign agent/lobbyist for the Ukrainian Embassy, came back into political spotlight echoing John Schindler’s accusations that  Flynn and his son  of being paid Russian intelligence service assets. I often wonder about the sources of income of those journalists who have very large social media presences, but write very little or nothing at all.

John Schindler is one of them. After his very public resignation from the USNWC in August 2014, due to alleged sexual improprieties, he keeps his current place of employment in secret.

This however doesn’t prevent John Schindler from having to frequently accuse a retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn of being a Russian intelligence asset due to his accepting some modest payment to attend RT’s gala banquet in Moscow, where he spoke briefly with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Flynn has denied accepting any payment directly from RT, but says he was paid by his speakers bureau LAI for the trip to interview with Sophie Shevardnadze, granddaughter of the last Soviet Foreign Minister and first President of an independent Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze.

As reported elsewhere, Schindler and Chalupa’s ‘Flynn’s a traitor’ allegations have been magnified in recent days by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius ‘reporting’ that Flynn telephoned the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the day Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats or officers with diplomatic cover. The Trump camp in turn denies that Flynn discussed anything sensitive with Kiselyak beyond condolences over the crash of the TU-154 carrying the Alexandrov Ensemble in the Black Sea on (western calendar) Christmas Day, as well as preliminary planning for the first meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sometime in 2017.

On January 13th, the plot thickened with the claims of Scott Dworkin, a Senior Advisor-Democratic Coalition and self-proclaimed “#TrumpLeaks creator,” that they reported Flynn to the National Security Agency for breaking the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) on 11/18. the FARA Act requires a foreign agent or a lobbyist to register within 10 days of agreeing to become and agent.


Now, this report and the nature of the attacks on Flynn raises the whole slew of questions about the nature of activities of John Schindler, Dmitri Alperovitch, Andrea Chalupa, her siblings, and many others. These people run around like chickens with their heads cut off between the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian culture centers in New York and Washington,  and the Senate and other places populated with the US policy makers, every one of them is acting as unregistered paid or unpaid foreign agent.

Not that their frantic activities ever bring positive results. As someone pointed out recently, as an example of their disastrous involvement in the US foreign policy making, Ms. Chalupa, who met Schindler at the 2015 Lithuanian Embassy event she was the subject of a recent Politico piece about the Ukrainian Embassy lamenting that their partisanship for Hillary and Ukrainian officials insults of the future president elect Donald Trump may have frozen them out of the new Administration.

With a caution that “if it’s Ukrainians – more than Russians – who are interfering with our country, we have a right to know” George Ellison recently published a comprehensive research on the Chalupas and Dmitri Alperovitch, titled “Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart- Say Hello to Fancy Bear.”

Reiterating some Elison’s questions, “Ukraine has been screaming for the US to start a war with Russia for the past 2 1/2 years.  Is Ukrainian Intelligence trying to invent a reason for the US to take a hard-line stance against Russia? Can you mislead the federal government about national security issues and not get investigated yourself?

At this point any of us have little doubt that activities of the Chalupas, John Schindler, Dmitri Alperovitch and others amount to what “might be a criminal conspiracy.”

I would add that this anti USA Constitution criminal conspiracy to topple the recently elected president is being openly conducted with the participation of the foreign intelligence services.

Estonian foreign intelligence in the spotlight now, claiming that they have many “goods” on Trump

At first they claimed that  Trump’s lawyer had met Russians in Estonia. They immediately retracted this statement and started claiming that the meeting took place in Prague, and that Estonian intelligence was involved in organizing it. Pure fiction.

A Russian economist and blogger who writes about the Baltic republics wrote several articles about possible political provocation in Latvia that might take place on January 13th, 2017. (In Russian here) and (Here)

Today, on January 15th, it looks like the provocation against Russian that was supposed to take part on the territory of the Baltic republics took the form of “fake news.”

Along with the Estonians, there is a massive influx of so-called foreign intelligence agencies claiming to have the “goods” on Trump. Eric Garland, of a twitter fame, the same who on Dec. 11, “fueled by prescription amphetamines and craft beer, Eric Garland disgorged a sprawling 127-tweet thread explaining to America and the world exactly what was going on, how Russia put Trump in power, and what they could do about it.”

A new Eric Garland’s tweet goes as following;  “While Trump screams about *a* dossier, intel agencies around the world are sharing *many* dossiers about his dirt. Link to Buzzfeed article

I got very interested and started looking….  I found the Israeli secret service statements (on Twitter of course, where else) that Trump’s lawyer Micheal Cohen is an Israeli citizen, and that he used his Israeli passport while traveling to meet with Konstantin Kosachev in Prague.  So what? Who doesn’t have a Israeli citizenship? At the very least, the whole thing could be a set up from last year that they did in case of Trump’s victory and now decided to use. Anyway, how many people named Micheal Cohen live in Israel?

Another important issue, that the Israeli and Estonian fakers missed is the visa requirements and sanctions.  There is no visa requirements for the citizens of Israel entering the Czech Republic, but a Russian citizen would need a visa. Granted that Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev has been on different sanction lists for a while now, and that the Czech Republic has joined the EU sanctions against Russia back in summer 2014, there is serious doubts that they would let him into the country.

They both deny ever meeting in Prague.

What pushed the Estonian foreign intelligence in the spotlight, was an article in Postimees, an Estonian tabloid. An article written so badly, it might had more than three authors.

The whole thing sounds like an attempt to sell their own inept intelligence services, since they lost income from Russian market closures and loss of transfer of goods via railroads and ports. You asked what makes the Estonian secret service so powerful, since no one knew of their existence a day before? Their agents speak “brilliant Russian language”? This and five cents will get them a seat on a bus.

Furthermore, Postimees.is known to publish fakes for their American masters.

For example, in May 2016 they published a disgraced US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul’s article that stated that “the leaders of the West declared war” against Russia. The article was published in the Estonian language, and by an Estonian newspaper and basically went unnoticed by general public, and it was done so by design.

Michael McFaul: There was never promised to Russians not to allowed NATO to extend into the Eastern Europe

Incredibly, Mcfaul said that it’s Russia’s fault that NATO is expanding into Eastern Europe and accumulating on the Russia’s borders.

 “Russia’s behavior is from 2014. the year has been extremely unpredictable and aggressive. Basically, is this why the leaders of the West – fortunately, only in words – declared a war. Whether the American response to an increased Russian threat to the East Europe has been sufficient?” M. McFaul [my translation]

Granting that NATO was expending for the past 25 years, was it done in anticipation of “2014”? Did NATO knew that this day would come? Is it because they planned a putsch in Ukraine years in advance?

I wrote about this, and it went unnoticed before my old pal tweeted the link to McFaul.

McFaul tweeted to his followers and denied that he ever declared war, he even wrote that it would be illegal from the international law point of view. He also called me a liar.

I tweeted to him all the screenshot I took of the article and translation.

Being a liberal he never responded to me, but the arvamus.postimees.ee had removed the statement about the declaration of war, also it still can be seen via the internet archive.


To summarize, this is an anti-USA Constitution criminal conspiracy against the recently elected president. It’s being openly conducted with the participation of the foreign intelligence services.

However, fear not, friends, here comes good news. People who try to topple the US government are the same who organized their putsch in Ukraine, and who tried to topple the government in Russia in 2011, and likely in Turkey in 2016. All the usual suspects. Same ugly old faces.



P.S. One day, when we overcome the global parasite, we will start working for our families and our countries, and stop paying up with our blood and treasure to the handful of bloodsuckers. This glorious day will come, and we will think of each other and our past battles and sacrifices, and we will sing this old wartime tune:

Let’s share a smoke, comrade. Let’s have one last smoke together. One day we will remember our infantry troops, and our battalion that became a family.  Once again, Odessa will meet us as owners, and stars over the Black Sea will shine for us, for beautiful Kapotnya and heroic Nicolaev… time will come and we will remember these days again.


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“The end of the era is here, it’s time to attack”

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