High alert: Russia tests army’s readiness in massive snap exercise in west & south

Russian Army units as well as the Air Force, Airborne Troops and the Navy’s Northern Fleet have been put on high alert as part of a large-scale snap exercise which the Defense Ministry says will check troops’ readiness to tackle emerging crises.

“According to the decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces [President Vladimir Putin], a regular snap exercise begins today,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at a briefing with top military commanders on Thursday.

“Troops in the Southern Military District, some units of the Western and Central Military Districts, as well as the Northern Fleet, the Air Force and the Airborne Troops, are to be put on full alert starting from 7.00am [local time],” the minister added.

Unannounced combat readiness inspection started in the Southern, Western and Central MDs

Southern MD formations and units are moving to concentration areas

Central MD motorized rifle and artillery brigades are leaving their bases

Aug 25, 2016

Heavy motorized rifle and artillery brigades of the Central MD located in the Orenburg Region have been alerted and started performing combat training tasks within the unannounced combat readiness inspection.

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