Dear friends,

I have been putting this off for as much as I could, but the truth is that I need to make a fundraiser again.  Sorry!

This is the price we all have to pay for not having ads, subscription only content, pop-ups, etcThis blog is 100% financed by 100% volunteer donations.  As for its contents, they are all licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license ( which means that anybody can take anything from this blog and repost (and even modify it!) without paying a penny and without having to ask for permission (I even allow for commercial reuse!).  I am personally very happy with this *not* money centered approach, but the drawback is obvious: I have to regularly remind you all that I need your support.

May I also remind you that with a few special exceptions, the Saker blog only post original contributions, that is to say that most of what we post are analyses written especially for the Saker blog.  A news aggregation website is much, much easier to run as they basically use the work of other people to support themselves.  In other words, our articles and analyses are not only original but they requires MUCH more actual work to produce.

Next, depending on events, the Saker blog’s serves anywhere between 1.5 to 3 million pages per month and most articles posted here are seen by tens of thousands of people (say my latest on Dugina’s murder got 24178 views while Pepe’s article on the same topic got 22132 views).  In other words, our traffic is steadily high and we have a vibrant community of commentators (in spite of our neverending struggle with trolls). And even that does not tell the full story as I care a lot less about how many people we can reach and much more about the type of people we reach.  Here I can honestly say that I am fully satisfied.  And please remember this: unlike most other websites, we do not depend on traffic for our income, thus we do not have to “run after” readers, clicks or views!

I don’t think that there are many wealthy people amongst our readers, but I am certain that there must be at least a few.  To them I want to say this: I get most donations from supporters with modest means, sometimes folks who can only send a buck or two, and have to wait for their social security check before donating (note: if you are in that situation, please do not send any donations, just say a quick prayer for us and that will be plenty!).  If God granted you a comparatively comfortable life, then surely you can help those who have to struggle to make ends meet, especially if you regularly read the blog!  Don’t let those who are much poorer than you do more than you could without having to sacrifice anything!

Also, the Saker blog intensely irritates A LOT of people.  We know that by two good measures: the intensity of the trolling attacks on the comment section and the very sophisticated attacks against our servers.  Finally, the Saker blog, and I personally, are constantly badmouthed in the comment section of other websites (which shows how effective our moderators are, by the way!) or even directly attacked by websites who want to acquire some visibility by barking up a much more successful blog (barking is a lot easier than writing solid analyses).  Saker haters have been predicting the imminent demise of the Saker blog, yet we are still here, doing better than ever!

I submit that the steady ferocity of these constant attacks is the evidence that we are doing something very right which really frustrates and enrages our ideological enemies.

Last, but not least, this is an “ideologically impure” blog, meaning that we don’t have a unifying, common ideology.  Our authors include conservatives and Marxists, Muslim and Orthodox Christians, religious people and agnostics.  I pride myself on this “impurity” which websites who depend on a single major donor simply cannot afford (big donors will always require you to “toe the line or else…”.  The Saker blog has total freedom and allows for (real) ideological diversity while banning clearly totalitarian propaganda (see rule #20 here), but that means that we don’t have any supporter with deep pockets who can demand that we “toe some kind of ideological line”.

Anyway, this ends my “sales pitch”.  Now I am just going to say this:  if you can support me, then please use any of the following options listed on this page to send your donation:

Alternatively, you can purchase Jimmie Moglia’s superb magnum opus (a real gem!) on Shakespeare quotes as he explains it himself here:

If you cannot afford supporting my work with a donation, then please consider two other options: volunteer to assist (we always need extra help for pretty much all our work, including moderators, translators, computers. etc.) or simply say a short prayer for us.  That is always what I personally need the most.

I am not sure how long I will keep this appeal up.  Frankly, it depends on how many donations we get and what happens on the international scene.  I will try to get rid of this appeal as soon as I can, that I promise.  In the past, the Saker community has always, always, delivered and helped, be it with donations or with volunteers and I am hopeful that this time again you all we help me, and many others, to continue to work and write for you.

Thanks in advance for any help, in whatever form it may come!

Hugs and cheers to all


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