… I would think that this is some anti-US spoof, based on listening to the most discredited cliches about the USA and the kind of people who run it.  It had everything, frantic flagwaving, hilarious hyperbole, Biden trying to look like Dubya who, himself, was always squinting  his yes à la John Wayne hoping to look like some Sheriff at OK Corral.  It also had all the mantric repetition of mind-numbing concepts like “democracy” and “freedom”, etc.

The best part was when Biden raised his voice and sternly looked at the screen.

I am sure that Putin hid under his bed, to hug a pillow and sob in abject terror before The Great American Sheriff!

Here is the deal.  It’s not just Biden who is brain dead.  Its also the collective “Biden”: all they do is “traffic in hot air” as Lavrov aptly mentioned it today.  What we heard tonight is not just the rambling of a senile, delusional, narcissist.  What we heard was the voice of the US deep state: that is what they “think” and this is how they “think”.

It does not really matter anymore how/why such individuals as Clinton, Dubya, Obama, Trump or Biden came to power or what they promised.  What matters is that these are the type of folks who run the USA (well, not them personally, of course, but the interests they represent).  The same kind of non-entities run the UK, by the way, just in a even more pompous and ridiculous way.

The clueless fellow below, ladies and gentlemen, is the current Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in history, this is the Leader of the Free World and his so-called “values” are shared by millions worldwide.  Or so he thinks (maybe).

Here is a scary thought: there is a good chance that the next clown in the White House might even be worse!  There is zero chance that anybody who could fix this awful mess will be “elected”.  If the past is the best indicator for the future, then we must realize that there is only one way this will ever end: in ridicule, violence and infamy.

That also fully applies to Ze and his “European Banderastan”.

Does anybody still doubt the outcome of this abject slo-mo train wreck?


Then listen to him for yourself and reach your own conclusions.


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