Dear friends, Christ is Risen!

The last couple of weeks have brought us a mixed bag of news: some good, some bad and some outright ugly.  Let’s begin with the good stuff:

Dagmar Henn safely back from Novorussia

Our Saker Community representative – Dagmar Henn – has safely returned form her trip to Novorussia and she has already begun writing her travel reports (for the first one please click here).  Unfortunately, in her absence all hell broke lose on the German Saker blog and now instead of enjoying a much deserved rest or writing reports, Dagmar has to scramble to keep the German Saker blog afloat (more about that below).

The Saker blog has increased its capabilities: 3 research assistants and a proofreader

Furthermore, my three Research Assistants (Duff, Raskolnikova and Scott) have begun churning out some very good Ukraine SITREPs and they are now doing so directly on the blog: my webmaster has given them a special “contributor” (iirc) access which allows them to write and format their SITREPs inside the blog and I have to do is check it and press “Publish” to post it (soon I hope to even get rid of this extra step).   I should tell you that all three of these RAs are highly educated professionals who are fully bi-lingual in Russian and English and that I have not even begun to tap into their true potentials.  But, in the meantime, while they have taken over the writing of daily SITREPs (something which could never do myself, at least not on a daily basis), this has freed some time for me to write up what I think of as “analytical SITREPs” like this one I posted yesterday.

You might not have noticed this, but I now have a friend (in Japan, of all places!) who is regularly proofreading my (admittedly terribly written) articles.  In the past I did not want to wait for a text to be proof-read before I posted it, but with this friend we have agreed on a rather flexible option: I write and post my stuff as fast as I can (that is still my priority), he then sends me his corrections, and I then correct the already posted text as soon as I can.  Yes, I know, this is not a perfect solution, but I believe that this is the best possible compromise.

Victory Day Parade in Moscow

I am still awaiting a confirmation about this, but it is possible that one, maybe even two, Saker Community members will be on the next Victory Day parade in Moscow.  This will be the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and this parade will be taking place while almost all western leaders will be boycotting the event in Moscow.  By any measure, this will be a historical moment and to have our representatives present there will be a great opportunity for us all.

Collaboration with Sheikh Imran Hosein and other Muslim leaders

As you have seen, Sheikh Imran Hosein has now completed the 2nd part of the interview I made with him and he told me that he will complete the third one soon.  These interviews will become, I hope, just the first step in a much wider process of a “truth and reconciliation” dialog between Orthodox Christians and Muslims .  I am also actively trying to establish contacts with Muslims from Chechnia because their recent experience with war and Wahabism and, especially, because their almost miraculous recovery from these horrors makes them uniquely qualified to participate in an Orthodox-Muslim dialog.

The Middle-East returns to the Saker Blog

I have to be honest here and admit that, while this blog used to focus heavily on the events in the Middle-East, ever since the civil war broke out in the Ukraine, my attention has been 100% centered on that conflict.  I simply had no time at all, to allocate for other issues.  This might now be changing, thanks to the help of a good friend, who has put me in contact with Nahed al Husaini (whose first article you can read here) and, through her, hopefully other useful contacts in the Middle-East.

Truthfully, this makes perfectly good sense, as there are increasing signs that ISIS/ISIL/al-Qaeda/al-Nursa is becoming a real threat to Russia.  Just look at this article and see for yourself why Russian analysts are so worried about the developments in the Middle-East.  I will to address this threat in an upcoming “analytical SITREP” but I can already tell you, that there is a direct link between the Middle-East, the Caucasus and Russia.  Thus, this blog should naturally return to a regular focus on Middle-Eastern developments.

In the past I had contemplated a Muslim Saker blog, but right now this does not seem to be doable, mainly due to a lack of willing volunteers to run it.  But, who knows, maybe this will still happen in the future.

Serbian history at the Saker blog

This is a huge development, at least for me.  As some of you might remember, I have had some very bad experiences with the first Serbian Saker blog and I have no intention of repeating my past mistakes.  Still, the topic of Serbia is, just like the one of the Middle-East, one that we cannot ignore.  Not only did Serbia play a key role in WWI and WWII, but the civil war in Bosnia has done more to alienate Orthodox Christians and Muslim from each other than any other event in recent history.  Finally, the US/NATO aggression against the Serbian nation in the 1990s has been the prototype from which most, if not all, of the subsequent AngloZionist aggressions have been modeled.  I therefore consider the topic of Serbian history as absolutely crucial and central to the understanding of the current dynamics between what I call the “Russian civilizational realm” and the AngloZionist Empire.

Now I will be honest and tell you that the “Serbian topic” is a highly polarizing one and that anybody venturing into it is entering a minefield.  I will therefore be very careful and deliberate in how fast I will proceed here and what I will reveal and when.  At this point, here is what I am willing to share with you:

  1. Thanks to some highly motivated Serbian friends the “Serbian history topic” will become a regular feature of this blog.  I will probably create a separate section for that purpose.
  2. There is a real possibility of the rebirth of a completely new Serbian Saker blog, but this time around in completely different conditions.  I cannot go into the details right now (if only because they are being worked out), but I can tell you that this idea is being actively worked on.
  3. There is a strong possibility that I personally, and the blog, will be involved in a major “Serbian” event in the course of this year, though the details will have to be worked out.

I know, this is not much and it is vague, but this is as much as I can share with you now.

Moderation at the Saker blog – the good and the not so good and a call for volunteers!!

The good news is that the moderators at the Saker blog are doing a superb job.  The bad news is that there are way too few of them.  One of the mods told me yesterday that she worked for 14 hours nonstop.  That is crazy!!   So I am using this opportunity to make a call for volunteers!!

If you can spare just a few hours per week (or more!) please simply post a comment anywhere on the blog and put “MESSAGE FOR THE MODERATORS” on the first line.  Then explain what your availabilities are and leave your email so that Moderation Team Leader (kk) can contact you directly.

Server problems and other computer glitches

Some of you might have noticed that at times the server at loads slowly.  Others have reported that their comments have mysteriously disappeared.  Our community’s IT Security specialist (LL) has traced the problem to certain part of the transatlantic Internet connection between the USA and Europe.  Whether you experience these problems or not depends on your ISP (in my case, Brighthouse, and I experience them fully and most irritatingly).  You might ask if we should not pick a US-based server, but that would just shift the problem.  There is another solution, but that would be a costly one: to rent out a proxy server in the USA but that would cost a lot of money (more than our entire IT budget of 480 dollars as of now).  LL and AA (the head of the IT TEAM) are working on these issues and eventually a solution will be found.  Please be patient in the meantime.

Russian Saker blog status and a call for volunteers!!

The good news is that thanks to the efforts of the Oceania blog, members of the translation team and other volunteers the translation work has resumed again.  The bad news is that the Russian Saker blog itself is stallingIf you speak Russian and can help by translating from Russian into English or by proofreading, or researching, or any other activity, please email me at or and I will forward your email to the right people.

Attack on the German Saker blog and a call for volunteers!!

This is a bad, ugly and potentially dangerous story.  So, again, I will be very careful in what I say.  I will summarize it as so: it is my conclusion that an individual linked to some powerful interest group has been given access to documents which disclose damaging information about one of the members of the German Saker blog.  This individual then approached the German Saker blog and began releasing his venom. Still, it is a fact that one member of the German Saker Team was fond guilty of a serious criminal offense in his past and that he served time, because of  it.  However, while this individual did pay his debt to society, his reputation has been irrevocably damaged by these events.  Rather than to subject himself to more blackmail and rather than risk involving the German Saker blog in this nasty matter, he chose to resign.  Another member of the German Saker blog also chose to resign.  As a result, Dagmar Henn is now running the entire German Saker blog by herself and she obviously needs help.  So please, if you speak German and can help with translations, research, moderation,  or any other activity, please email me at or and I will forward your email to the right people.

Now, for the record, I want to say something most important which I hope will clarify a key feature of our community:

Saker Statement on why we work together:

Our community is a large one and it has members with all sorts of political, religious, moral, ethical and philosophical inclinations.  We are not united because we all agree with each other.  As Saint Augustine wrote, “In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas” which I freely translate into “in the essential – unity, in the debatable – freedom, and in everything – love”.  This is how we, I strongly believe, should operate.  Furthermore, when we work together it is not because we “like” each other: we are not married to each other, but rather we fight a common enemy: the Empire.  I will tell you honestly that the German Team member who had to leave was not my favorite person, and we had plenty of very serious ideological and moral disagreements, but I categorically refused to participate in a lynch mob and simply toss him out.

I have a confession to make here: I have as a practice to trust people before they prove to me that they are worthy of this trust.  This has cost me dearly in the past.  But I will not change this practice.  We know from the Gospels that for roughly every 12 people there will be one traitor and this has very much proven itself to be true in our community.  But consider also this: for every 12 people there will be eleven who will show themselves worthy of trust!  For me, this is how the Internet world must work: you show trust to people you barely know and then you judge them on their actions, not their past or their reputation.  Is that a risky method?  Yes, sure, but the results are no worse than in those government agencies, which spent billions of dollars to issue security clearances, so, in fact, this is the best possible method, in a dangerous and ugly world.

Yes, along the way, I was betrayed by some people, but each time other, wonderful and kind, people have stepped in and offered my the help, and every time I ended up the winner in this “trade”.  And it is not my business now to judge those who abused my trust and betrayed me – that is God’s judgment to make.  I prefer to put my efforts in learning from my own mistakes and how to best work with the newcomers.  Yes, there will be traitors in the future too, but that is simply inevitable when dealing with humans and one has to accept that as a fact of life.

I ask all of you – members of our community – to set aside your personal likes and dislikes and to work together for our common cause and not for our own social or psychological comfort.  Help us not because we are personally worthy of your help, but because our cause is just!

Speaking of help, here is time to return to my most hated topic:

Letters and Donations

Well, I am going to sound like a broken record here, but donations are still low to very low.  I did get some donations and letters by snail mail and I want to thank the following people for this:

DK (HI), FV (MD), H or W (Czech Rep.), NS (IN) twice , C (MA), E (MI), CB (FL), J (ME), CFD, LA, DB (KY), TE (CND), MF (QC), KH (NY), TNH (CA), SY&N (Japan).

To all of you who have written to me, I want to express my apologies for not writing back (I simply physically have no time left for that!) and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  It is a wonderful feeling, especially on the bad days, to get a letter from as far as Honolulu or Japan, or as close as Florida, and see there there is somebody who cares enough about what I do to sit down and write me a kind note of support.

Like everybody else, I have my ups and downs, and my 3D (disgust, despair and depression) days come and go with the regularity of a tide.  One of my big weaknesses is that I get really hurt by slander.  I know, this is a sign of immaturity, and there is a French saying which says that Il n’y a que la vérité qui blesse (only the truth really hurts) but I have discovered that this is not quite true.  What also hurts is the ugly intention behind the slander, even if the slander itself is ridiculous and obviously baseless.  Think of it: if I said to you that you are, say, a cannibal.  That would be stupid and baseless, right?  But if you knew that my intention in saying so was to inflict the maximum pain on you, would that intention of mine not hurt you just as much as through a truthful accusation?  For me, it is hard to cope, not so much with the silly accusation, but with the awareness that the other person is desperately trying to inflict as much moral pain as possible, to insult me as strongly as he/she can.  That, to me, is a real source of distress and pain and I have yet to learn how to detach from that.  Each time I feel “polluted” and feel like “washing my soul” from that ugliness.  Does that make sense or am I failing at explaining this?

I recently have had my share of ugly and stupid accusations and I want to simply tell you, that during those 3D days, your kind letters of support (many of them written with amazing kindness and warmth of heart!), really helped me get over that filth.

So even if I don’t reply to your letters, please be sure that I read all of them very attentively, often several times, and I show them to my wife as each time I am amazed of the kindness shown to me by people who quite literally know nothing about me.  So please, keep them letters coming, they help more than you can imagine!

As for the donations, well, how shall I put it?  I am deeply thankful to those who did send in their support for my work, even if I wish more people did so…  But rest assured that even if the donations to this blog are going through some rather difficult patches, I will continue to work just as much to improve and strengthen both this blog and our entire community.  If you can, send me your help as a donation, or as a letter, or even as a prayer for me, and if you can, do all three!  But if you cannot, then try to help the other Saker blogs (especially the Russian and German ones!) or participate in our community, in any you can.  Simply put: please help us help you and please help us resist the Empire!  Become involved in any way you can, but become involved!  Join our Resistance!

On a final note: a special thanks to those who have responded to my recent fund-raising drive to help AC, the wonderful lady who wrote all the transcripts to my podcasts (the 6th one has recently been posted here!).  We have collected just over 600 dollars which I will send her next week.

And this just in: the LatinAmerican Saker blog is moving to a new location:  Please don’t forget to update your bookmarks!!

Kind regards and many thanks,

The Saker

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