Dear friends

As you might have heard, there is a hurricane coming very close to the Florida Atlantic coast: Hurricane Isaias

The actual effects of the hurricane are hard to predict, since it depends on whether Isaias will turn to the right or to the left by just a few degrees.  This is especially true since Isaias is slowing down to take the right hand turn, which makes it hard to predict the final, actual, location for landfall (assuming there is one).

Still, Isaias is probably going to stay offshore, which means that the folks living on the Florida Atlantic coast will remain to the left hand side of Isaias which, at least in theory, is somewhat better than being on right hand side.  Also, Isaias does not seem to pack a lot of punch: Isaias is big (which is better, since it slows down the rotation) and not very powerful (there appears to be is dry air disrupting it).

Bottom line is this: we *should* be fine, but we should not dismiss Isaias since only a few minor changes on some parameters can turn a relatively benign event into something potentially much more dangerous.

Finally, Florida being Florida, there is a very good chance that locations along the coast will lose power and Internet, at least for a few hours/days.

So if I am out of touch or do not reply, please do not worry.  I will do so as soon as possible.

Hugs and cheers to all,

The Saker

UPDATE: August 2nd, 1600: Isaias has weakened to a tropical storm and, right now, I actually see sunshine outside.  But we will get some strong winds overnight and possibly into Monday.  With tropical systems, “never say never” is a good rule, but in this case I am cautiously optimistic :-)

Please DO NOT use this announcement as yet another pretext to discuss COVID.  This is both rude and silly.

Thank you!

The Saker

FINAL UPDATE: Florida is VERY lucky – thanks to a (rather uncharacteristic for the season) dry wind from the West has protected us from Isaias.  I am happy to report that this was a non-event, at least for us (the Carolinas might still get a real hurricane).

Kind regards to all

The Saker

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