by Nikolai Starikov

translated by “KA”


The coup in Ukraine, which the West shamefully calls “the transfer of power” and the victorious “opposition” calls “the revolution of dignity” took place over a year ago. Not so much time has passed since then but that time has been filled to the brim with torrents of horrific information. The territory of Ukraine has not known so much blood, violence, suffering and death since the moment of her liberation from the fascists in the course of the Great Patriotic War.

Against the background of all of this the Russian liberals and Ukrainian journalist continue to affirm one and the same mantra: there is no fascism in Ukraine and the new power is completely legitimate and in no way resembles a junta.

Denial of the obvious is one of the identifying marks of liberalism. All liberal reforms, whether in Ukraine, Russia or some other country are clear proof of this. They are carried out for “prosperity” and “development” but end with a fall in the standard of living and the closure of businesses. Meanwhile the liberals continue to proclaim that everything is fine and this is how it is supposed to be. Likewise today the fascist character of the state next to our border, which was created with the active help of the US after the coup in Kiev, is denied.

What is fascism? What are its main features? It is a dictatorship aimed at the establishment of power of one political force, which always relies on coercion, always stops any discussion and completely controls the information space. At the same time fascists are speedily isolating their opponents. Firstly they isolate them from public policy and then they are literally isolating them in concentration camps and prison. This is the exact same road taken by Hitler’s Nazis, Mussolini’s Blackshirts and even Franco’s Falangists. In Germany first the Communist Party was banned, then all parties other than the Nazi party, then, soon after that, the racist Nuremberg laws were introduced. In Italy almost 10 years previously the Ministry of Press and Propaganda, with Dino Alfieri as its head, was created and started actively closing down opposition media. Only a member of the fascist trade union, a union of journalists with party cards, could become chief editor of a newspaper, and other restrictions were introduced on the profession for undesirable citizens. In Spain masses of people were sent to prison and around 200.000 Spaniards were executed.

Identical methods were used to combat dissent in the Latin American juntas – beginning with Pinochet and finishing with his “counterparts” in Argentina, Paraguay and El Salvador. Arrests, torture and disappearances. Death squads eliminating undesirables. Closure of newspapers, overcrowded prisons – the style of the putschists of the Latin American juntas is surprisingly reminiscent of the style of the fascist regimes of Europe. This happened because after their defeat in the war the Nazi criminals made a timely escape to Latin America. And – to North America, that is to the US and Canada, where after the Second World War the Anglo-Saxons took a lot of former Banderists. While Vlasovists and Cossacks were handed over to the USSR, all non-Russian SS men were carefully rescued. Some were sent overseas and some, like the Latvians – to London.

Today in Ukraine we see the exact same picture. A multi-party system exists in Ukraine, but this multi-party system is only a fig leaf. There is in fact no opposition. There is no media reflecting an alternate point of view. At the slightest excuse – gunmen attack newspaper and television channel offices, which dare to show the wrong report or programme. Attacks on people who for whatever reason fall foul of the fascists have been carried out recently under the guise of “lustration”, that is bullying and beatings, which have now taken the form of murder. The arrest of dissenters takes place under the guise of the detention of “supporters of terrorists”, but this doesn’t change the meaning of what has happened. It is worth recalling that in Nazi Germany it also all took place “strictly according to the law” and to this end such a law was adopted on 28th Februar 1933: it was called “for the Protection of People and State”. Then on the basis of this further laws were adopted and certain articles of the constitution were suspended. This was followed by so-called” preventative arrests” – people were arrested without specific charges and sent to concentration camps. Why? They represented danger to people and state. A potential one! A communist, a Jew,a social-democrat, someone simply unhappy with the new order, a journalist with a differing point of view. Once again I emphasise – ALL repression in the Third Reich took place STRICTLY according to the law. First they passed a law, then used it to engender total lawlessness. For this reason, when they tell you that the Rada adopted a law on the basis of which they arrest, ban, tear down and close, just understand whose methods they are copying in Ukraine today.

The chief purpose of any fascist junta is to prevent people’s access to alternative information, to the truth. The truth is ruinous to fascism. In any of its incarnations. This is why they first broke the arms of Chilean poet and singer Victor Jara and then they killed him.

Here it is worth pointing out that there is no analogue in the history of Europe to the violence which is taking place in Ukraine right now, but there are analogues in the history of Latin American dictatorships. The fascists in Europe did not kill journalists and political opponents in courtyards of houses and stairwells. They relied on first isolating them and then following up with elimination. In Franco’s Spain after victory they arrested, judged and executed those, who had fought on the side of the Republic. In Latin America, open public executions of dissidents were carried out very frequently.

The goal is intimidation. To close off access to the truth, to block it.

Unfortunately, fascist juntas and dictatorships do not know ways other than violence. Built on a cult of force, on the creation of an enemy image and the fight with him, fascist regimes are always aggressive, they are always fixed on the export of violence beyond their borders.

A different scenario does not exist. In 1937 Hitler had already built an Aryan state in Germany, in various ways displacing those who were called enemies (Jews and communists) from public life. Nevertheless in 1938 the Führer started expansion abroad – Austria, Tschechoslovakia, Poland (1939).

Mussolini was just the same – Italy first invaded Abyssinia (1935) and then Albania (1939).

Today’s fascists are no different. They need war and their expansion is always directed outwards.

But first the fascists MUST fully subjugate their own country. They must completely control her territorially and information-wise. Then they proceed further – beyond her borders.

It is no coincidence that the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”, notorious following a string of assassinations, contains a list not only of Ukrainian citizens who are undesirable from the point of view of the fascists, but of foreign citizens as well.

Similarly, writer and journalist Oles Buzina, who was murdered in Kiev, was on this list, as was the Rada deputy Oleg Kalashnikov, who was also killed.

We have a situation, where there is a resource which is connected to a man with the name of Gerashenko, who is an assistant to Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs. And this resource is a register of people, whom they have started to kill. Incidentally there are also Russian citizens on this list. Even my name can be found on it.

What is curious and even characteristic: this website is found on the main page of NATO:

It seems to me that the Russian Foreign Ministry and other bodies could pose a whole series of questions on this subject – the creation in other countries of lists of Russian citizens, with such a potential threat, it shouldn’t remain unnoticed.

For those who don’t see fascists in Ukraine.

In Nazi Germany those whose rights were first restricted and who were then destroyed were called Jews. The current powers in Ukraine restrict Russians, calling them “Colorados and Separatists”. The method is the same – only the terms have changed. The meaning doesn’t change. Any genocide in history has always started with terms that separated “them” from “us”. First it is verbal. Then they start to kill…

  1. SERGEI ANATOLEVICH SUKHOBOK murdered on the night of 12th to 13th April in Kiev.

On the night of 12th to 13th April 2015 the journalist Sergei Sukhobok was murdered in Ukraine. This was reported by the internet publication “Obkom”, of which he was co-founder. In addition to his work in “Obkom” Sergei Sukhobok also wrote articles for the online publication “ProUA”, which he founded as well. Sergei started his career as a journalist in 1998 in the media outlet “Business Donbass”. The murder took place in Kiev. As yet there is no information as to the details of Sergei Sukhobok’s murder. The main version: the murder was related to his professional activity.

  1. OLEG IVANOVICH KALASHNIKOV shot in the entrance to his home in Kiev.

On the evening of 15th April 2015 Oleg Kalashnikov, deputy of the fifth convocation of the Verkhovnaya Rada from the “Party of Regions”, was killed. The politician went up to the 8th floor of his house in the Podolsk region of Kiev and was shot, notes His wife came running out at the sound of the shots and called the police. The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs brought a criminal case of “premeditated murder”.

Oleg Kalashnikov was an active opponent of the Maidan and was one of the organisers of the Antimaidan in Marinisky Park in Kiev in the Winter of 2013-2014.

The victim reported publicly that right wing radicals had threatened him with murder. Here is the text of Kalashnikov’s statements, published on his Facebook page a month ago:

The unprecedented terror unleashed by the JUNTA nowadays against dissent of any kind in Ukraine has become everyday reality.

By chance I stumbled upon my performance in a live broadcast of the TV channel “Kiev” from already long ago December 2013… It was the day when the first barricades in the government quarters of the capital went up and my colleagues and I almost needed to attack the rear of our opponents, in order to get into the studio on Kreschchatyk Street. Managing to get on the air after the demonstration “Preserving Ukraine” in Marinisky Park, I decided against the customary campaigning as a candidate for people’s deputy of Ukraine and simply shared with Kievans my thoughts and warnings which already back then flooded my heart with pain.

I don’t want to be the prophet in his own land, but all my warnings from December 2013 have already become the reality of existence in 2015… Thus, in past times, I discovered in myself some prescient qualities, which unfortunately were unable to prevent a FRATRICIDAL WAR in my long-suffering country…

For over a year now I have been in Kiev, which is OCCUPIED BY HATRED…the JUNTA has not only unleashed a bloody fratricidal war, but has moved on to the destruction of all those with different points of view. A series of unexplained “suicides” of strong and courageous people, my friends and co-workers in the party, is seen by the regime as the unavoidability of punishment. NAZISM has essentially become the STATE RELIGION and its supporters believe in their impunity, erasing their country’s towns and villages from the face of the earth and destroying the peaceful population, in the process subtly flaunting the categories of ÜBERMENSCH… Crushing an eight-year old girl under the caterpillar tread of a military vehicle in a peaceful town – is this not a war crime? Brazen looting of the peaceful citizens, plunder, violence and open threats of the use of weapons against protesters – is this not all a consequence of the ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL COUP and ARMED SEIZURE OF POWER in my beloved native Ukraine?

I am not looking for excuses and I admit my guilt as well as the guilt of millions of those who waited in silence and hoped that this would not affect them, that this would all pass them by and that nothing would change the status of their citizenship…

The time has now come for every sane Ukrainian citizen to think about what kind of country we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren…

Today it becomes obvious and absolutely clear that only a preservation of self-identity based on the ACHIEVEMENT of our people in the years of the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR will allow us to cleanse our hallowed land of filth…

PS The constant psychological pressure and brutal bullying this year during the occupation has not broken me and has not changed my outlook on life… The LATTER-DAY NAZIS cannot intimidate me – A SON OF VETERANS – with their open threats of my physical destruction…

I believe in our Victory over the brown plague! I believe we will save Ukraine!



15th March 2015 – Olga Moroz, chief editor of the newspaper “Netishensky Vestnik” was found dead in her own home. Olga Moroz was found dead – with a fracture of the occipital bone and brain oedema. There had been no contact with Moroz since 14th March. As her sister Anna reported to the publication, she found the woman naked on a sofa in the bedroom. Her mobile phone, notebook and keys had disappeared from the flat.

An “epidemic” of suicides of deputies of the regions. Nobody believes that THEY ALL KILLED THEMSELVES! In the period from 25th February to 12th March alone, 4 deputies of the Party of Regions ended their lives by their own hand. Sergei Walter hanged himself, Mikhail Chechetov jumped out of a window, Stanislav Melnik and Aleksandr Peklushenko shot themselves. Criminal cases had been opened against all of the Regions deputies, with the exception of Melnik.


The first was the 57 year old Sergei Walter, who had been temporarily suspended from his work as mayor of Melitopol (Zaprizhia oblast) for two years already. On 25th February Walter hanged himself in his home in the stairway leading to the garage. His wife discovered the body. The medics who were called to scene were unable to help. The mayor was dead, the doctors just confirmed his death. Sergei Walter was survived by two children – a son and a daughter.

On that day, Walter’s trial was supposed to begin. The town’s residents are convinced that Walter took his life because of the court proceedings which had been going on for two years. The mayor was being held on 13 charges – from extortion to the creation of a criminal gang. His lawyer insists that Walter said that he would fight to the end and was in good spirits, despite the fact that he was not sleeping at night and took sedatives and heart pills.



On the day after Walter’s “death”, Alexander Bordug, Deputy Head of the Melitopol City Police, was found dead. The Ukrainian media reported that the deaths may be related. Sergei Walter’s lawyer, Sergei Kolomyets informed the newspaper “Segodnya”, that Walter was Alexander Bordug’s former boss. “I know him well. His name is not connected with the scandals in the town, but Bordug was involved with maintaining order during demonstrations and was always the focus of attention. Were there enemies? I think so, yes. Pro-Russian citizens and “Svoboda” supporters got together round a table in his office and he tried to mediate. This is what he was doing in recent times” said Kolomyets.


Literally only a couple of days later – on 28th February – the regions deputy Mikhail Chechetov committed suicide. He threw himself out of the window of his own flat on the 17th floor of the house at Nr 2, Mishugi Street. This took place at around 1 am. His wife who woke around half an hour later, went to look for her husband and found only the open window and Chechetov’s slippers.

People’s deputy Anton Gerashenko claimed that judging by the questioning of his wife and others who had seen him the day before, he was in a state of deep depression, following the start of criminal proceedings against him on suspicion of abuse of office at the time of the “snap” election on 16th January 2014.


On 9th March in the village of Ukrainska in the Obukhov region of Kiev oblast Chechetov’s colleague Stanislav Melnik – a 53 year old people’s deputy from the Party of Regions – ended his life. He had worked in the V, VI and VII convocations of the Rada (2006-2007, 2007-2012, 2012-2014). Melnik shot himself in the forehead with a hunting rifle, registered in his name. Melnik was the directory of the brewery “Sarmat” from 1999 to 2005. He committed suicide in his flat in a multi-storey house. At the time of the suicide the deputy was alone in the flat. His wife discovered the body when she returned home.


One more representative of the Party of Regions was found dead on 12th March. In Zaporozhia the former head of the regional state administration and regions deputy Aleksandr Peklushenko took his own life. He shot himself in his own home in the village of Solnechny in Zaporozhia. Experts have not yet discovered any farewell notes in the house. However the working version remains suicide. Two days before the tragedy the case of the former Governor came up before the Kirovograd court. Two days before these events on 10th March materials from the proceedings against Aleksandr Peklushenko were reviewed in the Kirovsky district court of the city of Kirovograd. Already in September he was charged with the organisation of mass riots. This was the next court session where the interrogation of witnesses was carried out. Peklushenko was present and even asked them questions in the course of the session, a source in the law enforcement agencies informed “KP”.


  1. 26th January 2015, Nikolai Sergienko “shot himself”

TSN reported on the suicide of the former official, citing their own sources. As noted in the report, the fact of Sergienko’s death was also confirmed by the law enforcement agencies. Sergienko was appointed in 2010 and his appointment was endorsed by the then Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov. Sergienko was 57. After graduating from the Institute of Railway Transport Engineers he started work as a master of the locomotive depot, working his way up to become head of the main department of locomotive facilities “Ukrzaliznytsya” in 2001. Later he headed the Dnieper Railway. From 2006 to 2008 he was Deputy Director of Ukrzaliznytsya, then the head of the Donetzk Railway, then from April 2010 onwards – first Deputy Director of Ukrzaliznytsya. He was fired after the coup –by a corresponding order from the Cabinet of Ministers in April 2014. He was known as a supporter of Yanukovich.

  1. 29th January 2015 Aleksei Kolesnik, former Chairman of the Kharkhov Regional Council and people’s deputy of the first convocation, “hanged himself”

He was also a supporter of Yanukovich.

  1. 29th November 2014 Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kuchinsky was stabbed

On 29th November 2014 Aleksandr Kuchinsky, journalist, Chief Editor of the Donetzk newspaper “Kriminal-Express”, author of the books “Chronicle of Donetzk racketeering” and “Anthology of Contract Killing”, was stabbed together with his wife. He was known for his publications on the links between the criminal world and business. The bodies of Kuchinsky and his spouse were discovered with multiple knife wounds in the country home of the journalist in the village of Bogoroditchnoya near Slavyansk.

  1. 27th August 2014 Valentina Semenyuk-Samsonenko “shot herself”

The former head of the Ukraine state property fund Valentina Semenyuk-Samsonenko was found dead in her own home in the village of Chaika near Kiev on 27th August 2014. She was shot with a gun to the head. Prior to this Valentina Semenyuk had been attacked in the center of Kiev by unidentified people in camouflage and masks. According to Semenyuk’s own words, after an action close to the presidential administration she first fell and then was attacked in her car. The militia consider that she committed suicide. According to the investigation, on the evening of 27th August Valentina Semenyuk took a shot-gun belonging to her son-in-law from the safe, went down on one knee and, resting the butt of the gun on the floor, placed the barrel against her forehead and released the trigger with her hand. However those who knew Valentina Petrovna find it hard to believe that she could have resorted to suicide. In addition, Semenyuk was a devout believer, who as a matter of principle wouldn’t even consider this way of “escaping” a problem, say the relatives of the deceased. Further, several sceptics also point out that this is absolutely not a typical woman’s way of ending one’s life.

The thirteenth victim was Oles Buzina…

Thirteen murders and “suicides” in the last eight months…

Eleven of which were in the last three months…

If this isn’t fascism and a junta, then what is it?

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