Hungary has just signed a 15 year contract with Russia for the delivery of Russian gas via the southern route, thus bypassing the Ukraine completely (3.5 billion cubic meters via Serbia and 1 billion cubic meters via Austria).  But that is not all.  The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has stated, in so many words, that this is a sovereign decision of Hungary and that it is nobody’s business how the Hungarians will heat themselves in the winter.

This is a direct act of “disobedience” not only to the rest of the EU and NATO, this is also a “screw you” to the US.

Oh, that does not make Hungary a “friend” of Russia or Putin, not at all, this is still an EU/NATO member with all that implies.  But this hopefully shows that at least one country in Europe has retained enough sovereignty to act in its own interests rather than prostituting itself to the Empire.

I am not an expert on eastern Europe, so I will let others, better qualified than myself, comment and analyze this.  All I will say is that I wish the other Europeans had even 10% of the courage shown by Hungary.  But, at least so far, only the Hungarians have my respect for at least trying to retain some sovereignty.

Will that set a precedent?  I am not holding my breath…


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