by Scott Humor

Regardless of what the US’s new envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, thinks of himself, he arrived to Ukraine to buy a Brooklyn Bridge, whether he wanted it or not.

Among the aboriginals populating Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk-Tel-Aviv triangle, the favored scheme is a real estate fraud.

It generally goes like this: we show you a great property with a sea view, you pay us money; after taking your money, we disappear leaving you to take it up with the original rightful owner.

That’s exactly how Kurt Volker is being groomed.

On July 24, 2017 the US Special Envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, visited Donbas in Eastern Ukraine to observe the “situation” in the conflict zone.

The “black real estate dealers” from Kiev masquerading as the Ukrainian government, took Mr. Volker by his unsuspected arms and brought him directly into a town that has been playing the role of a stage and a production decoration for numerous fake “documentaries” about Kiev’s “war with Russia.”

A very unusual kind of war, that has been taking place for the last three years in one town called Avdeevka or Avdiivka, depending on your state of mind and amount of alcohol consumed.

Here, in a town that we have seen in so many videos,  an American diplomat observed what he later called “the front Line in Avdiivka” as reported by the TV channel UATV, (UA|TV – Inomovlennya of Ukraine), the Ukrainian state international broadcasting channel.

Ukrainian International Broadcasting Channel UATV

According to the real government of Ukraine (located in the US, see the link above): “the launch of the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform of Ukraine (IBMPU) was held on October 1, 2015. In the framework of the International broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine, the “UATV” channel was introduced instead of satellite “UTR” TV channel. It is broadcast via three satellites: Amos 3, Azerspace 1, Galazy 19, as well as through the cable networks of certain countries, in particular Poland and Azerbaijan.” Add to this Denmark and Israel.

You watch this government channel, and you expect the reporting to be true, albeit slightly boring. Lucky for us, this is not the case. Instead, we are shown a brilliantly plaid real estate con.

Judge for yourself:


At 0:17, a news anchor says, “He [Kurt Volker] was also shown a residential high-rise building, damaged by the Russian hybrid forces in Ukraine.”

I wrote about this provocation staged by the Ukrainian armed forces and TSN journalists twice, in my March 13 and March 15 Sitreps.  I just knew that they were going to use this building again.

Last spring, I posted several videos that depicted how the Ukrainian Armed Forces were shelling this building from their tank.

March 11, Donbass, the town Avdeevka, located on the territory occupied by the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian armed forces organized a provocation, shooting a 9 story building at close range, while TSN (TCH) TV channel journalists were recording.


If the posted video is blocked, try this link and this video with the description: “March 13, 2017 For a vivid picture on a video report about alleged shelling of Avdiivka by DNR, the channel TSN fabricated the video story.

However, a casual eyewitnesses recorded a video showing that it was a Ukrainian tank that took direct shots at the high-rise building in the town.”



The voice in the video says: “[They] are shooting directly at the 9-story building, at the Church of  Awakening. [The church of Awakening is a church located on the Cathedral street in the city of Avdeevka.]

The building was hit several times. Yes. The building is directly hit. This is nuts.”

And in my March 15, 2017 article,  Give the falling CIA APUSH  

Avdeevka, the situation with the 9 story building that Ukrainian military used for target practice had received its development.

A Kiev authority propaganda channel 1+1 arrived to Avdeevka to interview people there.

Those interviews turned out to be something else:


A Ukrainian journalist: “Horror returned to Avdeevka, where during the day, rebels shelled one of its high-rises. Many people were forced to abandon their apartments.”

Andriy Tsaplienko : “Avdeevka is not just a town, it’s a frontline. With these kind of  wounds on its stone body, this town has learned to survive.  I think that peace here is winning over the war.

March 9 was Taras Shevchenko’s birthday, but it’s hard to find any fans of Kobzar’s poetic creations here. It’s easy to find those who cannot even tolerate the word “Ukraine.”

A man in blue: “I hate you, I hate even the word ‘Ukraine.” I hate this country and I hate it’s flag. “

Andriy Tsaplienko : “Do you love Ukraine?”

A man in a black windbreaker: “Why should I love Ukraine?  Should I love Ukraine for the VSU (Ukraine’s armed forces) shelling our towns and cities?”

Andriy Tsaplienko: “So, you think it’s ZSU/VSU that is shelling Avdeevka?”

A man in a black windbreaker: “Of course! Any old lady here can tell you that it’s Ukraine’s Armed forces shelling this town.”

Andriy Tsaplienko: “They repeat Russia’s propaganda word by word. This is the result of the Kiev’s information war. Their (people in Donbass) knowledge of reality is so twisted that they refuse to understand the simple fact that the terrorists are shooting from occupied town Yasinovataya”

The gist of this story is that the locals can actually see the Ukrainian armed forces artillery shooting the buildings in Avdeevka, as it was said on the video of the shelling that I posted the other day.

As you can see in all these videos, Kurt Volker was shown the same gray brick building destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed forces tank for a staged video, and abandoned by the people who lived there.

As you can also see all this is a fraud. If Kurt Volker uses this building as an excuse to give the Kiev junta millions of dollars to buy the lethal weapons, he will become their co-conspirator. He will be actively defrauding his constituencies.

Granted, that the people that Mr. Volker plans to hand money to buy weapon are under active investigation by Russia’s Investigative Committee and that some of these people were indicted by the courts in Russia for war crimes and crimes against humanity; Mr. Volker should think really hard before getting himself involved. Someone has to pay the reparations to the people in Donbass, and he might be the one who will.


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