A senior LDNR military official, Col. Edward Basurin, the Deputy Head of the DPR People’s Militia Department, has confirmed that a false flag PSYOP operation was prepared by western special services (please make sure to also check the article Lilia Shumkova wrote about this).  According to Basurin, we are talking about three separate video productions which will be prepared for release by the AngloZionist propaganda machine (aka “the free and democratic press”) and on social media.  The three videos will have the following topics:

  • First video: it will show how the Russians hordes will attack the noble Ukrainian forces which, of course, will heroically repel the assaults of the barbaric vodka soaked Snow Niggers.
  • Second video: the heroic Ukrainian forces, armed with Javelins, will mount a successful counter attack and will penetrate deep inside the territory of the LDNR.
  • Third video: LDNR civilians will welcome the Ukronazi forces as European liberators from the Asiatic Russian yoke.

Any civilians killed in the process will, of course, be declared “terrorists”.

The purpose of these videos will be to demoralize both the civilians and the soldiers defending the LDNR.  This is what I call the “Borg message” (“surrender, resistance is futile, you shall be assimilated“) from the Star Trek Next Generation series.

When analyzing information, it is a common practice to separately evaluate the source and the actual contents of this information.  Nothing personal against Col Basurin (whom I like), but since he is a top level official, I cannot credit him as a source anywhere higher than “B”.  That means that he is a pretty decent source, but not only to be categorically trusted.  In terms of the actual info, I would rate the above it as a “1” with no hesitation whatsoever: that means that the contents of the information provided by Basurin fully agrees/”fits” with all the other information I have access to.

Therefore, with an overall rating of B-1 this is info we most definitely cannot ignore.

Now, it goes without saying, that Basurin’s purpose in releasing this info is to preempt that PSYOP, just like Russia recently did with the planned false flag chemical attacks.  Hopefully this will happen again.

But we need to understand two crucial facts:

  • The US and UK are absolutely desperate for war.
  • PSYOPS and false flags cost money and resources, the West simply cannot afford canceling them over and over again “just” because the Russians revealed what is being planned.

Finally, on all sides, except in Russia proper, it the overall situation is extremely unstable.

Something must give, and something will give.  Probably within weeks, possibly within days.

Today the US tried to engage in some “preparation of the informational battlefield” at the UNSC.  It was a waste of time, especially since both Russia and China could veto any decision anyway.  But remember, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

Colin Powell anybody?

BTW – I want to remind everybody the reason for all this panic: it appears that the West won’t be able to force Russia to send forces into the Ukraine.  The only likely Russian move would be to recognize the LDNR and bring in peacekeepers, which would be totally insufficient for western PSYOPs to declare that the Russian hordes are invading the peace loving Ukraine and are about to “loot Kiev” and all of the European continent.

These are the folks who not only did MH-17, the Skripals or even the fake chemical attacks in Syria, these are the folks who also did 9/11 murdering 3000 of their own innocent civilians.  For them to fight Russia down the the last Ukie is a totally viable and reasonable plan.  So blowing up, say, a Ukie nuclear plant or releasing a “dirty bomb” in downtown Kiev is a no-brainer for them.

I don’t know if Basurin’s very specific warning will preempt this latest PSYOPs and whether the filming and release of these three videos will happen or not, but I would be amazed if we did not see a major, dramatic, false flag taking place somewhere in the Ukraine (either in Banderastan proper or in the LDNR) in the next couple of weeks.


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