By a big margin you, the readers, have chosen Julian Assange as the Saker Man of the Year.  I totally agree.  In fact, I feel rather ashamed that I did not write about his plight at all this year, so the least I can do is to fix this mistake and declare my total support for him and for what he stands for.  So,

Julian Assange is the 2021 Saker Man of the Year:

Since the topic of what is being done by the “democratic and civilized West” to Julian Assange is appalling, disgusting, revolting and otherwise tragically serious, I have decided to not add any other names, let alone tongue-in-cheek ones.

Next, a few minor points.

I will do a recorded Q&A after the New Year, and I will try my best to produce a written transcript as several readers have pointed out that they would prefer, or even need, a written text.

Next, while the War Party is escalating its rhetoric totally dismissing Russia while at the same time accusing her of any and all imaginable evil intentions, Russia has just submitted a number of “security proposal” which make sense on paper, but which are beyond the most abonimable crimethink for the War Party.  Why exactly Russia just did this knowing full well what the reaction in the West will be will probably be my next analysis which I will write over the week-end or, at the latest, Monday.

I wish you all a great and relaxing week-end!

Kind regards


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