by Mira Terada for the Saker blog

IMHOclub launches an international campaign to save monuments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Today, before our eyes, illiterate, embittered people are destroying the legacy of the past. Many have given up, because the most important monuments have already been destroyed, but we ourselves did not defend our shrines, we were indifferent. If this continues, we will soon be “demolished” from the face of the Earth.

We cannot give up we must try to save the legacy of our past, and this can only be done by uniting!

In order to save monuments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland from vandals, it is necessary to draw UNESCO’s attention to this problem. In 2003, after the barbaric destruction of Buddha statues by the Taliban in Afghanistan, UNESCO adopted a major Declaration on the Deliberate Destruction of Cultural Heritage. This declaration was signed, including by the Governments of the mentioned countries. The organization created an intolerant attitude towards the destroyers of monuments in the world.

Let us be forbidden us to express our protest in public – they fine us, dismiss us from work, deport us, throw us in jail. But we have the right to apply directly to UNESCO and ask for protection from barbarism.

One, ten, a hundred letters may remain unanswered. But if a hundred of thousand or a million caring people apply to UNESCO, then the destruction of the world cultural heritage will be stopped!

Emotions won’t help now. It is possible to pay attention to the existing problem only through official appeals, and for this we need a civil position of every person, regardless of where he lives: in Latvia, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Poland or France — we can stop this madness if we will work together.

The past is a part of us, destroying it in any form is barbarism.

People who forgets the past has no future!

KNOWLEDGE and LIGHT always defeat IGNORANCE and AGGRESSION. Show your civic position, send a letter from yourself personally. DO IT.


It is important to understand that we send letters directly to the UNESCO secretariat. Since the official languages of UNESCO are English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French, you can send a letter in any of these languages. Samples of letters in Russian, English, and French are attached below.

Link for downloading emails

The prepared letters meet all standards and are official.

Download the file and enter into it:

— Your Last name and First Name,

— Address of residence with mandatory specifying of your country

— e-mail.


Make a scan or photo (if you send a photo, make sure that all the data is clearly visible)

Send to: [email protected]

Be sure to send a copy to: [email protected]


In the subject of the letter, write: Attention General Director UNESCO A. Azoulay.

In the letter itself, put the text (example): I ask you to accept and register the appeal to the Director General of UNESCO A. Azoulay. The letter is attached

Sign the letter with your initials:

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Alexandrov,

UK, 1235, Freedom star.5


To be sure that the letter has been received, it MUST BE sent by regular mail as well.

If you copy our email to our address: [email protected] or [email protected]

We will print out ALL THE LETTERS RECEIVED and send them by one large registered letter to the address:

UNESCO 7, place de Fontenoy, 75352 Paris 07 SP, France

We ask for maximum repost, the more letters, the higher the chances of saving monuments!

Friends, it won’t take much of your time, but it will help stop the destruction of our common cultural heritage. Every letter is important, so take part in this campaign and be sure to tell your friends about it. We will be able to achieve the desired result only by joining forces!

Link for downloading emails

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