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The recent Russian concert in Palmyra was an event loaded with symbolism.  While it was the Syrians who liberated this ancient city and while the Russian only provided support, this support was crucial and, besides, it was not just Palmyra which Russia saved, but the Syrian nation.  I would even argue that the Russians in Palmyra saved not just Syria, but all of civilization.

Imagine you are an extraterrestrial watching our planet from space. Not only would you see the unspeakable atrocities committed by the Daesh liver-eating psychopaths, but you would see that the Empire which runs most of the planet, and the so-called “western civilization” ,which shaped our modern world more than any other civilization, have given their full backing to the Daesh.

You would see the US TOW missiles used against the only army capable of standing up against Daesh, you would see all the countries making up the so-called “concert of nations” (about 1/3rd of the countries out there, maybe) calling for the overthrow of the legal and legitimate President of Syria even if that means that a black Daesh flag flies over Damascus.

You would see the genocide of Christians while the putatively Christian world looks away and the genocide of (all non-Takfiri) Muslims while the putatively Muslim world looks away.  You would see the self-described “Leader of the Free World” condemn the (very limited) Russian military intervention in Syria and you would see a member of the most powerful military alliance on the planet (Turkey) make millions by trading stolen oil with Daesh.

This list could go on and on, but I think that we can agree that any extra-terrestrial observing this would be overcome by a total sense of disgust with the human race.

But then you would see one country – Russia – not only helping to liberate the ancient Palmyra from the demonic beasts which tried to destroy it, but then also fully clear it from mines and unexploded ordinance it, making it safe to rebuilt.  And, finally, you would see Russia bringing her best musicians to render a heartbreaking homage to those who were tortured and murdered not just by Daesh, but primarily by those who created and unleashed Daesh – the Anglo Zionist Empire.

The Empire in Palmyra

The Palmyra amphitheater under the control of Daesh, before being liberated by Syrian government forces.

I find it most significant that the concert did not begin with a piece by a Russian composer.  Instead the Russians chose to begin with a poignant piece by Johann Sebastian Bach: this famous “Chaconne”, Partita for solo violin Nº 2 in D minor, BWV 1004.  Yehudi Menuhin called the Chaconne “the greatest structure for solo violin that exists” and Violinist Joshua Bell has said the Chaconne is “not just one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, but one of the greatest achievements of any man in history. It’s a spiritually powerful piece, emotionally powerful, structurally perfect” (source).

This is no coincidence.  The Russian chose mankind’s greatest composer and one of his greatest compositions to show, I believe, that mankind is not only about evil, horror, lies and murder, and that the Western civilization also produced some of the most refined, spiritual and beautiful art ever.  Only the transcendent music of Bach could represent a worthy “voice” to bring beauty to the very same place where Daesh had organized mass executions.  The message was “you want to destroy civilization and even beauty – and we bring you Bach!”.

Bach as a “weapon of civilization” is no less important in this context than SU-34 aircraft and cruise missiles are to the “kinetic war” against terrorism.

It is ironic that Russia, which never was really part of the “Western world”,  was the one to bring Bach to Palmyra.  Had the Americans decided to organize a concert, they would never have bothered with Palmyra or the Syrian people – they would have had Toby Keith sing “American solider” for US Marines on a US military base (or something like this).  The Russians, instead, played Bach in Palmyra.

Today Russia stands for all of civilization.  Even the western one.

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