Dear friends,

I have not been bringing up this topic since July 4th and instead I have posted appeals for others.  As a result, donations have, yet again, come to an almost complete fullstop (thanks to the few who did send them in!!!!).  In contrast, the bills have continued to come in with an enviable regularity.  As a result, I am again “drowning” in bills in struggling to make ends meet.  So, as much as I hate doing this, I have to appeal for your help again: if you can, please help.  Please appreciate that huge amount of work I put in this blog (at least the equivalent of a full time job!) and that I offer all of it completely free of charge and free of any advertisements.  Surely the fact that you don’t have obnoxious pop-up popping up all over the page, no ads and no paywall for “premium” content deserves some recognition and support?

Please help me continue my work and not worry about making ends meet!

Thank you very much in advance,

The Saker

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