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Comment by Circe
First of all, let me say that Engdahl is bull’s-eye on the strategy. He covers it brilliantly. However, Engdahl doesn’t go far enough at the end. He starts by describing the separation strategy, ie the empire befriending the weaker of two of its mortal enemies to isolate the stronger, China, then he gets into the change in strategy regarding the War on Terror that was a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Here’s the kicker though: at least three members of Trump’s already formed team have stated that Iran is more dangerous than ISIS, well one is not yet a member, Petraeus. However Flynn and Mattis are and Pompeo stated that Tehran was intent on destroying America, essentially making the Zionist existential meme America’s as well. So there’s a tectonic shift happening : Iran is replacing ISIS and Al-Qaeda as the Number One Global Terror Threat in the Zionist/Neocon lexicon or should I say the narrative of fear to be used against the masses as incentive to make another war a palatable necessity. Now we all know how 9/11 was used to incite revenge therefore war; well, if fake intelligence doesn’t work expect another incident to create the casus belli against Iran.In the end Engdahl should have come full circle tying up the befriending the weaker of two mortal enemies strategy with the strategy to replace ISIS in the category of Number One Terrorist Organization therefore creating a casus belli against Iran similar to the one used for the invasion of Iraq.Netanyahu was disappointed with PNAC’s round-about way of getting to the main event, destroying Iran, but Zionist American Neocons after the fall of the Soviet Union needed to create a much more ambitious enemy target to rally the masses; as China’s influence was growing while Russia’s power was diminishing with the fall of the SU, and was no longer militarily capable to take on the U.S. and NATO. However China and Russia together make up the empire’s worst nightmare and represent the balance of power that the empire fears.The plan was to take over Iraq, Syria and Iran and install U.S. bases and take over all the oil routes in the region to control the flow of oil and gas. Whoever controls these vital routes and resources is ensured world domination.

Try to compare Iran’s influence in the Middle East to China’s global influence, both are a grave threat to the Anglo/Zionist empire for more than one reason: China militarily, financially and geopolitically and Iran because it sits on a treasure-trove of oil and gas wealth and is a geopolitical threat to Israel and the salafi/Wahhabi kingdom.

Iran and Russia are therefore the road to undermining China’s growing geopolitical/diplomatic influence and power. First you destroy SCO by creating division between China and Russia and then you destroy Iran, control the wealth of Persian Gulf commerce and suddenly China is at the mercy of the Anglo/Zionist Empire for its oil and gas.

But that’s not all, Taiwan will also play a strategic role in bringing China to its knees, and this is why John Bolton and Steve Yates were in Trump’s sphere of influence when that call between Taiwan’s President and Trump happened. Steve Yates was Cheney’s top Neocon China advisor and it’s no surprise that he is also part of Trump’s advisory committee.

Make no mistake, Russia is still a formidable threat to the Empire and proved it by frustrating the PNAC plan for Syria; but if Putin let’s this plan B as Engdahl refers to it happen, Russia will eventually find itself in the crosshairs again and in a much weaker position than it is in today. If the empire succeeds in weakening China by neutralizing Iran; it’s game over for Russia as well.

And let me say this; you’ll note that a bizarre rapprochement started happening between Netanyahu and Putin even though Netanyahu must have been foaming at the mouth when Russia intervened in Syria, and this even before Trump was being cordial with Putin. So the change in policy was already happening with Netanyahu once PNAC’s plan was scuttled in Syria.

The plan for the Empire however is still one and the same; the only aspect changing is the strategy on how to achieve it and Trump was the godsend that Zionist/Neocons needed to put it in motion. Hillary lacked the charisma, connecting theme with the masses and the revised strategic vision to make it happen.

You can bet that the empire will try to make Putin an offer he can’t refuse to look the other way on Iran. Beware of Zionists bearing gifts; or a horse’s head. It could be a bribe with a hidden agenda or it could be an ultimatum.

So Trump is rebuilding America’s defenses (PNAC term) with a plan to inject about a trillion into the MIC and gunning for Iran and China and ironically Putin will be the catalyst that will either make or break the empire. It will all depend on whether he is as clever as the reputation that precedes him and whether he has the fortitude to resist what the empire will throw his way. What worries me is that Russia was outfoxed in the fall of the Soviet Union, and outfoxed in Iraq and Libya.

Will this be China’s moment? Will China do for Iran what Russia did for Syria? China has held back for now; but Tehran is the road to China; and this is an existential cause that China’s leaders can easily use to rally their people. Maybe Iran has a port it can rent out to the Chinese fleet; just for deterrence purposes…for now.

Here’s an interesting quote from a 2006 article on the subject that China’s leaders would be wise to heed.:

If conflict with China is inevitable, it makes sense to have U.S. bases in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and maybe Iran and Syria. If China is dependent on Middle East oil, it makes sense for the U.S. to be able to control how and where it flows from the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf oil fields.

and it also spells out the premise of the Zionist manifesto:

They are equipped with a philosophical outlook that justifies the use of hyped, imagined threats to unite the masses behind rulers’ objectives and ambitions, to suppress dissent and control through fear. They’re inclined to identify each new target as “a new Hitler,” and to justify their actions as “an answer to the Holocaust.

And finally lurking in the shadows, he’s still in control:

For the moment, at least, the war party led by Dick Cheney remains in ascendancy.

Or is the Neocon war party led by Netanyahu: the new King of the Jews? No, not David; Goliath and is PNAC the manifesto; the mein kampf of Zionism? Remember a year after Clean Break was authored PNAC was created and no doubt Netanyahu was pleased with how it evolved on paper.

Who would have thought that because of Iran, China is the unspoken enemy of Zionism.

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