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In his comments to American Prospect, the prior essay in this series, Mr. Disaffected states:

When you stop to think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that your (sic) absolutely powerless to do anything whatsoever about any of it anyway. Once you come to that realization, you’ll realize that you’ve been absolutely powerless to do anything at all about anything this corrupt, utterly reprehensible government has ever done for your entire life.


I want to read the unvarnished truth about what’s going on . . .

In American Prospect I asserted the Trump electorate to be empiricists. They engage with reality, draw conclusions from it, and act on their conclusions. By acting on their conclusions they create events, a tangible record of things that have happened. Facts, if you will.

Truth, even “unvarnished truth,” is highly fugacious. Truth depends upon the viewer/interpreter; truth arises out of a critique of the facts. Here are some facts.

A bombastic Queens reality TV show host, beauty contest impresario, and frequently bankrupt property developer, an individual with no prior military or government office experience, someone who was by turns an independent, a Democrat, and a Republican, after telling the world his approach to women was to “Grab ’em by the pussy,” was elected to the presidency of the United States of America, a position generally acknowledged to be the most powerful in the world, and this outcome was achieved despite being labelled a fascist by a leading American publication less than two weeks before the election.

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You want the “unvarnished truth about what’s going on?” There it is in a nutshell. As unvarnished as you might want. But there is even more truth. There is always more truth, as uncomfortable as it might be, varnished or not.

Trump was assisted in the election by opposing candidate Clinton who had her campaign staff arrange for positive press coverage of Trump to promote his ascendency over his Republican rivals. By scheming to ensure support for Trump, Clinton believed the bombastic Queens fascist pussy grabber would eliminate each of the serious Republican candidates thereby paving the way for an absolutely dominating walk-over knock-out electoral win by Clinton.

Trump won.

If you wrote this scenario as a film script and attempted to peddle it to Hollywood the response would be “Com’ on, man. Anyone gonna believe that? F**king Tarantino couldn’t make that mashugana fly.”

Trump’s election was immediately followed by four years of unrelenting public attack by almost every media outlet in the country bar one, by successive waves of investigations, national security falsehoods, criminal complaint, bimbo eruptions, impeachment hearings, discredited by tell-all books written by disloyal senior officials, and still serving officers of the government proclaiming themselves part of the “resistance” acting within the administration to undermine the President and / or publicly proclaiming to an adoring media that they refused to follow government policy and enacted whatever policy they wished to improvise. Trump ordered troops out of Syria; they thwarted him, the media applauded. Trump was publicly hated, defamed, threatened, trashed, and vilified as no other President in the history of the republic. The Office of the President was reduced in stature to something below the level of a street post that you permit your dog to urinate on.

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Despite four years of character assignation and ad hominems, in the 2020 election Trump, this miserable excuse for a shit stain masquerading as a human being, won 74,222,958 votes, more votes than any other presidential candidate has ever won, with the exception of Biden. It was the closest election since the 1960 Kennedy / Nixon contest in which vote counting was halted at one in the morning to permit the alleged manufacture of barely sufficient votes to put Kennedy over the top.

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This, Mr. Dissaffected, is the unvarnished truth:

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Neither could Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Comey, or the rest of the Democratic cabal. Honestly, I cannot wait for the movie. It will be a blockbuster. Hopefully, they can sign Trump for the lead. Nobody else could ever play that role, fill those shoes, or look that orange.

Mr. Dissaffected is mistaken when he claims you are “absolutely powerless to do anything whatsoever about any of it anyway.” In 2016, a total of 62,984,828 of you achieved the impossible. You put a non-politician in the White House and totally upset the political applecart in a way unimaginable to Clinton, the Democrats, the Republicans, the F.B.I., all the American media outlets, the pompous class, vast swathes of the swamp, and every foreign observer. Even Putin was shocked at the outcome (but secretly pleased to be blamed). You broke the duopoly, you disenfranchised the Washington aristocracy, you put middle America on the map in a way the flyover ubermensch could neither accept nor understand.

In 2020, you came within a hair’s breadth of a repeat performance despite four years of unrelenting attack against the President of the United States. In 2020 you did democracy in exactly the way democracy is supposed to be done and this fact represents such a threat to the corrupt ruling class they are totally, absolutely, irrevocably committed to hunting you down, putting you on a watch list, denying you legal counsel, threatening your employment, denying you your Constitutional rights, throwing you in Gitmo, and illegally acting to alter the electoral system to prevent anything resembling democracy ever again emerging in America from California to the New York island, from the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters . This land was made for the corrupt feral elites. Not for you. They intend to keep it that way and ensure you never forget this fact.

The 2016 vote of 62,984,828 and the 74,222,958 votes of 2020 are now facts carved into the history of the republic. These individual votes have echoed around the world like hammer blows: they cannot be erased or unheard. They, and the tumultuous events they occasioned, are proof positive that Mr. Disaffected is in error. The facts, the unvarnished truth, show him to be completely, utterly, wrong when he makes the claim: “you’ve been absolutely powerless to do anything at all about anything this corrupt, utterly reprehensible government has ever done for your entire life.”

Exerting your power in 2016 felt good. Exerting the identical power in 2024 will feel even better.

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