Saker note: I just got this in my email (I did sign up to Gabbard’s mailing list) and I wanted to share it with you.  No, I am *NOT* endorsing Gabbard and nor am I saying that she could be a good President.  But I think that she is worth keeping an eye on, if only because she is so refreshingly different from all the other US politicians.  Besides, I have always liked and admired smart and strong-willed women who have also kept their femininity – something exceedingly rate in the West nowadays (I have no use for feminists or cheerleaders).  Anyway, here is what she sent out:

Lead with love

Aloha friend,

“I come to you with an open heart, with love, respect, and compassion.”

This is what we mean when we greet each other this way. Aloha means deep, heartfelt respect and love, love for each other, love for our country. It means placing service before self.

Our country is being torn apart by self-serving leaders who seek to cement their own power and influence at the expense of the people. Driven by greed and a corruption of spirit, they betray the trust that has been granted to them as protectors of the people.

It is with a clear mind, a deep sense of purpose, and a heart full of aloha for our people and for our country that I’m offering to serve you as President of the United States of America. To take on the corruption and greed which have their hold on our political leaders, we’re relying only on your support — not the support of PACs. I’m asking you to commit $5 or whatever you’re able to afford right now.

Love should not be mistaken for weakness. There is no force more powerful than love. When you love someone, you will stop at nothing to protect them. We need leaders who love our country — our freedom, our people, our land, our air, our water — and who have the courage to fight for peace and prosperity for all.

Will you join me in this fight?

Our country is being torn apart, divided by race, religion, and party loyalty. Instead of bringing us together, our country’s politicians deepen these divides for their own political gain, and to distract from the very real and lasting damage they are doing to our planet, our freedoms, and our children’s future.

When we stand united, motivated by our love for each other and for our country, there is no challenge we cannot overcome.

We can heal our nation, unite our divided country, put people before profit and before party, and combat corruption with compassion — but only if we make a conscious choice, together, to do this urgent work.

There’s no time to waste. Are you with me?



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