by Ghassan and Intibah Kadi

The human tragedy in Syria is one thing, and the hypocritical manner in which the West is dealing with it is an absolute shamble.

To begin with, it was the Western sphere of influence that destabilized four states in the region over the last two decades; namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. One may argue that Afghanistan had been a hotspot before the US-led invasion, but certainly that invasion did not make the situation any more stable. It is heartening to see that the world has finally woken up to the fact that the West has been instrumental in creating refugees that it finds itself not wanting to deal with.

But this is not the main subject of this article.

What we should be looking at now is the wave of Syrian refugees flooding into Europe. There are many question marks about this subject, question marks that do not meet the eye without some deeper investigation.

It is not uncompassionate or inhumane to ask legitimate questions when one smells a rat, and generally speaking, when Western mainstream media are having a frenzy, there is normally a huge dead rotten rat waiting to be uncovered. It is not uncompassionate and inhumane to ask questions even when the subject matter is refugees and when human suffering is so obvious. Quite the contrary indeed, if someone is using human suffering in order to score political, or even worse, financial gain, then such a culprit should be exposed.

From this perspective, it is imperative to make the following remarks and to pose questions about the wave Syrian of refugees and the huge media coverage of the photo of the drowned little boy Aylan:

1. Early in the mark of the “War On Syria”, battles lines were not drawn yet and as the alleged freedom fighters, soon turned sectarian terrorists, started waging sectarian cleansing campaigns, many citizens were caught on the “wrong side” and they had to flee to safety. This created the initial big flood of refugees and one can clearly understand the reason behind it. Later on, as the fighting intensified, some of those safe havens turned into battle fields, and even though citizens did not fear being singled out and persecuted, they ran away to safety, and one can also understand the rationale behind such moves.

On this count, we must be aware of the fact that an estimated 80% of genuine Syrian refuges are “internal refugees”. In other words, they moved within Syria into safer areas, and many of their youth are in the Syria Army or the civilian-based National Defence Forces (NDF). A substantial percentage of those who fled Syria are either anti-government sympathizers, ie supporters of the FSA/Al-Nusra/ISIS, or simply trying to evade military service; in simple terms, deserters.

And now, four and a half years into this war, and even though the battles are still raging, most (if not all) of those battle zones have already been vacated. So the question is this, where are those recent refugees coming from? If they are indeed fleeing Syria now, which part of Syria are they leaving and for what reason? And last but not least, how did they manage to get on the boats out of Syria en route to Europe?

2. If those refugees are not leaving Syria now, then a large number of them must have been living in some refugee camp(s) outside Syria. Such camps are mainly in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. There is no evidence at all to indicate that they are leaving from either Lebanon or Jordan. The fact that Aylan’s body was found in Bodrum Turkey and that four people’s smugglers were arrested in Turkey, not to forget that the proximity of Turkey to Hungary, is all indicative that those refugees had settled in Turkey for some time before making their exodus to Europe. We must remind ourselves that while staying in refugee camps in Turkey, Syrian refugees were not allowed to leave them. This background and logical assumption stipulates two questions: Why were the refugees suddenly allowed to leave their camps? if that is the case, is there anything sinister about this timing and decision?

3. A good look at the refugees clearly reveals that most of them are young men in their late twenties to early thirties. This gender-based nature, plus the age group, and not to forget that a huge percentage of the external Syrian refugees are in fact supporters of anti-government forces, brings up the subject of their possible affiliation with Islamic fundamentalists. This easy-to-make observation carries many questions:

– Where are their families that they are allegedly trying to remove from war zones?

– Why are they not fighting the terrorists alongside the Syrian Army or NDF?

– How do we know, and more importantly, how will the Western European governments be certain that some of those young men are not in fact ISIS members or supporter?

– If accepted as refugees in the EU, and if indeed some of them are ISIS operatives, and this is a very likely possibility, is the EU going to be prepared to deal with them over and above the already-existing ISIS sleeper cells spread all over Western Europe?

4. For thousands of refugees to all decide on a route to go to Germany via Hungary cannot be by accident. Why Hungary? One would ask? Is there a sinister plot to punish Hungary? Then by whom and for what reason?

5. What is really behind the media frenzy of one poor little toddler washed up on the shores of Turkey? We may not be yet able to answer the above questions, but on this particular one, the mystery is clearing up about the frenetic and hysterical “Je Suis Charlie”-style portrayal of one poor dead Syrian child.

What has become clear is that the Aylan story has been turned into a money spinner for at least one group that wants to raise more funds in its last desperate attempt to push for a win against the people and government of Syria.

The highly dubious British charity “Hand in Hand for Syria” which is part of the sinister network against Syria, is getting funds raised in name of the drowned toddler. “Hand in Hand for Syria” has a history of fabricating evidence. Along with BBC Panorama they staged a fictitious Hollywood-style joint production “Saving Syria’s Children”, which was cobbled together in order to influence the British parliament vote back in 2013 to invade Syria. It has a huge stake in all this current media hype.

This link provides proof about the fund being set up and moneys going to “Hand in Hand for Syria”

And these are the words of Robert Stuart, the crusader who originally exposed the joint BBC/”Hand in Hand for Syria” charade

Of course many poor refugees are washed up on the shores throughout the region and we cannot discount the Aylan story out right, but we should not be surprised that the whole thing is a fabrication.

Certain questions never get answered. We may never find out who killed Kennedy, the real and full story behind September 11. What we do know is that Western media and the Murdoch tabloids have taken an oath of deception. They are unable to speak a word of truth. So before we see Obama wearing a “Je Suis Aylan” T-shirt and waves of millions follow suite like blind sheep, we should never take any Western mainstream media story at face value.

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