Dear friends,

I was hoping to avoid having to report this to you, but we might have some major problems with the blog in the near future.  This is not critical, but it could be a major headache.  Here is what is going on.

The company with which we registered the domain name “” has basically been totally unreachable for over a month now.  We tried emails, calling them in Iceland, calling them in the USA – nobody replies.  Why this is bad is because over the past month they have been sending me reminders that our domain name expires on the 12th of January.  But the page used to renew the registration fee has been down for over a month now, with just a short message saying that it is down for “maintenance”.  In other words – we have not succeeded in finding a way to pay them and time is running out.  Paying them would be trivial for us, it’s not very expensive, but we cannot do that.  And if they have gone out of business, they will soon shut down their domain name servers.  Now, the Saker blogs are rented from another company, so our servers will remain up, but the domain name “” will not point to our servers any more.

We are trying hard to get in touch with them, but let’s prepare for the worst.  Should the domain name go down, please go to the old blog at blogspot:

Which I will have to use until we sort out this mess.

I am really sorry that this totally silly problem has happened now, especially on the Eve of the Orthodox Nativity (aka ‘Christmas’) but Murphy’s Law seem to be proven yet again.

Also, since it is the Nativity, please give me 24 hours before I resume normal blogging (either here, on our own blog, or on the old blog if we cannot sort out this mess).

My sincere apologies for this.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker

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