Colonel Cassad
Colonel Cassad has just published an interesting analysis about how MH17 was shot down (please see here for the original Russian text: Как убивали малазийский “Боинг”).  Uncle Martin has already made a full translation and posted it on the English version of Colonel Cassad’s blog (please see here for the English translation: How the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down).  Since this is very long text, I will not re-post it fully here, but I have decided to make it available for download in ODT, RTF and PDF format (please click here to download the zipped file with all three formats).

In conclusion I would like to indulge in a rather infantile exercise in self-congratulatory “autobackslapping” and point out that the hypothesis I put forth as early as August 4th is holding up to time pretty well.  See for yourself:

Just the baseless hypothesis of an uninformed amateur, nothing more (original post on the old blog)

Just the baseless hypothesis of an uninformed amateur, nothing more (same post on the new blog)

My disagreement with Colonel Cassad is that I believe that the R-60M missile was used first to hit one engine and slow down MH17 and that the SU-25s guns were used later to finish off the airliner.  Still, this difference is trivial.  We both agree that missiles and canon fire were used and that no Buk-M1 was used (other than to cue the SU-25 to the correct intercept trajectory, in my hypothesis).

It is important, crucial really, that we NOT allow the AngloZionist to just gently and slowly shove the truth about MH17 into the “memory hole”.  Right now, the Imperial media is mounting an truly heroic effort into not mentioning the MH17 topic as if it had never happened.  Except that it did and many innocents died in this disgusting false flag attack.  We cannot let Russia be alone in demanding that the full truth be revealed about this atrocity and this is why I will continue posting any well researched documents on this topic.

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