Dear friends,

I recently got an interesting email about a new website: the “Watchdog Media Institute”.

I took a look at the site, found it very interesting, so I emailed its author and asked for a short interview.  Chris is, I think, a beautiful example of what I call “the other West” – a West which not only is not Russian, but who joins the battle in defence of Russia.  Because, as I have said it many times already, Russia is already at war with the AngloZionist Empire and this war is 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military.  In other words, Chris is no less a defender of Russia and a free Ukraine than a person fighting in the Novorussian armed forces.

Chris writes: “When the Odessa Massacre happened I was horrified”.  This is an absolutely crucial thing: the *ability* to be horrified, to be outraged, to feel personally affected and concerned (that is what Stéphane Hessel when he wrote his famous “Indignez-vous!”).  Like so many other “westerners” (-: nevermind that in this case the “West” should really be called the “far southeast down under” :-) Chris is showing that our 1% overlords have not succeeded in turning everybody into obedience, dull, zombies.

The Resistance to Empire is everywhere and, whether they realize it or not, the real (99%) “West” and Russia are on the same side: against the AngloZionist 1%er international plutocracy.

Check out Chris’ videos and maybe drop him a note, specially if you live somewhere in the “far southeast down under”.

Kind regards,

The Saker
Q&A with Chris:

The Saker: Could you please introduce yourself?

Chris: I live in Australia and my day job is actually unrelated and uninspiring factory work. I play in a couple of small rock bands here as a singer/guitarist and have a little experience with sound engineering. I like to write songs and have been saving money to record my first CD. I have been interested in geopolitics – or more accurately, outraged by the hegemony of the US – for the past 10-15 years, but until recently I had never done anything constructive with that outrage.

The Saker: Why and how did you get interested and then even involved in the Ukrainian conflict?  Why would an Australian living so far away from the Ukraine have so strong feelings about the Ukrainian conflict?

Chris: I began following the Euromaidan only casually at first, and was quite ignorant about what exactly was happening. Later I was inspired by footage of people standing in front of tank columns during the early days of the “Anti-Terrorist Operation” and began paying more attention. When the Odessa Massacre happened I was horrified and began following the events religiously. Then I saw the horrible footage of the airstrike on the Lugansk administration building and the ridiculous denials from Kiev and Washington. After watching all the airstrike videos and looking at the camera locations others had found, I decided to put together a video proving it was in fact an airstrike.

The Saker: Why did you start your Watchdog Media Institute and the Roses Have Thorns videos?  Who do you see as the audience for such a long and detailed video account?

Chris: Initially I only planned on making one video with a short introduction to put the airstrike into context. I began researching the conflict and collecting all the relevant footage I could find and pretty soon I realised I could cover all the events in a series. I created the Watchdog Media Institute to host this series and perhaps other work further down the road.

Given the wealth of footage that is available – particularly from camera phones – I felt this could be a unique opportunity to show people exactly what happened without needing to provide any commentary or opinions of my own. I simply collected all the raw footage, news reports and official statements and arranged them chronologically so the viewer could watch the events unfold and draw their own conclusions. The footage speaks for itself. I think the style is effective and I plan on applying it to other topics/events in the future. I made this series with a mainstream western audience in mind. People who only know of the conflict from biased news reports and talking points. I used western news clips over Russian ones where possible to avoid the “truth is Russian propaganda” charge utilised by Kiev apologists. Your readers will already have a good idea of what is happening, but for those who have been misled this can help change their minds.Here is an example of one of these videos:

The Saker: Have you had some reactions from your fellow Australians?  What kind of feedback are you getting?

Chris: Feedback is generally positive and people find the series an eye-opening experience. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf often get a mention for being such obvious liars. Though at this point views are still low and it’s a challenge getting people to take interest unfortunately. I get comments from other countries showing appreciation, which is nice.

The Saker: What are your plans for the future?  What objectives would you hope to achieve?  How can people help you?

Chris: In the near future I will be continuing Roses Have Thorns for at least a few more parts. At the moment I am finishing “Part 17 – The Attempted Siege of Donetsk II” which covers July 13 – July 17 last year. It should be available within a week. After that I will cover the MH17 crash and beyond. I am not sure exactly how further down the timeline I will go. I’d love to continue all the way up to the current day if I had the time. Eventually I’d like to branch out to other topics and formats. I plan to make other kinds of clips for summaries, news reports, trailers and even music videos. I’d like to start writing articles and possibly bring more people on board. I want to get as much important information to as many people as possible. People can help me by sharing these videos everywhere they can. This series is a weapon, I hope your readers will use it.

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