Dear friends

I am very sorry to report that I might be unable to work on the blog for a few days due to an approaching weather system which could be anything from a depression to a hurricane.  The meteorologist in this video explains why at this point the exact label we give Nicole (yes, it already has name) does not matter.  What matters is this: yet again, most of Florida will be facing major impacts, especially the East coastline.  Just listen to this guy explain this:

And as luck would have it, my family and I have relocated from inland to a friend’s house which is… (drum-roll) …on a barrier island on the Atlantic shore!  So we might be evacuated and even if we are not, we might lose power for a while.

Nicole will affect Florida for at least 5, possibly 6 days and if the current cones are correct, and I believe that they are, our location will be affected for the full time Nicole will stay over Florida.

One thing which happened during Hurricane Ian and which might well happen again is that most people rely on cellphones since the landlines are down.  And while the cell-towers themselves have no damage, they are overwhelmed by phone traffic.  As a result, even cellphone communications can be compromised.

The last ditch option is still the SMS which I cannot use for the blog.

Anyway, all this is to say two things:

If you are in Florida, please watch the video above and prepare for yet another potential disaster (and hope it does not happen, of course)

And to all of you, please be aware that I might not be able to work on the blog or even be reachable for as much as a week.  I am very sorry about that, especially with all the stuff going on, but all I can do at this point is pray and hope for the best.

Kind regards to all


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