by Claude Roddier

The events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa should not be forgotten. Some people from Odessa and Lugansk are currently in Paris, taking part in demonstrations. One of them is Irina Leskova, whom I met in Nice in January 2015 when she came with a delegation of Odessites to present an exhibition and talk to us in person of the drama. It was she who organised the invitation of our small group of four French in the May 9 parade in Moscow. Her son Nikita served as our guide, as I mentioned in my report of this day ( for-vday).

The investigation of the tragedy of May 2 is blocked by the Ukrainian authorities. The friends of the victims have gathered a maximum of testimonies in a book intended to make the truth known to the world. Irina lent me a copy of the book, which I scanned.


Another copy was offered to Monika Karbowska, another participant in the May 9 parade, by the Odessa Mothers Committee at the press conference of the commemoration of the massacre on May 2 in Odessa. Her article on the commemoration of the massacre is in English on txacala ( and in French on the Danielle Bleitrach blog (https:// karbowska/). She begins:

“Tell the truth, tell the Truth Above All, the whole truth! Our kids were good people! Not tramps or outcasts! On the Contrary, They Were computer engineers, teacher, poet, journalist, a design student … Tell the truth , Because Otherwise the fascists will catch you too. You will not escape, do not think That You can escape from them! ”

Please share these testimonies and this book!

You can download them from here:

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