I often see the comment “how bad is the crisis in the Ukraine really?  is the regime really in difficulty”?

I suppose that you have all see the wonderful fights in the Ukrainian Rada.  If not, check out the latest one around “our friend Iats”:

But, the Rada is the Rada, right – we expect nothing else from that zoo.  Right?

Well, take a look at a non-public meeting of the executive branch, this time with the participation of Saakashvili, governor of the Odessa region, and Arsen Avakov, Minister of the Interior.  First, I would point out that these “Ukrainian” “nationalists” all converse in a flawless Russian when away from the cameras.  Second, speaking of cameras, even though the meeting was behind closed doors, Avakov video-recorded it and now he posted this video on his Facebook account.  I will summarize the exchange as so: “you corrupt thief!  No, you corrupt thief!  No you corrupt thief!” etc. etc. etc.  Then there are some words about who does and does not have “billions” and who has honor.  Avakov also calls Saakashvili a “immigrant laborer” while the latter claims that he loves his Ukraine.  It ends with a glass of water being thrown.See for yourself, enjoy the video, and ask yourself what this really says about the state of affairs in the “independent Ukraine”!


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