Dear friends,

As you can imagine, I get quite a lot of hate mail.  It has been a while now that I wanted to share of of that stuff with you.  So I posted a recent one in the comments section of my article about the Elephant in the Room.  But I think I will also begin posting some of the more, shall we say, “heartfelt” hate mail in my sandbox because it says a lot about the kind of people we all are fighting.  Most of you have also probably already dealt with that kind, but for those who did not – this can be educational and beneficial as the “hate-filled mind” is one of the most frequent phenomena we have to deal with.

I won’t post the names or emails of the authors, I am not trying to shame them and, besides, they are kind of irrelevant.  For one guy who writes to tell me how much he hates me there will be 100 who share the same hate, but don’t write about it.

Anyway, today I will begin with the masterpiece below.  I hope you will find this interesting in a psycho-sociological way.

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker
Hello Saker,

So just randomly you came to this country and decided to become a pro-Russian blogger. What a nice and innocent hobby! Have you tried stamps or postcards instead? You can pull somebody else’s leg but not of those in the know. Only a Russian troll would write ‘the Ukraine’, ‘I hate Ukrainian nationalists’ etc. Why only Ukrainian ones? How about Russian, Bosnian, Serbian, French? Or you can’t afford to hate your employers?

The Canadian “expert” Patrick Armstrong you quote with so much drooling is a clown. His predictions are laughable although to you and your kind he could be a messiah. I think he’s a loser kicked out of the government job and now sulking.

What is day job? I need to talk to your boss. I’m looking for him.

By the way, if you have a Russian background, the word saker will be read by many illiterate and ignorant Russians as ‘sucker’? I guess, that your hidden message about your real identity.

And now my donation. Here it is. Bend down and pick up that penny. It will go a long way to support your mumbling in the blogosphere.

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