by Brainstorm

The designed, created and carefully articulated immigrant flow to Europe, generating one of the biggest crises in after the Cold War as the byproduct of US waged wars in the Middle East, is rolling out according to the already written screenplay. As the pretext for rising extreme right sectors within the EU boundaries, revival of nationalism, racism and fascism, dramatic changes to European societies bring to the reality inter ethnic and inter-religion confrontations which painfully remind Europeans to some previous Apocalypses which took out over 60 million lives killed just in WWII.

Decades long, war mongering politics of US and NATO satellites, their role in creating and backing various insurgent and terrorist groups from Afghanistan to the Levant and North Africa, brutal neocolonial politics of the Western “corporate governments”, guided from the shadows by the huge corporate business, every present hunger and greed for influence, markets and resources; brutal regime changes by the means of “color revolutions”; breaking all agreed international standards and laws, forcing UN to surrender and capitulate under the enormous pressure of US administration are destroying already fragile balance and security system established after the WW2.

As the result of such militant politics, wars, stimulated coups, creation and backing of terrorist and insurgent groups and organizations, entire regions in Asia, Middle East and sub-Saharan parts of Africa are practically destroyed, leaving barely sustainable conditions for survival for millions of people in war zones. Destroyed, impoverished countries with new puppet regimes controlled and loyal to their murderers and occupiers, are incapable to control own territory with various ethnic and religion entities which sink into the ocean of never ending conflicts, becoming the colonial Eldorado for the western multinational corporation, stealing their resources, oil, gas, organizing narcotics production and distribution, human and child trafficking.

It was expectable, of course, that the flows of refugees will start moving like the huge river, fleeing from their homelands, seeking for the safe Heavens, away from the horror of war zones in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and other countries. War masters are fully aware of the arising crises and their outcomes. What’s more, it seems that they counted it as the inevitable collateral damage and even more: they articulated and directed crises to serve their purposes and aims.

The most of refugees, which are almost neglected and underreported were dislocated from their homes inside the own countries, making the situation even worse for the legally elected governments to help own people in refugees camps while in the same time they have to wage war against DAESH and US/NATO backed, so called, “moderate rebels”, who are everything else but “moderate”.

Small neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon also accepted a large number of Syrian and other non Syrian refugees, while the rest of them keep moving further to Turkey and through Turkey to – Europe.

What is weird in this dramatic situation is that actually not a single wealthy Arab country, bonded to US and being their loyal ally, accepted any Syrian refugee. The most obvious situation is with oil rich Saudis who accepted literally zero refugees from the region, although there are reports documented by photographs about thousands of air conditioned tents raised near the Riyadh which purpose and use is a but unclear, where over hundreds of thousands refugees could be settled without the problem.

It seems that refugees are allowed to flee only through those countries which are actively opposing American influence and domination. These facts raise serious concerns that a huge refugees flow is somehow articulated, directed and regulated by the same countries responsible for the wars, regime changes, destruction of their countries, economies, and generation of the huge refugee’s crisis destroyed their homelands (US, UK; Turkey Saudi, Israel, Qatar, and other EU countries selling weapons and arming the region)

With the most of the rich, US-allied Arab countries around the Syria and Iraq which are ultimately refusing to accept war refugees, the only path out of the war zone, except Jordan and Lebanon, is Turkey or an extremely dangerous sea route across the Mediterranean.

The most of refugees from Syria, and other Muslim countries previously or still burning in war flames, are fleeing to Turkey where huge refugee camps were organized. But why Turkey? It is one of the strongest and most loyal US/NATO partners in the region and wider and somehow, at the first glance it doesn’t fit the recognized schema of refugee’s path.

We are getting to the point now. Turkey is trying to access EU for decades and it was denied by the most influencing EU members all the time along. They are the NATO member and the most important US/NATO ally but yet, still not a member of EU? This situation really bothers Turkey which still dreams their old Ottoman imperial dreams of returning to Balkans, increasing their influence in the region as well as in Europe.

Besides indisputable evidences provided by Russia of illegal oil trade between Turkey and ISIS who is supplying stolen Syrian oil to Erdogan’s regime, providing huge profits to Turkey, while in the same time Turkey backs ISIS by delivering smuggled arms and weapons, military and medical support, instructors in exchange for oil, Turkey founds ideal excuse in this situation to benefit itself, concerning her unsuccessful attempts to access EU.

Refugee crisis and a huge human immigration flow to and trough Turkey is the key point for future Turkey aspirations to join EU, using refugee/immigrant swarms as crisis generator and blackmail of European countries that were refusing Turkey’s accession to EU.

By accepting hundreds thousands refugees and economic immigrants, under excuses that Turkey cannot handle anymore such pressure, Erdogan is channeling thousands of refugees daily through Balkans region to EU countries.

Interestingly, the most of those immigrants are seeking asylum in Germany, which accepted so far, about one million immigrants. Is it just a coincidence? Is it a kind of coercing of Germany to refrain from approaching to Russia? Is it perhaps American deadly grip around the European neck to keep EU countries in obedience? Or Merkel had her own agenda, planning to obtain numerous, low cost labor power?

It seems that Erdogan’s plan is succeeding so far: EU countries trying to stop or slow down the influx of immigrants from Turkey agreed to help Turkey with billions Euro worth package. Money is already flowing to Turkey which economy is suffering badly from sanctions imposed by Russia, after Turkey in irresponsible and deliberate act, downed Russian fighter jet when Russian pilot and one serviceman lost their lives.

Nevertheless, since Turkey is not EU member despite her attempts to access union, Erdogan is not obliged to keep and protect his borders as the outside EU borders under the common EU politics, and Greece due to its location, numerous islands and long borders is actually hollow and transparent to illegal immigration. Various NGOs, mostly financed by George Soros, are taking active role in funneling the overfilled glass by financing and directing huge human flows towards Europe. Immigrants are instructed, financially helped and their movement is articulated with carefully prepared instructions:


When the EU members started to worry and openly complain, Turkey just swayed the head and said- we cannot handle them anymore. We need help from EU. And suddenly, billions of EU tax payer’s money has been sent to Turkey overnight?

But immigrants are still coming. Of course – Turkey is not EU member and is not obliged to protect the outer EU borders. They will let them go to the old enemies: Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia? Again a coincidence? I wouldn’t say so. Mentioned countries together with Montenegro allied in the Balkans alliances, expelled weakened Turkey entirely during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913 and there are almost no traces of Turkish presence in the area from that time. It is the nice opportunity today for a Turkish payback for the shameful defeat and in the same time for a strong pressure on EU to accept Turkey into the EU.


In this process, US is actively backing Turkey in all these dirty games in order to keep the most important NATO ally satisfied and compensated for their concessions.

Although accepting the most of the immigrants and advocating in EU flexible and generous immigration quotas plans, Germany is not the only host country. Large number of immigrants arrived to France, Sweden, Finland, UK, Denmark, Hungary and other EU member states, while the millions of people are still en-route to Europe arriving from Asia and Africa.

Heartwarming pictures in host countries of people waiting arriving immigrants with huge signs and welcome messages are fading away, and new, disturbing images of clashes in the streets of European countries emerge. Violence in the streets of European towns, caused by ethnic and religious animosities as the result of the immigration is rising daily, changing the pictures of Europe.

European rightists are raising voice and reviving against illegal immigration and immigration at all. Particular concerns are about the rising of extreme right sectors and revival of old nightmare of fascism, racism, and white supremacists who build their identity and presence on the European scene on serious concerns about “artificial and forceful demographic engineering”, “security and national interest threats”, “violence and demands for Sharia laws n the areas where Muslim population is present in the larger numbers etc. Islamophobia is in the full swing and rising up daily with every new wave of immigrants arriving.

With the increased power of right sectors, European member states will respond by issuing more and more restricting laws and regulations, narrowing so far achieved human rights and liberties. We are witnessing this process already started in France, where emergency state is declared, with the considerable presence of military and police forces particularly after the bloodshed in Paris, which was done by infiltrated Muslim extremists and Wahhabi militants.

Many fear that Francois Hollande this situation could extends to the election in 2017 to prevent the coming to power of forces that voters want (such as, for example, the National Front).

The European Union is in a state of emergency. Germany is conducting it in silence and under a different name. German media are strictly controlled. Officials of almost all parties in the federal parliament conducted wholeheartedly same policy of pushing the nation into chaos and open dictatorship. The salvation can only expect citizens of countries that have not yet been “blessed with” membership in EU.

In the same time Denmark issued regulations allowing seizure of immigrant properties and/or money above the certain allowed amount under the excuse that such values will be used to cover their accommodation and other costs. This measure for sure will not be hailed by immigrants and will increase already present tensions and rage.

The European Union is founded on the proclaimed high principles of equality, freedom and prosperity. From these ideals, two decades after the establishment has all come to nothing, except relative concept of well-being, given that the GDP per capita is among the highest in the world – 21,400 Euros annually.

With the increased influence and strength of right sector, including revived (but never distinguished) fascists, racist and white supremacists in Europe, it is expectable that further conflicts and clashes with immigrants will be inevitable. Europe is facing two opposite sides, both equally extreme in their nature: right sector with their well-known ideologies which will attract more members or fans with each conflict, and on the other side, undefined but unsusceptible high number or radicalized Muslims among which there are DAESH and radicalized Islamist mercenaries, infiltrated into the European countries within the huge and continuous influx of immigrants.

It seems that the underlying plan of neocon powers and New World Order (NWO) promoters is rolling out as planned without bigger obstacles, all covered under the slogan of “political correctness” which, as the relatively new approach, is absolutely unacceptable due to its tendency of hiding or overstepping the truth in the name of “higher goals of ethnic tolerance multi culture and multi confessional pluralism”.

“Wikileaks founder Julian Assange believes that the mass exodus from Syria is part of the US strategy against the government from Assad: The depopulation of the country will bring the country to the brink of collapse because especially the educated middle class is being driven out. Europe’s strategy of open borders plays to the US interests in the hands.”

(“South Front” 29.10.2015)

In the same time, let’s take a look on the role of Israel. Israel is illegally expanding its territory over Palestinian lands over decades.

They are performing active politics of genocide and de-population of Palestinians and other Arabs in their surroundings. New founding of gas/oil on occupied Syrian Golan Height is a sweet cake for them but there is a problem: there are Iraqis and Assyrians living around. Proxy war with the most brutal force in the recent history will swiftly depopulate huge areas which will be the nice expansion area for the Greater Israel.

So Israel is actively supporting ISIS, channeling and articulating this way refugee’s crisis and depopulation of Syria and Iraq. How convenient at the same time. Who is the supporter backing up Israel? Well US again!!!

What was the imminent reaction upon first problems with immigrant swarm: a significant support and uprising of the right sectors in the most of EU countries along with extreme rightists and fascists emerging? Fascism is evil! It is the nightmare. It is the dusk of the civilization. Yet, it is rising again and authors of the crisis knew it EXACTLY that this will happen, but they didn’t do a thing to prevent it. Why?

Of course there is the reason. Europe still didn’t abolish and exterminate fascism from her roots. The first NATO gen. secretary was – German Nazi WWII officer. US accepted and pulled huge number of Nazi scientists as well as officers after the WWII, Germany had also former Nazi officers as the high ranking army officers after WWII. Roots of Nazism are still burning in Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Austria, Hungary, even UK, Spain and Italy. Somewhere it is stronger somewhere weaker but ever-present.


EU members, faced with the increased threats of conflicts between anti-immigration oriented groups, pro immigrant oriented groups and immigrant groups itself, will soon be enforced to gradually introduce more restrictive measures and regulations until they finally declare a kind of emergency states further restricting rights and liberties of own citizens by tightening control over the internet, restricting or even banning free speech, controlling and oppressing alternative and free media, banning mass rallies, and other measures that could seems to be appropriate for the government administration.

This could be the pretext and introduction to more totalitarian regimes which could easily turn the European countries to the right and ultimately to the fascism within the EU boundaries.

Fascist and Nazis just needed a food to grow up and get strength. And they are offered such food, a huge immigrant influx: different culture, different religion, different philosophy, heritage, language, lookout, lifestyle, laws. It is the rich feast for the small but still alive fascist groups. With so much food they are growing fast and become more and more dangerous. You can see the example of Islamphobia and rise of nationalistic and racist intolerance in UK media for example:

And yet, that was all known to the creators of the NWO! So we could only conclude that it was the part of the plan, a well defined and performed agenda. This brings now, more restrictive laws and less so far achieved liberties, less human rights, stronger and more aggressive police, more military on streets, somewhere declared emergency states, all as I have already described.

All these issues happened already and are happening RIGHT NOW! Indeed, what is going on now in Europe? Schengen is partially abolished. It seems very probably that will be abolished at the certain period of time. Citizens all over the Europe are rising against governments and refugees acceptance. There are new proposals to set military to the borders, – each country 1000-1500 troops that is EU army of 30.000 troopers! Is this the attempt of EU to create own army besides NATO?

Greek crisis still hangs over the heads of EU member states. If EU decide to close and seal the borders and to stop receiving more immigrants, or even to start deportations, Greece will soon have the number of immigrants exceeding 50% of own population? We could call it as artificial and violent demographic engineering. It is an invasion in fact, whether you like that term or not. The same fate could expect Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

The logical outcome of the conflicts which already started between immigrants, authorities and local population, as well as particular steps that some EU countries already made will ruin EU unity and mechanisms established so far.

EU will start crumbling and falling apart over the internal borders: border controls will be reintroduced, more and more EU countries will be strictly opposing acceptance of new immigrants and will demand deportation of already received immigrants. If denied by the EU administration, EU member states will be soon on their way out of EU, (Hungary, Poland, UK and others to follow them).

EU monetary system will start rolling down and some countries in order to protect themselves from the inevitable collapse will reconsider the return of their national currencies. Collapse of Euro zone will even more degrade and ruin the poorest EU member like Greece which is on the brinks of default, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, but even the Italy is not far away from that scenario and others will follow them EU members will be faced with more rigorous terms to pay their debts and to achieve arrangement to prevent their defaults.

Weakening of EU institutions or eventual collapse of Euro zone common monetary system will artificially strengthen US dollar, prolonging for a while the collapse of US economy and banking system deeply dependent on military sector, (in other words on the continuous state of war in the large number of regions). This will purchase some additional time to US bankers and Wall Street and FED, but with collapsing oil prices, the degrading situation in EU, the rising and strengthening BRICS, it will be the short run, the safe Heavens will not last forever for the economy which is approximately 18 trillion dollars in debt.

Faced with the imminent danger of the civil wars, or at least, wide spread clashes and conflicts, with already present and pretty large Muslim population in Europe, radicalized with the fresh influx of immigrants and disguised Islamist, which would soon be armed by the illegal arms smuggling, EU citizens will remain more or less silent on all of those governmental measures, voluntarily giving up from their liberties. The fear and feelings of insecurity will just gain US will gain more influence on their vassals in American dictated anti-Russian politics.

The model for destabilizing Europe and ignite war on the European continent was tested on the former Yugoslavia, and later in 1999 with the illegal bombing of Serbia against all international laws. The same concept was used to the number of Arabic countries as well as in Ukraine. The blindness and deafness of EU leaders and countries acting like obedient pawns of US will lead to the final and ultimate dissolution of EU and breaking the most of achieved bonds, leaving only NATO as the top administration which will dictate American interests to vassal European countries.

US are brutally enforcing EU partners to raise and keep holding sanctions against Russia although it is huge measure against the interest of each EU member. Some members openly shout about that, but must be humiliated and obey what boss said. Nevertheless, this situation could not be expected to last forever. France already announced that they could vote against sanction renewal soon, but what happened as the result?? Paris attack, Calais clashes, chaos all over the France, state of emergency, restrictive laws, armed military and police forces on the streets and French towns, mass arrests …

Merkel and Germany wanted to build North Stream. They are ever ready to break the wall and start dealing business with Russia; of course they had tremendous exchange with Russia…Than suddenly… Cologne mass raping happened. And not only Cologne clashes with radicalized Muslim immigrant groups are all over the Germany … and it will be more; much more…

The EU will be crucified between vital economic and political interests in favor of Russia and humiliation and obedience towards the Empire. How long it will last? Is it better for EU to be united and strong and independent of US will and to do what is in her interest? Would each particular country in the dissolved EU, have enough strength and courage to resist the pressure from US?


Let’s be reasonable and frank: Americans still need NATO. But US do not need EU. That is the fact. And we are looking the outcomes.

It is clear that those who are responsible for conflicts, wars and refugees crisis have moral and legal obligations to handle the refugees crisis and that they have to settle down all the problems arose upon their irresponsible actions. But instead of licking the wounds, Europeans should look back to the own politics towards African and Asian countries, they should stop supporting American imperial interests and work together in preventing the causes of the crisis- they should immediately return to the international standards and laws, stop proxy wars in the region, weapons and arms delivery, forcing other countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and others to stop supporting ISIS and other militant Islamic terrorist organizations and to recognize legally elected governments and regimes.

Without the proper identification of the causes and roots of this huge crisis, there would be no proper measures and medicaments to solve the problem.

The disastrous US imperialistic and war mongering politics created still burning war battlefield zone in Ukraine and one lose and easily destabilizing zone with the great potentials for new conflicts in the Balkans countries.

Failed recent attempt of color revolution in Macedonia in order to oust legally elected government and Mr. Gruevski, who should be replaced with American puppet clown Zaevski, several terroristic attacks or attempts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, continuous attempts to abolish Republika Srpska, criminal fake so called state Kosovo, Turkish attempts to gain influence in the Balkan countries reviving dreams of Ottoman empire, announced arming of Croatia by US government with the missiles capable to target the most of Serbia and Republika Srpska are just some of those activities in creating incandescent state of the powder barrel where arriving Muslim immigrants will be just as a wick ready to ignite the huge explosion of conflicts, not only in the Balkans.

Who and when will light up the wick… we are going to see.

Muslims immigrants, who are already distressed and pissed with their fate, humiliation, suffer, poverty, human loses, but also with religious hatred and intolerance which at least a portion of them keep in their hearts, could be; and probably would be used as a cannon fodder and as the same excuse for the inevitable war, as the Jews were used by Nazis in the years prior to WWII.

You need someone to blame for the social, monetary and political collapse, and you need urgently to find, or – create the “enemy”. This is what is happening right now.

Immigrants and refugees will for sure represent a real threat to the European stability. They are already a threat, disrupting established political relationships and stability; this is indisputable, with a lot evidences and issues emerging daily.

But they are not a threat because on they own, or because they are “barbarians” due to the different religion, civilization or cultural norms or whatever… they will be a threat because of the conflict of interests within the European borders; between the left and right sectors; between rich and poor European countries; between EU members who are actually responsible for the entire crisis by their erroneous politics to the Levant and Mid East and those EU members not feeling responsible in any way for the crisis; because of inherit feelings of Europeans towards ethnically, culturally, religion dissimilar population which probably have the same feelings towards Europeans, which they hold responsible for the situation they have faced; because the swarms of uncontrolled immigration will for sure cause the reaction of hosts and there is NOTHING that EU or particular member states could do to stop it or prevent it.

Imperialistic war mongering politics of US backed by the UK, France, Turkey, and other European countries, along with the allies like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others who helped creating ISIS as the US, proxy army; Talibans as US proxy army; “Moderate rebels” in Syria as the US proxy army. That KLA (UCK) in Kosovo was US/NATO proxy army against Serbia; Mujahidin terrorists in Bosnia were NATO proxy army.

We should be aware that enormous immigrant swarms of young solely men of conscripted age infiltrated purposely among refugees and immigrants are future proxy army in the heart of Europe. Evidences of ISIS members photographed in the battlefield and then again in the cities of Germany, France and other countries as asylum seekers are all over the internet, face recognition software are easily do their work and evidences are indisputable. Authorities on the EU member states are fully aware of these evidences but are not willing to admit it publicly. Why? What they are hiding? Which agenda they are following?

Some of the answers could be found in this excellent article describing the new ways of the modern wars and methods of coercion:

The only thing that spoiled and to some extents delayed the evil axis plan is Russian extremely efficient action in Syria combined with coalition against US mercenaries (ISIS) engaged in that US proxy war. Faced with the inevitable defeat in Syria, US government already shifted their plans and ambitions toward the Afghanistan and Libya where they are actively transporting fleeing Jihadists from Syria.

This is particularly dangerous for escalation of conflicts since Libya is just nearby across the Mediterranean to Italy, and Afghanistan is once again the potential hot spot on the Russian borders.

Firm evidences exist about US involving in evacuating, backing transporting ISIS members to Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Why Libya? Of course, oil again, but from Libya to Italy is a short run… a nice and easy path to import Jihad to EU.

Afghanistan should be again a hotspot at the very border of Russia. US provocations in the South Chinese Sea against China are aimed to create mini NATO in Asia which would surround Russian Far East, as well as China and N. Korea. Battleground for the WWIII is almost complete.

The entire EU is actually in the vassal position to US. Although it might sound insane, the only logical outcome to return of national sovereignty and independence is: European Union must die. It should be disassembled and dissolved. EU is the most effective tools to keep EU member states in the vassal position pushing them towards the New World order agenda with one leader in rule.

EU is the tools in the hands of US administration for crushing national states sovereignty with one shot and without a single bullet fired; it is the worst totalitarian system with officials and administration which is not elected or loyal to the own countries, but rather as the self sustaining parasitic organism is sucking blood and life from the European countries and citizens. EU bureaucrats are loyal to themselves only, neglecting national interests of their own countries. Two administrations – EU and NATO are in the most effective control over the life of every European citizen.

European countries actually have opposite interests to Americans, Europe needs a large and open market for their products, EU need resources and trade exchange of enormous values with Russia and Euro-Asian countries, EU needs energy, gas, oil, and long term stability peace and security for own development.

There is nothing of mentioned now due to the long term overseas pressure; friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Russia, BRICS countries and Euro Asian territory is in direct confrontation with US imperial interests. Whenever Europeans are starting to wake up and get sober, Americans start the engine of already prepared underlying future crises igniting blazes which destroy any such attempts (Former Yugoslavia civil wars, Ukrainian civil war, Greek financial crisis, immigrant crisis…) keeping Europeans quiet and… obedient.

Wake up Europe until it is too late.

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