Reminder: John Kirby is a “spokesperson” (yup, that is the correct newspeak) for the US State Department, presumably the branch of the Executive in charge of *diplomacy*.  Well, all I can say is that considering the level of US “diplomats” today, I sure hope that Donald Trump will (finally!) appoint some *real*, professional, career diplomats and not yet another bunch of rude, condescending, ignorant and, frankly, stupid amateurs like Kirby.

To have a superpower represented by this guys is just a national embarrassment, especially when compared to Maria Zakharova, who not only hold a Ph.D in history, is fluent in Chinese and can dance like a pro, but also has a superb ability to convey the Russian position with grace and intelligence.

Question: I get a feeling that Kirby is afraid of intelligent women.  Is that only me?

Anyway, here he is: USN Admiral (Ret.) John Kirby, representing the US of A before the world:

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