Dear friends,

How shall I put it…  hmmm… maybe its the hurricane and my forced ‘vacation’, or maybe all the repeated outages of our server (we still have not found the root cause of them, out IT officers are still trying to find it), or it’s all the crazy events taking place in our world gone insane, or maybe you are setting aside for the now very possible WWIII – whatever may be the case, my last appeal for support has been rather disappointing.  While many have send their support, many many more have not :-(

[Hey – new readers, I especially mean you!!]

So let me try this: let’s *pretend* like I will offer to make a special podcast only for those who actively support my word.  And let’s *pretend* like this podcast will only be available behind a paywall.  Of course, I will do nothing of the kind, and my work will always remain available for free and under a copyleft license, but since a lot of people are telling me that this is a much better way to finance my work, what we can do is *pretend* like I will produce some super-dooper-special “for top donors” only content.  As long as you don’t just pretend that you are sending me a donation but do it for real – that could well work.   And what a great way to screw the logic of capitalism by turning it over on its head!

So here is my offer: you have until Friday October 21st evening (local FL time) to send me two things:

1) Donations (yes, really, and please don’t forget…)

2) Questions for a “Q&A with readers” podcast

Please post the questions here (do NOT email them to me, please!!!).  And since I have not made one of those for a long while, let’s make it a “everything is on-topic” kind – you can ask anything about anything, no banned topics, you can even ask personal question if you want, or even silly ones.  For new readers this can be a “get to know each other” kind of podcast.  But if you prefer serious stuff (Novorussia, the Ukraine, Putin, US Presidential elections, Syria, risks of WWIII, state of Russian armed forces, etc) that is also a good time to ask it.

And then, of course, I would post the full podcast here.  And, of course, with no paywall or advertisements or any other of that kind of aggravation you are subjected to elsewhere.

Would that be tempting?

(-: the correct reply here is “yes, of course, great idea!!” :-)

Anybody opposed?

(I hear no “nays”)


Thank you all for your support and understanding.

Now keep ’em donations and questions coming in until Friday evening!

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

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