The liberal think tank Stratfor has stated what we already knew: “Kiev could have incited the violence to draw attention to the conflict and rally international support for continued sanctions on Moscow.

And that’s where the Kiev regime finds no understanding among the European national businesses.

On the supra-national level everything is business-as-usual: In January in Ukraine, senators McCain and Graham visited front line troops and spent the night with them alongside Ukraine’s president Poroshenko in their barracks.

In the video uploaded by the Poroshenko’s administration, we see him and Senators McCain and Graham standing in front of a dozen men dressed in Ukrainian military uniform.

It’s not immediately apparently if those men are actual Ukrainian military personnel or if they are foreign private contractors from the US, Poland, Germany and Canada who have been serving in the foreign legion called the “Ukrainian armed forces” for some time now.

In the video Poroshenko thanks his “partners and friends senators from the United States” for their help in “fighting with the enemy of Ukraine, aggressor Russia.

Since the Russian court ruled the Maidan coup in Kiev to be an unconstitutional putsch and the Kiev authorities to be illegitimate, McCain and Graham implicated in this video in assisting the Kiev regime in war on the Russian population of Ukraine, by definition, in genocide.

This is how they spoke during the occasion, Senator Lindsey Graham said:  “I admire the fact that you will fight for your homeland.”  “Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of offense.”

“All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them to pay a heavier price.”

McCain said:I believe you will win. I am convinced you will win and we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win. We have succeeded not because of equipment but because of your courage. So I thank you and the world is watching and the world is watching because we cannot allow Vladimir Putin to succeed here because if he succeeds here, he will succeed in other countries.”

Graham, McCain and Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, traveled throughout the former Soviet Union in recent days trying to destabilize the situation on the Russia’s border in light of NATO’s buildup.

In response to the three rogue senators activities, including their “joint statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration” President Trump issued a statement on his Twitter account


Per the Logan Act: Conducting Foreign Relations Without Authority and per President Trump executive order the Ethics commitments by executive branch appointees, there is a rising tide of voices calling to “lock up” these two main assets of the globalists government: The two US senators’ latest attempt to set off World War III during their visit to Ukraine is the last straw. Something must be done.

I don’t know the reasons why the US military has never investigated and charged McCain for his self-admitted treason in Vietnam and his involvement in instigating the death of scores of sailors on the USS Forrestal.

Senator McCain has a very colorful history that is coming to light right now. The following has been shared with me by the Kulak.

John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

“Of historical interest — I know McCain, like the other POWs, was beaten but as a special prisoner probably tortured far less and targeted for brainwashing more aggressively. Still it would’ve been better if this audio and transcript had been produced in the pre-Internet era where at least in Reagan’s America it may’ve ended his political career before he got to the Senate.”

  • Did John Mccain Blow up the USS Forestal Aircraft carrier
  • “Nonetheless the Trump tweet about McCain mongering for WWIII (with Trump not having to say with whom) goes out, and days later Chuck bearded Johnson (not the weird Little Green Footballs guy) who’s been linked to the Trump camp comes out with this. McInsane there’s plenty more kompromat where this came from…”


McCain, who is 81 and full of energy, is a walking illustration of Alex Jones of Infowars’ revelation that the globalist elites have captured medical discoveries helping people live healthy and productive lives for over 100 years, and that Donald Trump wants to make these medical discoveries available to all people.

But coming back to the Kiev junta attacks on Donbass, I recommend to look at the excellent analytic by RoSsi BaRBeRa

“Provocation in Avdeevka and along the front line in Donbass was organized in the best tradition of Kiev’s punitive missions. Its implementation took a lot of efforts, a variety of means, and lives of the Ukrainian military and the civilian population on both sides, cynicism of Ukrainian media and politicians in the Verkhovna Rada.”

“The outcome of this bloody act, as expected, were dozens of victims, humanitarian problems for all of the Eastern regions, crippled nerve cells of the civilian population and damaged mental state of children living in Donbass.”

“In contrast to the Ukrainian press statements that Kiev has been conducting a “special operation” only “in areas where people did not appreciate the privilege of being a part of a unified Ukraine” and because of this the civilians of Donbass were “punished for their own guilt,”  overall the Western propaganda machine (not so long ago inflating any news associated with Kiev to the size of a full-scale world events), this Western media tone has been hashed. ”

At first the Trump administration, for whose attention this river of Russian blood is being spilled by the Western occupational authorities in Kiev, declines to blame Russia for the renewal of fighting in East Ukraine

“White House spokesman Sean Spicer had little to say on Wednesday when asked for the administration’s position on the renewed fighting that began over the weekend and persisted into early Wednesday. At least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded. President Donald Trump has been “kept aware of developments” in Ukraine, Spicer said, and the White House will “have further updates as we go on.” It was not immediately clear when those updates would come.”

“On Tuesday, the State Department responded to the violence in Ukraine but omitted any mention of Russia in a six-sentence statement that called for an immediate cease-fire and full implementation of the agreements meant to outline a political resolution to the crisis.”

“The omission of Russia from the responses contrasted sharply with statements by the Obama administration, which sharply criticized Moscow for supporting and even directing attacks by the separatists, and not fulfilling its obligations under the 2015 truce plan signed in Minsk, Belarus.”

“During the last surge in violence in December, former State Department spokesman John Kirby had gone far further, accusing Moscow of backing “a Russian separatist attempt to seize additional Ukrainian territory.”


Failure of the Kiev junta to raise anti-Russian hysteria to its “normal” high-pitch tone is bad news for the junta.  How else would the democratic West demonize Russia, if no one in Europe and the United states pays attention?

While President Putin dedicated two minutes of his speech in Hungary to the escalation of the conflict,  the Western press for the rare exception ignored it, or call it a flair up of the civil war, and domestic conflict, rather than traditional “Russian war in Ukraine. ”


See text of Putin’s statement in the video description.

The imitation of Ukraine’s economic integration into the European Union  is practically over. After severing all of the economic ties with Russia, Ukraine is left without an economy as such. Millions of adults have left the country to work in Europe and Russia, and supporting the older population and children with cash remittance.

Supranational globalist forces that have been paying for Russophobia to governments, Media and NGOs for the past 26 years,  “suddenly” have  lost their footing and found themselves in a direct confrontation with the national elites of the same countries which earlier proclaimed Russophobia as their worldview.

Considering that Ukraine is a nation artificially created from forty some million Russian people who lived there and was unconstitutionally cut from Russia, it took several “color revolutions” and a bloody fascist coup with the Nazi prison punitive horror to set up an artificial “anti-Russian” regime in the country.

All of this was accomplished in preparation to the “color revolution” in Russia that as supposed to take place first in 2011 and then in spring of 2016, but failed due to the brilliant work of the Russian intelligence and law enforcement.

One of the reasons why the Kiev regime decided to stage its regular provocation against the Donetsk republic might be the fact the a part of the Ukrainian lawmakers mysteriously disappeared. This January only 212 Rada deputies showed up for work, instead of the 226 which is a legal quorum. Others resigned or just left without leaving a forwarding address. The situation is so dire that the government has to resign and to form a new coalition, or to have an earlier elections. That’s why Poroshenko and the ruling oligarchs behind him use the only means of making things to go their way which is bombing Donetsk and killing people there.

Another issue is that February-March 2017 is the pre-planned by the IMF period of dramatic cuts in social payments and pensions and dramatic growth of the price of the basic services as electric, water, gas, and internet connection.

The most significant and the most damaging for Ukraine is the IMF demand of privatization of the arable lands, the only national treasure which is not stolen yet. The IMF demands to have a privatization law by March 3, 2017 which will be the end of the “Ukraine project” started by the Bolsheviks in 1917.

When millions of farmers will be kicked off their rented lots of land and forced to hand it over to German and Saudis agro-giants, every villager will start speaking Russian overnight.

Also, by February-March Ukraine will take out all the gas it purchased for the winter, and it will inevitably start stealing gas destined for Europe. The easiest way for the Kiev authorities is to blame the shortage of gas on the war with Russia. Yes, Kiev is ready to blame the shortage of gas that Europe buys from Russia on the “war with Russia.”

In December 2016 Rada adopted a 2017 budget without IMF-requested reforms.

Everyone understands that without this artificially maintained armed conflict and without the slow slaughter of the Russian population, the junta would have failed a long time ago. Everyone understands that the IMF pays the junta for a mounting body count, not for economic reforms.


This time it worked again, to a lesser degree, though. Everything was fine until the new Trump’s administration Ambassador to the UN Haley came out with the statement blaming Russia for Ukrainian attacks on Donbass.

“We know from her confirmation hearing (and from her early endorsement of Marco Rubio in the primaries) that Haley’s a Russia hawk,” says HotAir.

According to CNN, which has been lying about Trump through its teeth, Haley didn’t get direction from the White House but she wasn’t asked not do to it. Another source told CNN that the National Security Council signed off on the remarks.

This is a far cry from saying that Trump administration signed off and approved ambassador Haley’s statement. And judging by the behavior of the recently fired US Attorney general for refusing to follow the president’s orders, women in Washington continue the war path of Nuland, Clinton,  and Evelyn N. Farkas. Exactly one year ago I wrote:

I have written before about the clear and present dangers represented by unknown Western government apparatchiks who are capable and known to initiate wars, with disastrous effect on countries and regions. Nuland is not alone to start a war, Evelyn N. Farkas, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, is another one.

In reality we have an umpteen number of nameless unelected officials coming up with more and more strategies to upset status quo and plunge countries, regions and continents into all-out wars. The power that these small nameless people wield over our lives and over our children’s future is obscene and horrendous.

and also here on Evelyn Farkas

Add to these list of war mongering American women a former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. I mean, after the anti-Trump protests of walking vaginas, you probably understand the essence of an average liberal American woman. Between us, their fanaticism scares me. In general, they have the highest quality of life of anyone else in the world, and they are willing to personally murder everyone whom they perceive as standing in their way of happiness.

This week my friend devastated by a divorce after forty years of marriage, told me that liberal “ethics” of entitlement and zero responsibility has destroyed foreign countries and also the US economy, and lives of its people and relationship between spouses and parents and children.  “The only saving grace for America is conservatism,” he said, “but most people around would rip you apart if they knew that you are a conservative.”

In November 2016, Politico asked if  Nikki Haley was about to put the U.S. in Russia’s corner? In January Politico answered its own question: Nikki Haley on Wednesday became the latest Donald Trump Cabinet nominee to break with him on how to deal with Russia.


But there is however a new twist to this old story. A very significant twist.

Out of blue, the Forbes rushed in with explanations of what the UN Ambassador Haley’s comment on Russia really means:

  1. Haley’s comments did not pertain to the major sanctions everyone wants removed,” says Joseph Dayan, head of markets at BCS Global Markets in London. “She was very clear about that.”
  2. “Haley’s comments from yesterday suggest that the smaller Crimea sanctions are not part of the discussion.”
  3. “U.S. sectoral sanctions on Russia are due to expire in December.”
  4.  Sanctions against persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine and prohibiting certain transactions with respect to the Crimea region of Ukraine


These sanctions, if you read into them, just severely restrict American businesses from operating in Crimea, and also keeps away the ability of the Russia’s rich to keep their money in the US banks if they still run businesses in Russia.

Haley’s threat is truly nothing but pushing hot air around the room.  Our only hope is that this room is well ventilated. The last time I have been to the UN building it struck me with its general decrepity, but also just about anything else in the US.

Forbes’ Kenneth Rapoza almost got my price of the journalistic sanity for this article,  but one cannot be a liberal and remain sane. I am talking about this paragraph where he compares. Igor Sechin, the CEO of Rosneft,  to “Darth Vader”.

 “Sectoral sanctions impact Russia’s most powerful companies and some of its most powerful oligarchs, from Sberbank to Rosneft, run by Vladimir Putin’s close associate, Igor Sechin, a man known locally as “Darth Vader”. Removal of those sanctions would likely imply that Russia removes counter-sanctions on European agribusiness.”

Wait a minute! I thought Putin was “Darth Vader” in liberal terminology of the Matrix.  Now, I’m confused.

This is one of many reasons why liberal propaganda is not believable. They are liberally label everyone they hate as “Hitler,” “Mussolini,” “Darth Vader.” Even their own sitting president. And yes, a “gray cardinal” after Alexandre Dumas’s  “The Three Musketeers.” You can tell that most liberal journalists read some books in the middle school, but dropped this nonsense the moment  porn entered their lives, while not as fulfilling as reading, but nevertheless more enlarging.

By the way, Igor Sechin is an FSB officer, as  other “Putin’s close associate,” because Russia is being governed by  Russia’s security service officers.  Sechin speaks French and Portuguese and has extended experience of service in African countries and Russian’s Asian republics  trying to defuse Western organized armed conflicts there. He is also an FSB officer, who is a part of the intelligence services management team which is running the country for the past 16 years. He is a really good man and a potential candidate for future presidency.

This is why is it is ridiculous for the US to keep sanctions  on Sechin meanwhile making this shy suggestions that “Removal of those sanctions would likely imply that Russia removes counter-sanctions on European agribusiness.”

That’s where a dog is buried, how we say it in Russia.

Meaning, that’s the point of truth. You can actually see here the inter-workings of the US government, Wall Street, and the European governments, who are up to their ears in cow manure that their enraged farmers liberally spread them on.

The Russian counter-measures on the European agribusiness are set until December 2017. In the last three years, Russia became the world biggest producer and exporter of organic grains. This year Russia has an overproduction of potatoes. The list is going on. Next January we will count four years of the sanctions wars, as the result of which we might even see a dissolution of the European Union as a bureaucratic supra-national unelected government.

But, it makes me chuckle when I see Forbes waking up its market opinion contributor in the middle of the night in a complete panic to make almost “Russia friendly” noises to voice over the words coming from the new US Ambassador’s mouth.

I don’t see why Russia would ever want to open its markets for EU produced food if it has started overproducing for its own market as we speak. Thanks to sanctions, I must add.

They made Russia’s supranational comprador rich to flee the country to hold on for whatever money they had stolen prior to sanctions. Those who stay in the country are forced to act patriotic. Why would Russians ever want to eat Polish apples, when Poles are so zoologically Russophobic? Same with the Baltic sardines. Same with New Zealand meat. At this point, no one in Russia wants to touch anything coming from the Russophobic countries just for a fear of harm that might be hidden in those products.

It’s been over twenty years since the Western occupational authorities of Yeltsin’s government declared that Russia didn’t need any industries because it will live by selling gas and oil and buying the Western produced food and goods. Since then it was an uphill battle. These past three years finally provided the most favorable conditions for development of domestic manufacturers.

Forbes’ expression of hope for the European agribusiness has also told me everything I needed to know about the current Poroshenko status. From the Nuland-Mccain-Baiden-netanuahy backed political manipulator and the West’s special stake they were trying to ‘push right into Russia’s heart,”  he turned into a problem for everyone. The provable fact that he came to power as a result of the illegal putsch, and that he is a war criminal and up to his eyeballs in human blood will come into play shortly.

The formula of the African, Latin American and the Eastern European West installed dictators “blood of the population and the wealth of the nations for personal enrichment” has stopped working.

Needless to say that this Forbes article is a sign of a process that as Cat Motya puts it: “mice almost made us out. A little bit, and mice will start coming to their senses.”

He quotes the article from libertepolitique Le triple coup de maître de Vladimir Poutine

in Russian Тройной удар Владимира Путина

Let liberals scream locally, while we win globally

As the French article goes, (you are welcome to submit your own translation)

“Let’s not forget that one of the biggest Russia’s victories in Syria is a permanently open access to the Mediterranean Sea. Something that neither Russian tsars, nor the USSR were able to achieve. And the Russian president is looking further, by supporting Morocco he is preparing to advance the Russia’s positions to the Atlantic ocean.

“In less than three years, Russia completely has changed its positions in the Black Sea and Crimea, with Turkey  and Iran and in the rest of the Middle eastern and the Mediterranean regions with the Egypt, and by supporting general Haftar in Libya and Morocco, with very minimal military involvement and while fighting the Islamic terrorists and helping its allies. “

Being unable to attack Russia any longer, the EU supranational rulers turned and attacked the United States, using nothing less than an old Nazi propaganda. The 100 plus year of Nazi propaganda is so tired and empty and only works in the minds of zombies like Donald Tusk. Not that they don’t try…

As the Kulak says: “Aka the guy the EU was paying to troll Trump (and Alex Jones too) as a Russian agent before Trump’s proposed envoy to the EU compared the bloc to the late Gorby era USSR on the BBC,  setting off pout raged statements from EUrocrats like Donald Tusk and Guy Verhofstadt. Maybe Tusk isn’t merely the spitting image of his Nazi grandfather made by the 4th Reich beneath the ice of Antarctica?

In Response to Trump’s Likely EU Ambassador’s Euroskepticism and the Trump Executive Orders Restricting Muslim Country Nationals’ Admittance to the U.S., EU Declares Cold War to the US.

The European Union should refuse to accede to the designated U.S. Ambassador Ted Malloch,” Leinen stated.

“What he’s basically saying is people of his political stripe should declare war,” Malloch said in an interview with WND. “That means they should work – it’s probably very unlikely – to try to have it such that the European Union does not accredit me when I’m nominated by Donald Trump. In other words, they would like such a political manifestation, basically spitting in Trump’s face and saying, ‘We don’t want your damn ambassador. Frankly, we don’t want any of your policies, Mr. Trump. Europe is going to do what it damn well pleases to do, and it’s not going to please you.’”

For more on the European Union interference with the US elections and an open political war on the newly elected president read the expertly entertaining and informative RogueMoney’s series of articles covering the EU Stratcom East task force, nominally set up to fight ‘Russian disinformation’ instead turning its tweets on Trump and Breitbart News, the media organization formerly led by counselor to the president and current Time magazine cover man, Steve Bannon.

By the Way, the Kulak says, Donald Tusk, a former Polish politician, is the spitting image of his Nazi grandad

Add to this

Victim or aggressor – Chrystia Freeland’s family record for Nazi war profiteering, and murder of the Cracow Jews

Gorilla radio, Canada – Justin Trudeau’s falling star, Chrystia Freeland’s rising missile

You know what was the Stalin’s biggest problem? Do you know in what way it’s Stalin’s fault that we are still fighting the world war II? He was too kind. He didn’t physically destroyed most of the Bandera followers and German collaborators, but send them to Gulag for their war crimes. They got out, had children, and grandchildren and brought them up in a spirit of fascism. He didn’t go after the Nazi officers and their children, who are now rule Europe, and North America.

He didn’t execute 120,000  Crimean Tatars who were fighting for Hitler and mass killed the Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Armenians living in Crimea in death camps.

He moved the Crimean Tatars to hospitable and warm Uzbekistan, where they grew three times of their initial population, went back to Crimea and started participating in the slaughter of the Russia population of Ukraine again.  The same with the Bandera followers in Ukraine. The same with the Zionists, whom he named the “biggest threat to the working people in the world.”

To be kind to the war criminals means to be unkind to their victims.


Just In: according to cat Motya and his sources in Donetsk, (confirmed by other independent sources) the trade between Ukraine and the Republics has never stopped even for a night. Trucks and semi-trailer trucks (18 wheelers) loaded with merchandize and agricultural produce are moving through the border up to five at the time going through the control points. This is a gray market that never gets recorded or regulated, and it’s going on despite of the reports of the fighting.

Let’s say, the Donetsk republic reports at least 15,000 mortars and  shells landing on its territory overnight. And pro-Ukraine OSCE reports at least 7,500 shells and mortars landing on the territory of Avdeevka overnight.  Over 22,500 shells and mortars being exchanged overnight near Donetsk, and the trade is still going on around.

I have a good idea of what’s going on, but I can’t write it, yet.  I want to wait for some official confirmation, before I tell you what’s actually going on.  I can only say that it’s something positive, in style of some recent events that “suddenly” came down onto unsuspecting heads of our “dear  partners.”

Remember how for six years the West was calling to fight with ISIS?  Remember what had happened when Russia agreed with the West and came and fought with ISIS?

Remember how upset and flustered the West suddenly became?

Since 2014, the West calls on Russia to fulfill the Minsk agreement.


Ukraine War on Donbass News in Brief

  •  During the past week the Ukraine military opened 15000 times fire at the Donetsk republic with the use of MLRS “Uragan” and “Grad,” artillery, tanks and mortars. 33 settlements of the Republic were damaged by the shelling. In the night of February 3rd, reportedly the Ukrainian army fired a total of 1268 reactive, artillery, tank shells and mines on Donetsk, Yasynuvata, in the outskirts Dokuchaevsk, Gorlovka and the southern sector of the front. As a result, two people were killed and 13 wounded.

At this point the town is being connected to the electro grid of the neighboring towns.



  • A candid video of OSCE in Donetsk, three vehicles towing their stuff for easy escape


On a lighter note,

RT reported something I have been suspecting for a while that the US security services are working with FSB. Hence, all those arrests of CIA agents in Russia.

Run, mice, run! They will be looking for a hole in a ground to hide, while the earth is burning beneath their feet.

This is also something interesting I got from the Kulak.

He writes: “Total labor mobility destroys nations? I think we can say much for not just little Moldova or even midsized Poland, but big Mexico in that regard…” And about Ukraine, who has millions of adult workers working both in EU and in Russia.

‘The logic of free trade is inescapable. It amounts to a choice between a steadily declining living standard if free trade is limited to goods and capital versus the total destruction of the nation and the replacement of a majority of its population within a single lifetime if it is pursued to the full “beneficial extent” of the concept.”

We can’t forget Trump and Bannon spreading a ‘Russian myth…according to NYT David Brooks.

“And so along come men like Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon with a countermyth. Their myth is an alien myth, frankly a Russian myth. It holds, as Russian reactionaries hold, that deep in the heartland are the pure folk who embody the pure soul of the country — who endure the suffering and make the bread. But the pure peasant soul is threatened. It is threatened by the cosmopolitan elites and by the corruption of foreign influence.”

The “Russian myth” (a.k.a. a French, German, Finish, Syrian, Greek dream, and so on)  that David Brooks perverts is not to be confused with the myths about Russia, like that we all drink vodka and hug bears for comfort. I am not saying that we don’t, but that the globalists who equate morality and ethics to a political party, are now blaming the American conservatives for having a Russian dream of a “heartland” as a “peasant dream” in opposition to a globalists’ dream of hunters and killers.

What are they going to do with their dream, when no one else left to be killed?

“Whistling past the graveyard of certain people having an undying hatred of all things Russian, including tweeted jokes about the Tsar thinking 1917 would be better than the year before — what did Nicholas II ever do to them? As I remarked to a friend for a small number of people the hatred never dies and is their way of signaling to each other,” writes the Kulak.

So very true.

Thank you for your time,

Scott Humor

P.S.: A featured image is a German WWI political cartoon: “Wait, Ivan, in 100 years Ukrainians will grow up.


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