translation by Ana

The small Venezuelan counterintelligence service SEBIN (Bolivian National Intelligence Service) managed to humiliate the CIA, revealed the Romanian expert Valentin Vasilescu. According to him, the US intel service had undertaken an initiative in Venezuela aiming  to overthrowing the president, Nicolás Maduro making use  of  its HUMINT section (human intelligence), that is, espionage carried out by infiltrated US agents, who in turn have networks of local informants.
But, says Valsilescu, SEBIN has managed to infiltrate all opposition groups trying to seize power in Caracas through its counterintelligence agents.
He (SEBIN; ndt) has also infiltrated his officers into the US-funded press and there has been an operation aimed at selecting and publishing the most miraculous but false news related to political events in Venezuela. Therefore, there were several “leaks” that were delivered to the CIA, such as, for example, the intention of some generals to betray Maduro.
To earn the trust of CIA agents, SEBIN members even organized conspiracy meetings with Venezuelan generals, under the full control of Venezuela’s intelligence service and military counterintelligence. The “desertion” of General Manuel Figuera, head of the SEBIN, the release of Leopoldo López from his house arrest and the provision, for Juan Guaido, of a platoon of more than 1,000 soldiers belonging to the SEBIN to take the garrison of Carlota, in Caracas, they were part of the intoxication operation directed at the CIA agents to convince Washington of the success of the coup.
When the White House finally gave the green light to the action on April 30, it became one of the biggest failures for the CIA in recent decades.
Venezuela has shown that fighting with patriotism and professionalism, even for an embargoed country, can disrupt the plans of the CIA, according to the Romanian expert.
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