Dear friends,

WOW!  I did not expect such a deluge of email and, frankly, such a tsunami of advice.  So, first and foremost,

THANK YOU to all of you for your kindness and concern!!

In fact, I got so many emails and comments that I cannot reply to all of them one by one (even though I DID read every one of them very carefully).  So I have decided on this “collective reply” as the next best option:

Now, I really probably should not have mentioned the purpose of my possible stay in Jacksonville.  Or maybe I should have, who knows?  What is sure is that I got more advice and different, often mutually contradictory, options than I had ever expected.  Which, by the way, is not necessarily a bad thing.  Let me explain.

First, my wife (who is a veterinarian and therefore knows modern “official” medicine rather well) is deeply skeptical that Mayo can do anything for me.  Even if they can come up with some diagnosis (which she doubts), they sure won’t be able to treat anything or, if they can, they will use meds with very bad side effects.  As any “good husband” should, I always listen to my wife of now 23 years (we celebrated our anniversary yesterday).  Besides, she is the wisest person I ever met.  So we are only considering Mayo as a “last hope” kind of option.  Right now, after some more brainstorming, we are actually leaning towards giving up that idea.

Second, natural/alternative/traditional meds and diets.  As I said, the problem with that is that they all contradict each other.  That does not mean that one (or several) are not correct and effective, only that it will take me (us) time to parse through the various advice I get and to try them one by one (which is the plan, that is what we are going to do, at least with those who pass the “prima facie” test of “does this sound reasonable?”).  The main problem with most of the natural/alternative/traditional meds and diets is that they are offered in the absence of a diagnosis or, when there is one, it is a very vague one.  What is also missing is a medical history (mine and my family’s) and an examination (which really cannot be done from afar).  Again, I am not saying “no” to anything, only sharing my doubts.

Last but not least, a lot of advice is predicated on measures which are objectively hard to implement.  For example, while a change in diet sounds easy, in practicals terms it is very hard, at least for me, without a change in lifestyle and that, a change in lifestyle, is even harder to achieve especially for a family which already struggles with not even enough time to sleep, nevermind work, nevermind making ‘lifestyle’ changes.  Where a millionaire can simply hire a nutritionist and a professional cook, and overworked couple like mine usually often barely has the time to grab something to eat on the go (did I mention that crap food is a lot cheaper in the USA than high quality nutritious one?).  I am not saying that this is good, I am saying that this is my reality.  Still, I will look at advice on nutrition/lifestyle but primarily at the clearly realistic/doable ones.

Okay, enough about me and my troubles.  Let’s get back to work :-)

As I said, I will parse carefully each and every email and comment, but please forgive me if I cannot reply each time.

You guys are wonderful, really, a big hug to all,

The Saker

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