Dear friends,

I consider Pepe Escobar not only as an absolutely fantastic journalist, but also as a friend.  I have the utmost admiration and respect for Sibel Edmonds.

[UPDATE & Sidebar: I was not aware of Sibel Edmonds’ anti-Russian, anti-Putin and anti-RT nonsense – frankly I had not heard of her in a long time – and today I was made aware of this crap. Oh well, this is very disappointing, of course.  I still respect Sibel Edmonds for what she did in the past, as for what she says now – let God be her judge.  But yes, this does most definitely put a dent in my support for this project.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention and please accept my apologies for being unaware of something that important.  The Saker].

And, having looked at what they are proposing, I am wholeheartedly endorsing their project and encourage you all to contribute to their kickstarter campaign.  The current media is a disgusting joke, a toxic mix of propaganda and bad entertainment designed to make people stupid, ignorant and passive.  Real people-power (I cannot even use the disgraced word “democracy” any more) requires a free and vibrant media and NPR & Co don’t qualify.  So, please, let’s help our friend fight the righteous struggle!  Please contribute.

The Saker

Message from Pepe Escobar to the readers of Russia Insider:

It’s a great pleasure to address all of you, RI readers, about a new, ambitious, independent multimedia project, Newsbud.

I’m involved in Newsbud after spending almost 15 years at the former Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online, whose brand I represented all across the planet.

Newsbud will depend on you, the reader – as you can see in this short video.

Here is our site, which explains more:

No ads. No bought-and-paid-for media. No special interests. No hidden agendas.

Please make a pledge. Our Kickstarter campaign is live now. It’s been successful so far – but we’re still a long way away from our goal.

Be assured that I plan to have top RI writers on board to boost our international coverage. I’m also available to answer all your questions at  [email protected]

Many thanks to all – and let’s rock.

– Pepe

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